Samui Provincial Court today accepted a charge from fake lawyer Brian Goudie claiming that British journalist Andrew Drummond had committed libel under the Computer Crime Act by publishing a photo-shopped picture of him in a gay parade.

Andrew Drummond will have to attend Samui Court on October 13th to pay Bt50,000 baht bail.

Drummond said in Bangkok that he was disappointed by the court’s decision but it was a fault in the Thai legal system that was now creating a back log of Computer Crime Act cases.

“I have called Mr. Brian Goudie a fake lawyer, a swindler, a convicted criminal. 

He himself stars in a television series and has an episode to himself ‘Brian Goldie –Swindler Scot’ which was aired in Singapore this week. 

‘But Brian Goudie or Goldie is not suing over one single word I have written about him. 

On the occasion he did when I made all these allegations his case was dismissed. He is suing over a photo-shopped picture. 

The picture shows him in a gay parade in a bottomless pair of leather pants. 

“Quite clearly the intention of this picture is to describe Goudie as ‘all mouth and no trousers’ or as he might say in Scotland ‘all fur coat and nae knickers’. It is no more than any cartoonist would do under the circumstances. And the words in the story make this clear.” 

Fake Thai lawyer Aran Boonmark arrested cheating

“In Thailand impersonation of police officers, officers of the court, lawyers etc., is a serious offence. Thais go to jail for it. Goudie has already been jailed for six years in Australia. 

“Fake foreign lawyers it seems can have a field day, with neither Thai police nor their respective Embassies doing anything to stop them defrauding expatriates and tourists.

“I will of course fight the case and win.

But it is frustrating that in the Thai legal system in pre-trials, the accused cannot state his case to the court. It is a denial of justice. Goudie is not that dumb that he does not know it.

“This is identical to a case being brought against me by another fake lawyer in Pattaya, American Drew Walter Noyes. These men know that they cannot win a normal libel suit, but they can bring a case using the Computer Crime Act.  The Act was not designed to help foreign criminals but it does. 

Fake monks

“So far I have won all cases thrown at me, bar one, which is being appealed. The final case against me has been brought, at Noyes insistence I am sure, by a woman called Nam who previously worked at the Buffalo bar and whom I claimed was his girlfriend. She has denied any relationship with Mr. Noyes.” 

Brian Goudie is on trial for posing as a lawyer and cheating American woman Barbara Fannelli Miller, 76, out of 7.9 million baht.

Drew Noyes – Naam

But she had to take the case privately. Two cases have also been passed on to Pattaya Police by Crime Suppression Division against Goudie, one for cheating foreigners, one for posting pornographic pictures on the internet of a former girlfriend.

No action has been taken by Pattaya Police so these will also have to be taken privately. In the first case he is on bail of Bt400,000 with Sukanya Worakam his partner in Alba Laws.

Drew Noyes is also on trial in Pattaya for the attempted extortion of the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien. He is on bail of 200,000 Thai baht together with Wanrapa Boonsu.

The Bangkok Criminal Court has accepted libel and computer crime act libel cases against Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu.  Next Monday September lst lawyers for Drew Noyes, David Hanks, and Drew Noyes, are due to cross examine witnesses for Andrew Drummond, and Alastair Cooper, who have brought further charges against them.

A complaint will also be lodged against them and David Hanks and Jan Jansen of Phuketnewsonline for contempt of court. This relates to an incident at the court in which Hanks, Noyes and Goudie were warned not to take photos with their mobile phones in the court room. A picture was subsequently used in Jansen’s phuketnewsonline amd both Noyes and Goudie made links to it.



  1. Maybe you can get Aran Boonmark to testify on your behalf. It would be cool for the judge to hear what happens when Thais impersonate lawyers from him first hand in court to contrast against what has happened with Noyes, Hanks and Goudie

  2. Ok Andrew,
    I will initiate a case against Goudie(Goldle) for impersonation,two cases are better than one. also did notice it is a crime for foreigner to be residing in Thailand with a criminal record

  3. I'm assuming Goudie managed to find a lawyer to represent him today. Isn't odd how he can find a lawyer to prosecute a case but can't find one to defend him?

  4. Andrew,

    I shall once again be more than pleased to make a donation to assist you in fighting this new vindictive case.

    I shall also be in Falkirk over the next couple of weeks, I'm looking forward to having a dig around to see what I can find. Oh and spread the news of course.

  5. No judge or lawyer takes kindly to someone passing themselves off as a lawyer for gain. It is a difficult profession to get into and the highest professional ethics are expected.

    Ex-con Brian would not be admitted by the Bar in England or Scotland, a conviction for a dishonesty offence would be an immediate blocker. That he has not completed any training or vocational edication, and seems to be claiming to have a law degree which he does not, would also be a blocker. Even if he did succeed in passing all those years of courses (and lied about hs criminal past, they accept a gentleman's word on this) and be Called he would be shunned by the profession, instructing solicitors would not employ him.

    Which leaves a backwater like Pattaya and hustling with b***s*** business cards and fake diplomas.

    90% of legal work does not require deep legal knowledge, it is knowing court procedure. A scoundrel with a smatterring of law from a text book can sound convincing apparently. Why anyone would employ a foreigner who is unregulated to do Thai legal work without thoroughly checking them out is beyond me.

  6. I'm very sorry to hear the news Andrew and I see Goldie has stared his usual smear propaganda campaign over on G+ which is odd for somebody claiming to be a victim of internet/ cyber bullying and harassment.

  7. My experience of lawyers has been somewhat negative. I've found a lot of them to be pompous snobs and money whores more concerned with their outrageous fees than any real justice.

    Most of the hard work is completed by secretaries and assistants but top dollar is always charged even though they don't actually do the work. Many cases get resolved simply so the lawyers can be paid before anyone else and they often take the lions share of many litigation cases.

    The law is written in archaic old world language so nobody else can understand the real meaning. The law should be written in a way EVERY citizen can understand. It's an old boys network of self serving windbags who place an outrageous price on their time.

    I actually think Goudie would of made a perfect lawyer. He's not very different from some of the real lawyers I've dealt with.

    1. How very true about lawyers – an unlikeable and greedy breed on the whole. I've just been watching again a hilarious Peter Cook sketch about the biased judge in the Jeremy Thorpe case who make sure he got off (unintended pun) on a charge of conspiracy to have his boyfriend murdered.
      What a hoot!!!

  8. Brian needs to be careful about gloating too soon. The case has been accepted only and no evidence has been heard. Even if Andrew was to lose we'll fund the appeal which will take another year or two.

    Comprehensive documents have been translated into Thai and sent to the new leadership asking for a clarification. Among the questions asked are the following.

    Why is Brian Goudie allowed to live in Thailand under an alias name given he is an excluded person from Australia due to fraud convictions. He also fled Scotland avoiding more jail time for fraud?

    Why has Brian Goudie been allowed to constantly claim to be a lawyer when he has no qualifications?

    Why has he been allowed to operate companies in Thailand that pay no tax and operate purely as a means to cheat people and launder stolen funds?

    Why has he been constantly allowed to bring vexatious litigations against people who have exposed his wrong doing?

    Is it current Thai Government policy to allow convicted criminals free use of the Thai courts to persecute whistle-blowers who expose them?

    These questions and more are going to be put in writing to people who have the power to act so if I was him I wouldn't get too cocky yet.

    Normally I would not red light any action like this but Brian needs to know he isn't going to keep getting away with his crap forever. His time will come as ever dog has his day.

    I know for a 100% fact people like Brian are on the radar of the new leadership. It's just a matter of time and resources before they act against them.

    So that shiny new house Brian is building on Samui will hopefully be finished and furnished for it's eventual Thai owner to move into.

    1. On the radar yes! but also low priority as he doesn't generally harm the electorate.. Imagine Drummond actually being sentenced to Jail… The day that happens is the day that the worlds press will take notice and the day that the government will have to react!! and that reaction of course would be very detrimental to the fake lawyers, Goudie for example would immediately be placed in IDC as persona non grata…. he just doesn't see it does he!

  9. I wouldn't get too pessimistic yet, sure these guys are low priority as in reality they are nobodies, just pesky little cockroaches they know they can swat whenever they like.

    I never thought I'd see the beaches in Phuket clear again. I never thought I'd see the former Patong mayor under investigation either, karma follows its own laws.

    Behind the gloating Goudie knows what he is, just be thankful you aren't him. He tries to talk himself up on facebook but behind the bravado is a pathetic coward, he knows it, we know it, he's only fooling himself. His time is coming.

    Everyone who has a Thai relative or wife can call and make a complaint against both Goudie and Noyes. After Phuket I'm told the task force will move to Samui so get on the phone, email or whatever to report these guys. If enough people do it we might see some swift action.

    You can either be part of the solution or do nothing, I don't want these scumbags to get the opportunity to cheat even one more person.

    1. How about a town hall style meeting in Pattaya with the diplomatic corp and the Pattaya police to let us know what actions they can/are taking to investigate these individuals? When the Pattaya police see that expats are concerned about these scum, perhaps they will be inspired to take action.

      How about putting pressure on the expat clubs to speak with the police about individuals that are crapping on the reputations of expat Pattaya businessmen doing legitimate business? After all, isn't that one of the purposes of the expat clubs, to let the Thai community know about problems within the expat community?

      These gentlemen crave attention. Lets give it to them.

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