MODEL RAPED ON HER 19TH BIRTHDAY– ‘We will catch tour guide say Thaipolice’ – Krabi

“She was badly beaten. Rapist would have killed her”-  she said

SEPTEMBER 9th 2012

Police in Krabi said today they were determined to hunt down and catch the man who brutally attacked and raped a European model celebrating her 19th Birthday in Ao Nang.

They said they had CCTV footage of the man with the model, DNA samples taken from the victim, and were hoping to close the case quickly.

His arrest had been complicated by the fact that he had left Krabi Province and has also changed his mobile phone, but they were hopeful of a result within a month.

The young model, from Amsterdam, who holds both Dutch and Israeli citizenship celebrated her birthday at the Chang Bar in Ao Nang on the night of the 27th and 28th of July.

Her boyfriend had left at around 2 am feeling tired and she said she would follow on.

She was last seen chatting to a Thai tourist guide and it is this man who she identified from a photograph as being her assailant.

Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant has been issued for the arrest of Chumphon Khawnuang and foreigners might be able to help as he might be trying to get employment in the tourist trade in another resort area.

The father, a musician,  contacted this website as he was concerned that he had not heard of the arrest of the suspect who was very well known.

The victim his daughter is a very attractive model who features on the internet in a music video and also in model photo shoots..

 Treated well by Thai police

Musicians in Amsterdam had discussed with the father even composing a song ‘Catch the Krabi Rapist’ but they have been asked to be patient while the police hunt continues.

The father says his daughter was treated well by the police. She was intervieed by a woman police officer and she was able to give evidence in court prior to leaving the country.

Here follows the account of the young women’s Dutch boyfriend:

On the 27th of July we went to Chang Bar around 11.30 to celebrate Xxxx’s upcoming birthday. Around 2 am we walked outside and I went to fetch the scooter.

At the time Xxxx was waiting next to a big tree opposite Chang Bar. As I came back with the scooter I saw a Thai guy sitting next to her. Xxxx had decided to stay longer as I was tired and went back to my guesthouse to sleep.

“ “The next morning around 9 am I was woken by the owner of Nature View guesthouse telling me that the hospital was on the line and wanted to talk to me.

“The nurse/Dr told me that I must go to the emergency room ASAP.

“As I walked into the Emergency Room xxxx was sitting on the hospital bed crying and very traumatised. I asked what went wrong and she said ‘I was raped’.

“Besides that, I recognised that she was not only raped but beaten too as her right side of her face was swollen up with a dark shaded blue undertone . Her upper lip was swollen severely.

“She told me that in the early hours of the morning around 3 am she got a lift with the Thai guy she was talking to as he offered to take her home.

Chang Bar – No prostitutes

“When she realised that he was driving the wrong way she asked him to stop, said thank you and that she would walk herself.

“When she got of the scooter the Thai guy grabbed her and pulled her further away from the road and threw her down on the ground.

“He overpowered her. She said if she didn’t stop fighting him he would’ve killed her, as he was very aggressive and was beating the last energy out of her until she was very weak.

“After he raped her he got on his scooter and drove off. Xxxx got help from some locals nearby and got taken to the Krabi Hospital”.

It is understood that the victim was offered an inducement to drop the case  by the alleged rapist’s ‘sister’, another bar owner in Ao Nang. The offer was refused.

Both the Netherlands and Israeli Embassies in Bangkok have been giving consular assistance.

14 thoughts on “MODEL RAPED ON HER 19TH BIRTHDAY– ‘We will catch tour guide say Thaipolice’ – Krabi

  1. Surely it can't be such a hard case to crack if the alleged rapist's "sister" is intervewed. She will be able to give much more information than they have at present

  2. Andrew,

    Not sure if you are aware mate but you have rightly kept the name of this poor lady out of your story, but if someone puts there cursor over her image it reveals her name as Coco Koldijk,if I am right maybe you should correct the error, just saying Ken Fit Like,


  3. g'day Andrew , FYI only ,if you hover the mouse cursor over the model image "cocodutc05b" is displayed …a yahoo or google search then finds odile coco…

    other than that , keep up the good work!

  4. Oh dear. Then I should make it clear that the victim is NOT the person revealed in this google search of a picture filename but they are both very attractive. But thank you for pointing this out.

  5. "“She told me that in the early hours of the morning around 3 am she got a lift with the Thai guy she was talking to as he offered to take her home." Very unwise move in Thailand and equally unwise in Holland. Why her boyfriend did not stay with her is a riddle for me.

  6. Actually while it maybe unwise in Thailand, unforwarned, this is easy to understahd. People here are charming and sweet and Ms Xxxx would feel safe in a bar from which prostitutes and by insinuation ne'er do wells too are not welcome. The whole Thai media advertising campaign has a link to the friendliness of its people.

    I can understand why Ms Xxxx would find it perfectly safe. How many hundreds of people do you see say in Thai forums its much safer here than back home where I was mugged, robbed etc. Statistically these arguments do not bear up. The rape murder rate in Thailand is very high compared to Europe – but there is less confrontatioal crime – at least not in public!

    Tourists are inquisitive and want to engage the locals. Older hands stay away from locals if drink is involved which probably was as she was celebrating her birthday.

    This seems like a sneak attack by a man posing as a friend' who offered to see her home safely.

    I would not be so hard on the boyfriend. At 2 am he may well have been tired. He would have no reason to believe she was not safe, as was the case.

  7. What everyone needs to note here is that there are NO Thai female Police officers at hand when these tragic events happen!Despite the attempts of many foreign Embassies in Thailand pressuring the Governors in tourist popular provinces it still remains an issue!These attacks and rapes are 'handled' by the police and sometimes there may be a 'nak san rom' (social worker) brought in to assist. It has been reported that sometimes male police uniforms are presnt and very close by during the doctors examination! It would be more than helpful if all visitors to Thailand were advised of the dangers that may present themselves when visiting these sometimes 'quiet exotic places'! Again it's the young people who are vulnerabel here! Time for the home countries to warn them when they depart for Thailand about drugs, assualt and the need for medical insurance!
    This shouldn't be down to hindsight! I hope the Dutch girl is comfortable and the rapist is caught soon!

  8. Doesn't this case seem remarkably similar to the recent rape of a young Finnish woman on Koh Lipe?

    I believe police were/are looking for a Thai tour guide as the prime suspect in that case as well.

  9. The problem with telling the truth about Thailand is that to do so one inevitably lays oneself open to an allegation of bringing the country into disrepute with all that that entails.
    Visitors are beguiled by a fiction peddled by TAT over the past 20 years, endorsed by tour companies eager to capitalise on a popular mass market, that their people are contented, happy smiling folk whose only thought in the world is to be nice to foreigners visiitng their country – a sort of little Hobbit land full of oriental niceties, beautiful beaches and charming simpletons.
    The opposite is unfortunately nearer to the truth.Thailand is very dangerous place indeed. Death by public transport is a fact of daily life here, food hygiene is often non – existent and the infrastructure is such that accidents are as inevitable as rain.
    But there is a much uglier side to consider. Thai have real problems in dealing with their propensity for violence. Their cultural hallmark, to save face and the reluctance to deal with a situation that might result in the loss of it, means they lack the ability to negotiate reasonably when conflict arises. Over 20,000 die annually here from shootings alone. Rape is almost a rite of passage for not only the victim but for the adolescent male who in gangs will seek to strut his machismo, the better to establish his position in the pecking order of his group.
    As you have already said Andrew, the boyfriend was a victim of a complacency engendered by those whose business it is to portray a reality more appropriate to profit.
    I warn all visitors to be on their guard at night but one caveat to the women is that they should never, ever, find themselves alone in the wee hours, particularly on the islands, Pattaya or other resorts.
    Justice here can be an afterthought and a negotiable instrument so victims of crime should not always assume guilt brings punishment.Compensation to the victim is simply part of the process and one must never overlook the principle of forgiveness that permeates the judicial system here. Essentially, contrition and a declaration that the offender will make merit and be a better person in the furure is a component part of the penal system. Frankly, the victim might do worse than negotiate a settlement reflecting her abuse – I shouldn't settle for less than 10 million.

  10. SIrLance- Phuket has had a female officer assigned to deal with cases such as this for about 6 months now and allegedly more are being trained. She was involved in the case of the Australian tourist who made false rape accusations in Patong a couple of months back. This woman (the tourist) has probably done huge damage to the police taking future cases seriously and she deserved far more than 15 days in a detention center which she was allowed to serve after continuing her holiday in Krabi.

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