Thai Police investigating the murders of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller on the island of Koh Tao announced a breakthrough in the murder hunt today today as they questioned the brother of a local island politician – and sought the son of another.

But they denied any mafia link and stressed they had not brought charges.

Police General Panya Mamen, Head of the Thai Police, Southern Region said:

“We expect a result within 48 hours as DNA samples have been sent off for testing but we are confident in this latest turn in the investigation.”

McAnna’s picture of Montrivet – left

‘Suspect’ (Montrivet Toovichien) the manager of the AC Club on Sairee Beach, Koh Tao, and brother of a local head man presented himself for investigation. He was later released.

He is understood to have denied allegations made by Scot Sean McAnna who yesterday fled the island.

Thai newspapers have already started tp discredit the Scottish musician.
The second suspect is allegedly the son of a village headman in Koh Tao. He is believed to have fled to Bangkok.

Police earlier said the men are believed to have been in a bar and involved or watching a confrontation involving the British woman (Hannah) and followed the tourists as they left.

It was stressed that no men have been charged,

Police had also re-interviewed other staff from the AC club.

Sean McAnna,26, from Shotts, Lanarkshire, gave interviews yesterday described how he was chased out of the AC bar on Sairee beach Koh Samui after being accused of being the murderer.


“They just said to me, ‘It was you who killed them. You’ve got two people’s deaths on your hands. We know it was you. You’re going to hang yourself tonight and we are going to watch you hang. You die tonight’. 

“So I just ran. I just left and ran.” 

“I genuinely thought that I was going to die. I genuinely thought that this was me dead.“They wouldn’t have shot me, they would have taken me up into the hills to hang me and make it look like it was a suicide. 

“I was so scared. I just didn’t want that to be it. I told my mum I loved her and that I would try to make it home

Montrivet left on the beach with police during the investigation

He said he hid in a local convenience store and refused to leave despite goading by his pursuers.

He has since fled allegedly to be with his girlfriend in Milan, Italy, but may be in a secure area.

But police secured a warrant and today searched the AC bar, from where he had been chased. after securing a warrant.

Today the Daily Record revealed that McAnna, a musician and busker, was found guilty last year at Hamilton Sheriff Court of possessing indecent images of children and sentenced to a 170 hour community payback order. But today it looks like he stirred a hornet’s nest.


Police General Police General  Somyot Phumphanmuang , adviser to the Royal Thai Police brushed off mafia stories saying: “If there are mafias local people would have told the police about it.”

But village headmen in Thailand are traditionally can often be the local mafia bosses, the most famous of all Kanman Pok in the Thai province of, Bang Saen, Chonburi was convicted of murder years ago, and hardly spent a day in prison.

But the General added that Thai Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha called him everyday to check progress in the investigation.

Thailand’s military ruler has said he is determined to root our corruption in the Thai police force.

So far police suspects have included, a jealous gay lover, friends of David Miller, speed boat operators, Burmese migrants,  Sean McAnna ‘the guitar man’, and three running men caught on video, one allegedly wearing Miller’s shorts, and one wearing only underpants and three footballers from the mainland and neighbouring Koh Phangan. Last night (Monday)  the footballers appeared to be top on the police suspect list.

If the current suspects are charged it leaves police to explain why for seven days they did not investigate properly what happened at the AC Club before Hannah and David left. In normal circumstances it should have been the starting point for an investigation. Further why did police let Hannah’s friends go so quickly?

But police would need a lot more to go on than the allegations of McAnna who admitted he had had a lot to drink before the incident happened and once again.

And until a DNA match is in the bag it has become difficult to trust either reports in the Thai media or individual policemen.

UPDATE: Police have now ruled the two men questioned out of the investigation and DNA testing has shown no match.


  1. Bit confused, so Mon is a suspect, an undercover police officer, a relative of a Village head, the manager of the AC bar and he also threatened the Scots man? WOW !!

    1. Although he was hanging around police I do not think he is under cover police officer. He is more confident than the guy who left the island I guess. At this stage he is suspect only who chases/follows people to convenience stores

  2. "Police General Police General Somyot Phumphanmuang , adviser to the Royal Thai Police brushed off mafia stories saying: “If there are mafias local people would have told the police about it.”" Would they indeed? A classic comment if ever there was one.

  3. Blatant cover up by police and politicians! Need international pressure, strong political pressure and media attention. Good points Andrew. Need for critical analysis. Brave of the Scottish guy – they must be scared of speaking out in fear of their lives – which is what happened. Obvious that the island is being quiet – and thai mafias – of course they will deny it.

  4. The strong card in the deck is that held by Prayuth. Will the cards be played in the usual Thai way: cover up. blame switching, denial, no loss of face, and xenophobia? Or does it suit to show a powerful hand? Note that he "instructed" the police to find the killer. This may not take the usual course. This coup is not entirely similar to the others..

  5. So police allowed Montrivet to hang out at a crime scene before the body has even been removed? What I cannot understand about Thailand, with all its resources, it truly should be a wealthy society and have a developed infrastructure- meaning a well trained police force that would not commit glaring errors in investigations.
    Where is all the money going?

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