Some Unbelievable Driving In The Land Of Smiles. Has This Happened To You?

This is quite amazing. A Thai lorry driver in a huff drives a car off the motorway in a not so untypical example of Thai road manners.

(The truck driver is aiming for the white pick up with the containers on the left- Don’t click on this –
the video is below)

This video clip goes on for some minutes and hots up at the end. No wonder Thailand has one of the worst accident records in the world. Did I say accident? This was deliberate. But neither of these vehicles should have been in the fast lane – the lane they contended for.

Enjoy – Something like this has probably happened to you if you live in Thailand. But on the other hand Thais in traffic jams are much milder and more than we are in the west, except if they have full blackened out windows.  They just don’t like to be crossed.

8 thoughts on “Some Unbelievable Driving In The Land Of Smiles. Has This Happened To You?

  1. Several times and worse….in fact more than several times if I was to sit down and make note…most recent was a sideswipe by a retard in a dark tinted out 4wd.

    Have been chased down hwy 2 by a truck and currently have a knob in a mitsubishi ute wanting to kill me.

    Mind you, the middle finger on occasion tends to escalate the small minds.

  2. I might wait for these new fangled dashcam thingies to get a bit cheaper. I'm not sure I would want to film every journey though. Just have some kind of quick off-on switch I could toggle when I thought something newsworthy was about to happen. And strangely enough, you often can see trouble coming here if you are one of those people who keeps fairly constant attention on side and rear-view mirrors. It might even make an interesting sideline to post links to one's own Youtube traffic vids on this site.

    1. You can get them for south of 2000 baht now and they will basically record continuously and rewrite the SD card so you don't have to flip it on making it actually useful. Are you in Bkk? I can pass you the info if you like.

    2. Yup, I'm out in the comparative boonies. Yes please, Steve. I guess I would be interested in knowing both where they can be bought fairly cheaply, and from an informed source. But online purchase isn't out of the question. I have only yet seen them on sale here in the rather dubious Se-Ed bookstore. (Never trust a place that can't be bothered to price tag the majority of its stock.) As there is probably nothing confidential involved, I daresay you could just post it here so all interested posters can get a look in. Thanks also for confirming that they continually rewrite. I guess also a fairly well-written English language manual would help.

  3. As AD says, neither vehicle should have been in the fast lane. The pickup truck was going too slow .for the following heavy and then the driver started playing games.

    The pick up driver should have pulled over and let the lorry go.


  4. At Se-Ed bookstores, 5,000 baht appears to buy you what appears to be a set of two cameras – rear & front. Bought to you by the TalkingDict brand. I have no idea how good that brand is, other than the fact that the original TalkingDict is a pretty annoying device if the user insists on either turning on the robotic pronunciation or plugging in the earrings while they are supposed to be listening to the person they are addressing.
    So I guess I also need to know if 2,000 baht is for each camera.

  5. When you see this you think perhaps sharia law might have a purpose – cut off both truckies hands so he never drives again.
    Then other cases like this would be down 90% within hours.

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