Gun Brit 'Nicked' In Thailand

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From Andrew Drummond
A 32-yr-old Briton is to be banned from Thailand after brandishing a pistol in a bar in the resort of Pattaya.
Spencer Lloyd Henley, from London, would first be charged with
firearms offences, after which immigration authorities would deport and
blacklist him, police said.
Henley was today being held in a cell at Pattaya police station 100 miles east of Bangkok.
Police said he produced the gun at a bar and pointed it at a Finnish
man as he was jealous of the man’s intentions toward a girl in the bar.
There were three bullets in the chamber of the gun, which Henley said he
had bought off a Thai policeman.
Henley, police said, claimed he was a powerful man with many good connections.
* Gun Brit nicked in Thailand – The SUN