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Investor Alert – Fleeing The High Court Or Looking For Marks In ‘Bongo Bongo’ Land?

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A former director of the small British financial company TBO, 65 per cent owned by former Ukip member of the European Parliament Godfrey Bloom – once described as one of ‘Britain’s national embarrassment’  – has been operating in Thailand as an unregistered independent financial advisor. Christopher Tressider, appears to have the left the UK since the High Court awarded an …

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Independent Financial Advisers – Bond Providers in LM Scandal to be sued.

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Expats in Hong Kong are now suing local independent financial advisers, pension fund trustees, and life insurance companies who promoted the LM Managed Performance Fund, and some expats in Thailand have also begun the same process. A report today in the South China Morning Post by Benjamin Robertson, who has also linked up to ‘whistleblower’ financial adviser Martin Terpilowski, describes …

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LM  BOSS – ‘FED UP WITH THE IGNORANCE’ LM boss Peter Drake says he has decided to remove the internet blog he set up to justify his actions prior to the collapse of his funds which has left hundreds of people throughout Southeast asia improverished. He claims that he can no longer put up with the ignorance and abuse. This last …