Fake officer’s ‘Annus Horribilis’- rallying call


Brian Goudie, the former convict in Australia, who has re-invented himself in Thailand as a ‘barrister’ and former officer of the Royal Marines, is rallying his troops in a stirring speech and call to arms on Facebook.

Its not exactly ‘We’ll fight them on the beaches’ but this man, formerly known as Brian Goldie, seems to be looking at Winston Churchill for inspiration.

Goudie is due in court in Pattaya tomorrow to hear what a judge has decided in the case of the ‘Accused child sex abuser and his US$300,000 get out of jail card’. As he is in Bangkok and has not returned to Koh Samui, perhaps he will attend.

He talks about trusted associates turning on him. That could of course be because he appears to screw all his ‘friends’.

He only regrets one thing, he says, but that is not for Facebook. This is clearly Neung the love of his life from Misty’s, Pattaya, who has ditched him, he says.

But now he says his resolve has been hardened.

‘Those who are with me now, we stand resolute and undivided – we are hardened and ready. We will identify  our opponents and one by one we will do what has to be done. We will harrass you. We will divide you.….etc.

Goudie does of course have to be acquitted in court first.  Can’t think why thinks he is so much the victim? He has cleaned more than a few people out.

And he has been doing the attacking (legally) over the last few months. Only recently have opposing forces lodged new cases against him.

On the left are the special attributes he has to fight his up-and coming-campaign.  It was an sms he sent to Briton Andy Mathews, who lent him over US$10,000 believing that he was a former Captain in the Royal Marines and barrister, and doing pro bono work at the High Courts and Old Bailey in London.

He has not identified his supporters, but providing he keeps providing the meaty chunks, he can call on a few troops from his deserted property on Bang Kao Bay, Koh Samui.

Comment: Brian Goudie keeps complaining that he has issued writs against me and that I keep failing to turn up in court for hearing against me. The answer to this of course Brian is that  I do not need to turn up in court unless the courts actually take the allegations seriously and accept the cases. But I will call all your bluffs.

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10 thoughts on “Fake officer’s ‘Annus Horribilis’- rallying call

  1. Seems like if he had an ounce of shrewdness of nous he would keep a low profile rather than being a drama queen on Facebook of all places. If any of these clowns had brains they'd be dangerous!

    1. Yes, but I wouldn't be Surprised if he surfaces elsewhere…damage is done now anyway. My other advice to him is to confess his sins and make amends for his transgressions…

  2. One by one its all lining up….just trolled him, seemingly a "Spinoza J" is also on the Wee Bams list of retribution……….

  3. Well, well. It turns out that after 3 years, Drew's only 'satisfied' customer from the PAPPA OneStop Shit Shop, Stan Longley, was not using his real name. It wasn't Mangus Evans hiding behind the fake name, it wasn't policeman Howard Miller, David Freeman.
    No, it was actually Drew Noyes himself, The Impersonator, impersonating a satisfied customer from PAPPA. Previously, he has impersonated a lawyer, a doctor, a journalist with a degree from Duke University, the best friend of the mayor, a property developer from Lumpini and Keha 5 star prices for homes for the poor, a devoted husband, an engineer with the solution to the Gulf oil spill who BP had been relying on and now he is back! As customer Stan Longley who is so close to the employees of One Stop he refers to them as 'our staff'. The only person Drew is fooling is himself. The dangerous thing about this is he acts as a lawyer. Even if he isn't trying to con customers, the quality of his work is appalling. He can not even get pretending/impersonating right when it is his own case. No wonder he messes up simple things like visas, divorce settlements, wills and can't even get the customer's names right in court. A moron. His staff are just as bad, not trained in law at all. Many PAPPA staff came straight from Pattaya's bars with Drew promoting them to the bar without any qualifications whatsoever. If you want legal work done you would be better off going to Soi 6.
    Or the Jaggy Thistle. Has Neung returned to Misty's a go go? Will Drew's Naam get her a job at Buffalo Bar. Or will she be invited to work as an attorney at One Stop? Was it true love Brian? Could it be that she never really loved Brian? After he rescued her from the bar. Rescued her from having to entertain over weight foreign men old enough to be her grandfather. Like Drew and Brian. Rescued her from providing certain services to foreigners that are also provided very cheaply at the Buffalo Bar.
    Or maybe Plastic Fantastic David might be able to get her some work in Australia in his, er, plastic factory. David of course doesn't actually make plastic himself, he only provides the rooms.
    Have a look at yourself in the mirror Brian. You are old and fat. And even if you were young and slim you would still be ugly. Apart from financial reasons why would she like you. You are a gullible idiot Brian. I am off to Mistys tonight and will be making a special request! Oooh yeah.

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