Son of Australian Underworld Boss Surrenders In Sathorn

Bangkok, June 17 2011
Adam Freeman – the son of Sydney underworld figure George Freeman – surrendered to Australian Federal Police officers in Bangkok today by arrangement.

Freeman, who fled to Thailand, after being linked to a lab which produced 19.5 kg of ecstasy seized by police in Australia last December, handed himself in by prior agreement at the Australian Embassy in Sathorn Road, Bangkok.

A Sydney ‘businessman’ and nightclub owner, Freeman has long associations with Thailand. Shortly after his departure from Australia  he was reported to have been joined in Hua Hin by Australian-Moroccan model Dominique Le Toullec.

Adam Freeman and his brother, together with fourteen other close friends, each have matching Thai body  tattoos reading ‘ pichay’  –  brother. The two brothers also have ‘George’ tattooed on their wrists.

Their father , a crime boss from the 60s to 80s, featured in a documentary ‘Underbelly’. But in a recent interview in the Sydney Telegraph Adam said: ‘Back then, an underworld figure was a different thing. He was a businessman, our Dad. He never got involved in everything else.”

In the same interview he declined to comment on whether his father ordered the murder of his own bodyguard Chris ‘Rent-a-Kill’  Flannery.

Freeman was reported to have been escorted to Suvarnabhumi International airport and boarded a Sydney bound Quantas flight which departed at 17.15. But airline staff could not confirm.  In Sydney newspapers have reported that his fingerprints were found on drug manufacturing equipment.


6 thoughts on “Son of Australian Underworld Boss Surrenders In Sathorn

  1. Good looking young man….better looking girlfriend….he needs to learn to comb his hair when he wakes up but.

  2. Whatever happened to 'innocent until proven guilty'. I don't believe this man has done any wrong doing, his family is well known in Australia and he obviously is a money maker for the media. Him having an attractive girlfriend just makes the media attract to him for more. If you read all the facts in other stories you can clearly see he did not flee his country he had work in Bangkok and he has done the right thing by going to the police when he found out they wanted to talk to him. If he was guilty no way he would have done that! Stay strong Adam, don't let this media affect you!

  3. Yes. I read that he had a job but could not trace his work permit. I do not think I have convicted him here though.

  4. I thought 'Underbelly' was a good series' hard to make out all the differnt connections at times but certainly a 'quality surprise' from 'Down under'.

    The girlfriend is also very capable of being one of the lovelies seen in the series!

    Innocent until proved guilty I would advocate, he didn't run from the cops so obviously there's a trade off somewhere?

    Can I take care of the girlfriend here in Thailand ? What's her phone number Andrew?

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