Unlikely Bonnie and Clyde

Drew Walter Noyes an American confidence trickster who posed as a lawyer in Thailand was jailed for two years at Pattaya Provincial Court today for attempted extortion.

And with him to the cells went Wanrapa Boonsu (‘Kung’) his female sidekick who helped him play the big shot entrepreneur in the resort city.

Noyes, 59, and Boonsu, an unlikely Bonnie and Clyde, ran between them a series of projects by using a fake legal company and their Pattaya Times newspaper to cash in on foreigners investing in the Thai resort.

Noyes posed as a ‘friendly, reassuring and most credible businessman’ while Wanrapa played the part of his engaging companion and femme fatale.

They started an ‘Expats Club’, a branch of ‘Optimists International’.

They even set up a ‘Police’ website inviting people to report crimes direct to them.

They had been separated for years but put on a show of being husband and wife for business reasons.

But they were undone when the owner of a beauty clinic in their resort called their bluff.

Using Australian former brothel owner David Hanks as their emissary they set about a scheme to defraud the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien out of seven million baht and Hanks, 66, turned up at the clinic in Thappraya Road, Jomtien, seeking facial treatment.

Hanks told Australian Michael Goulet, a partner in the clinic, that he was formerly in the sex trade in Australia, that he knew the Chinese mafia, and that his boss (Noyes) wanted to see him to show how he could smoothly operate a clinic in Pattaya. That involved paying cash to Noyes.

When Goulet contacted Noyes he was told that he needed to pay seven million baht to stop a police raid on the premises, where, presumably, illegal substances would be found. Noyes said he was very well connected.

Mike Goulet points to Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu after their arrest in March 2012

But Goulet had checked out Noyes on the internet and found out his real background on   Together with his partner he called the police and a ‘sting’ operation was put into place.

Goulet recorded his calls and calls from Wanrapa to him telling him to hurry up with the cash. Then Pattaya police arranged for 100,000 baht to be put into a suitcase as a ‘down payment’.

Hanks, Boonsu and Noyes were all waiting in the Swedish owned ‘News Restaurant’ when Goulet arrived to make a down payment in March 2012 – when police pounced.  But they arrested only Noyes and Boonsu.

The Thonglor Clinic was indeed raided by officers of the Crime Suppression Division, but nothing illegal was found.

Stories on had highlighted Noyes dubious career in the United States, where he was exposed for dodgy property and share dealing, sexual harassment, and having a totally fake biography.

But Noyes’ and Wanrapa’s arrest for extortion almost finished it for them among the English speaking community in Pattaya.

The raid however did not deter Noyes and Boonsu and using their PAPPA Co Ltd, later the company One Stop Service Center, they continued to milk foreigners, who did not check Google, of their cash.

They have since settled with two victims, one who was enticed into buying condos of the National Housing Authority at twice their real price (but advertised as 40 per cent discounted) and another who gave Drew Noyes and Boonsu 2.5 million baht as a settlement to his girlfriend – The cash of course never reached the girlfriend.

Too well known in the English speaking community in Pattaya they turned to Russians and East Europeans  for a new source of income.  And Drew Noyes was able to produce scores of his old pictures of himself with police and local dignitaries to convince them of his high standing and ‘power’ in the local community.

Out of the offices of the One Stop Service Center Hanks, from Girvan, Scotland, was arrested by the DSI for racketeering. He was allegedly caught loaning money to Russians at 60 per cent per month.

And then Hanks and Noyes joined up with Scottish conman and former convict Brian Goudie, aka Brian Goldie, from Falkirk, Scotland, who too was posing as a lawyer in Thailand – a British barrister and a former officer in Britain’s Royal Marines, and who had also been exposed on the andrew-drummond website as a fake.

Hanks, Noyes and Goudie

Between them the three men, who had become known as ‘The Three Stooges’ in sections of the local expat community, embarked on a series of frivolous court cases aimed at gagging Andrew Drummond and depriving him of his income using Thailand’s criminal libel laws and Computer Crime Act.

Fellow publisher Niels Colov of the Pattaya People had been to jail for pimping and other crimes in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro

Noyes and Wanrapa both
sued Drummond for using a picture of them with the caption ‘Going to Jail’ but
both lost even though they had been promised assistance by Neils Colov, of the Pattaya People, the leader of the local foreign police volunteers and also a former pimp in Copenhagen. And today that caption became all too true.

Masquerades – a tacky brothel in an industrial suburb of

The judged ruled that the Noyes-Boonsu defence, that the money was for advertising in their now defunct newspaper ‘The Pattaya Times’, was unbelievable, and ordered Noyes and Boonsu to be taken down.

There was no translator to translate the judgment and Noyes who had arrived at the court suited and smiling, attempted to address the court, but the court policeman, moved him towards the stairs in the well of the court saying: ‘You go now.”

Hanks the former owner of ‘ Masquerades’ brothel in Keysborough, Melbourne, who was in court, left quickly after the verdict.

Mike Goulet of the Thonglor Clinic said he was delighted with the result.

“I have informed the Lions Club of Silom 310D branch what has happened to their President.”
Andre Machielsen, who has clashed with Noyes in the courts added: “Splendid. This decision has given me goose bumps”.

Said Andrew Drummond: “That’s two down and two to go. The others are going shortly I hope.”

This afternoon on Noyes Facebook site seemingly cocking a snook at the Pattaya Court he wrote: “Having a great day eating pizza and spending time with the children.”

Noyes is expected to seek bail and appeal.

Update: Noyes was bailed in the sum of 300,000, Wanrapa was bailed in the sum of 250,000 baht.

Footnote: A criminal case brought against Brian Goudie alleging that while he and his company Alba Laws pocketed funds award to three clients by Pattaya Court was adjourned until December 29th. Goudie had failed to show.



Fighting Thailand’s expat crooks


(Who is waiting to be interviewed by them)

Footnote: 29-10-2014. Today – the day after – Drew Noyes pasted on his Facebook Page the following

The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated! It’s good they have anti-corruption police in Thailand to investigate and correct injustices.

The caption should of course read: “Huh. How come I’m not in the Bangkok Post?” Does he really believe he was corruptly convicted?  Well he is out to lunch at Tara Court!

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  1. Congratulations AD as this is finally some official vindication of your work, although this is entirely the work of Noyes. Nobody would begrudge you a few drinks tonight.

    Justice has been done at last….

  2. Excellent news. Must be a bad day under the stars for conmen. Notorious Australian conman Peter Foster was also arrested today. He had be sentenced to 3 years jail but fled into hiding until today. He was famous for his slimming tea scams and his latest was a nasal spray. Looks like he'll be doing at least 2 years like Drew.

    The question now is will Drew get bail if he appeals? Hopefully he gets a nice reception at the Pattaya jail. This has made my day. I hope your celebrating with a nice cold drink. I was coming back this site hourly awaiting the news. I also saw Drew's facebook posting of him having a pizza meal with the family. A fraud right to the end, pretending to be free whilst being banged up. Goudie will be next.

  3. yes well done
    bail of course
    but if he couldnt get a translator then bail is a question as well
    did he rely on the PP to give him one?

    the other stooges must be packing runner bags as i read the above

    perhaps Cambodia to resume their work

  4. Like the weapon I have also been checking for updates here today. Looks like the judge has a set of bal** I am guessing he will get bail though for the appeal. Seems that is how things work here. Drew in the end will be finished in Thailand though as I think the risk of losing the appeal would be too great and I don't think even he is stupid enough to think he can win that. I believe he will slither across the boarder shortly before that appeal date comes up in a year or two. Well done AD!!

  5. It's good to see that justice does happen here and one of the layers of scum has been put in it's proper place.

    Hopefully the next time Noyes is in a courtroom while one of his BS defamation cases is being heard, he's wearing a prison uniform.

    Great work Mr. Goulet!!!!!!! Keeping up the fight was hard and expensive, but it's damn well worth it, sir. Thanks for your effort and I hope you understand how much your effort is appreciated. I'm looking forward to hearing that you've filed criminal complaints against Noyes and Wanrapa.

    AD and Ms. K, great work supporting Mr. Goulet in bringing these criminals to justice. A birdy told me about the last minute change in lawyers at the end of the trial that seemingly secured the victory and that wouldn't have happened without your dedication to seeing Noyes brought to justice.

    Before I wrote this, I took a quick stroll around the online news sites in Pattaya. I noticed not a single one has mentioned the outcome of this trial. One would think that since Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu are so well known in Pattaya expat community, that this would be big news.

    Is it shame or the code of silence amongst Pattaya "journalists" that has kept them quiet? I'm guessing that's why Goudie's casesh*t* site has had anything to say. Omerta amongst the family and all of that.

    AD, now that the trial is over, you can report on what was said in testimony during the trial, right? That would be a fun read I'm guessing.

    1. Does this Miss K happen to be a lawyer? Miss K stiffed me for 350,000 after the meeting with Drew. I came out with zip but I also came out with my life after I was advised to leave the country.
      A whack load of birdies seem to be telling a whack load of lies.

  6. Drew Noise….convicted criminal….now that has a beautiful ring to it….
    I hope you're reading this Dopey, bet you didn't sleep too well last night.

  7. What exactly is Noyes appealing re him being granted bail? Is it the actual criminal conviction he is appealing or his he appealing the sentence (with the criminal conviction still standing)?
    What is his status now that he is on bail…he he considered to be a convicted criminal or what?

  8. it would be a waste of money to appeal as the police numbered all the bills and took pictures of all the evidence – many witnesses – it was text book and so evidence had to refute.

    au revoir Mr Noise

  9. I've just had the great satisfaction of also contacting the Lions Club of Silom to inform them their current president, Drew Noise, is actually a bloated old criminal and this will be catastrophic to their image of charitable endeavours and helping the community. The bloated old criminals position must surely now be untenable and he must either resign or be….errrr…..I'm not sure what you call it when you strip a Lions Club president of his position……de-mained????
    Laugh….I haven't been able to remove the smile since last night.

    1. He'll do a runner. He's not the type to go down with the ship. He's also a coward so he'll skulk off to re-invent himself again. Convicted extortionist Drew Noyes has a nice ring to it.

    2. Weapon – I disagree, if he was going to do a runner, he'd done it before now.

      Noyes is so convinced of his own BS that he is unable to understand why he's been convicted.

      He genuinely thinks the lies he's told about himself are actually true.

      Now here is something that is true – Noyes is a convicted extortionist along with his old flame, Wanrapa Boonsu.

      After his appeals are up, he's going to prison for two years then he'll probably be deported. I can't wait to visit him in jail.

    3. Here is a post he made on Facebook today:

      "The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated! It's good they have anti-corruption police in Thailand to investigate and correct injustices."

      Delusional as ever.

    4. Drew – I'll pay you 10,000B if myself and my interpreter can go with you when you visit these "anti-corruption" police to file your complaint.

      I'd love to hear you explain why your conviction is due to corruption.

  10. Poor old Drew. He just didnt see it coming. He thought he was liked and well connected but the inluential people here think he is a bampot.
    2 years in a thai prison wont be easy for such a punce. But it wont be as bad as the years Gouldie spent in the australian prison where it has been said he was a bit of a catch, a real head turner. Passed around from cell to cell. Very popular according to some.
    Really Andrew needs to be congratulated for this even though this case had nothing to do with him. The victim was able to see what he was up against and with Andrew's reporting made sure that it was never going to go away, as had many of Drew's previous legal issues regarding other peoples money. Threats fell on deaf ears and goodness prevailed.
    Andrew should also thank Drew for making this one man blog into what is regarded now as the best news website in Thailand. The stories of the wannabe conman and his many failures have given us all so many laughs. From Mangus Evans to Stan Longley and more recently Somchai, Drew has tripped up on every occassion and fell flat on his face.
    Sounds weird but I actually think I will miss our village idiot. If it gets too much I will just go and visit him. Will he serve his time in the Pattaya prison or will he be sent to Bangkok?
    And i guess old Niels didn't really help him at all. I cant understand why.
    The Noyes office was all dark today. There might be a fake law office going cheap in Pattaya.

  11. Drew once wrote to me a SMS message that he '" Was going to spit on my face when I will be put in prison", apparently he wanted to give the impression that he could land anyone in Jail, he probably does not know that in Thailand there is a glass separating visitors and the talk is by phone…he called me a coward and traitor because I had warned a decent, hard working man in a long letter why he should not trust and engage in business with Drew Walter Noyes and of course directed the person to access Andrew Drummond's site to understand why…
    Regarding some of the doubts expressed above by some : A Person Convicted of Fraud in a Court of Justice officially is classified as a Criminal. He also loses some Civilian rights, traveling outside the Country for example, there are also a set of rules he must obey, technically he becomes "property" of the Ministry of Justice, Bail does not presume innocence anymore, guilt is proven and condemned, the appeal is also not automatic, there must be new evidence and grounds for appeal, the lack of a translator can be used, maybe that was part of the tactic by defense so he could get some extra time before going down, there is no way a higher Court will reduce or dismiss the case but depending on prosecution with also new evidence sentence can be increased, the question is, did he plead guilty ? if not he also loses the benefit of sentence reduction traditionally given to those who repent .
    The proven criminal who in Court insists that he is innocent is considered a hypocrite, also shows that he is not sorry for his crime. Someone who run a Law Office should know better.
    On the question of becoming a fugitive is not so simple, any Country that holds Diplomatic relations with Thailand will arrest him if Thai Ministry of Justice issues a request, his only refuge will be his own Country, but then there is another issue, leaving Thailand illegally and eventually boarding a plane or ship with a fake passport – I assume his passport is withheld by the Court -, how would he enter America with a fake passport ? The American Embassies in Cambodia, Malaysia or Burma would also not be permitted to issue a new Passport on the grounds of escape. He would have to lie in his new passport application…. all this is also Criminally prosecuted in America. Then there are many more issues regarding his general situation, wives, children, properties, businesses, court cases…it is indeed a hard decision and the loss will be very big whichever one he chooses. On the Deportation issue after prison time is completed, he becomes property of the Immigration Department which has a completely separate autonomy, authority and set of Laws that govern their decisions. Convicted as a Criminal mandates immediate deportation, there are two kinds, one is a 5 years and the other one is 99 years.
    That depends on the kind of crime, also entirely decided by the Immigration, it is basically a second punishment, although internationally practiced no one should be punished two times for the same crime.
    Germany, France and the States do imprison Criminals at their return from foreign Jails for certain crimes. And last but not least, one the the Bail requirements is to present oneself to Court Registrar every 12 days, failing to do so can void the privilege and new arrest warrant issued.

  12. Thinking about Pat Angko too…I think he was one of the first people to start publicising Drews antics and used to be an active commenter…

  13. Tim, my fly warned me I was mentioned, hence my response. I am still around. To respond on Ivan's useful comments, an appeals court does not accept any new proof, they merely review the passed judgement to see if all is followed correctly. They are also not located in Pattaya and are near impossible to tamper with. The fact is DN is now in deep shit, irrespective what he thinks or says, he is convicted, being judged innocent is totally out of the picture and he knows this too but as a true psycho he is in denial. He is tying to jump ship for some time already but upholds the pretense by returning for court cases to . Two of his elder daughters are re-located to the US already the rest will somehow follow is my prediction. Besides the children from outside his legal marriage as they are not eligible for US passports. One of these children just moved out of Pattaya for she could not stand anymore to be with him every fortnight and is out of reach now. He can't do anything about it as he is not officially registered as the father. The kid is very happy at her new location far away from the "fake daddy" she hates. My fly told me he even threatened to sue the mother for kidnapping, this shows how sick this guy really is. He uses his wives and children to hide behind as a true psychopath. The Lions Club has been informed and it will be like the Pattaya City Expats Club (warned) and the failed optimist Club, kicked out for obvious reasons. Non of the local Pattaya dignitaries have anything to do with him either. The end is near, a slow and painful end, and all who still support him will end up with egg on their face, Jan in Phuket take notice, you will follow. Kung is really stupid, she could turn witness long ago but didn't for fear of his signed P o A's she does not know that she could recant them anytime she wanted. OK, going back in my reclusive mote untill such time he is out of the picture for good, not too long from now, my fly told me 555555

  14. It seems that only Andrew and the Pattaya Today Newspaper are publishing this story.

    ThaiVisa is demonstrating, once again, that it does not feel it necessary for Thaivisa members to be given news of Drew Noyes' conviction.

    They can of course read about ladyboys robbing tourists, bar girls thieving from their customers and dogs barking at night.

    The fact that a convicted extortionist is promoting himself as an honest businessmen to expats, many of whom may well be Thaivisa members, is of little concern.

    Look after the sponsors George and stand hard up behind your boys.

  15. I'm not sure he is on ThaiVisa anymore – think he is closing business. Why should TV care. They have the same legal adviser as the one advising the Wolves of Bangkok – boiler room boys.

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