Drew Noyes And the Well From Hell

Having been reporting on Thailand’s floods and the price of eggs now it’s time to take a break. Whose fault was the flooding? Was it the fault of Thai government, the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority, the Irrigation authorities, Yingluck herself?  I needed to turn to my old bête noire the ‘Pattaya Times’ on the eastern seaboard for some answers.

Now I know I might be turning this ‘newspaper’ into a cult read.  People are still clicking in to read how I am being pursued by the Thai Police in my new role as the subversive ‘Tartan Pimpernel’. But, what the hell, I am not agin* passing on some real gems.

And while staff have been leaving in droves*, Pattaya Times owner Drew Noyes -remember he was described by the Wilmington Morning Star in Carolina Beach N.C., many years ago as a man of ‘myriad lies, a phoney resumé, pursued by lawyers with unflattering allegations’ – is still furiously pounding out the keys on his desktop. “They can’t gag me!  Publish and be Damned!,”  he must be thinking.
(*ED: How can three staff leave in droves?)

Drew Noyes, The President of Aqua Solar Wind Co. Ltd – Earth, Wind and Fire?
The difference is of course in those old 40’s movies the editor with the sun visor and cigar publish and was never actually damned for it because he was fighting City Hall not trying to move in to it.

Under the headline ‘Thaksin’s Flood Prediction Comes True’ Mr. Noyes,  currently failing dismally to court the Thai Rak Thai old guard in Chonburi, told how Thaksin in 2006 insisted that the Thai Government establish a ‘Second Bangkok’ near the flood free Suvarnabhumi airport. But he was snubbed. (I live around there and there is no room for 12 million people. What’s more its wet in Lat Krabang)

 ‘The power elite were infuriated leading to his ouster and the idea was shelved leaving Pattaya as a viable alternative, just in case he was right, ‘ claimed Noyes, running at full throttle.

And that’s why we have floods and of course that’s why Thaskin left.

QED Drew Noyes.
Actually this story is not as barmy as you might think.  Well it is, but not half as barmy many of the stories in the ‘Pattaya Times’ ( a partner paper with the Bangkok Post apparently, but the Post are keeping shtum on this)

The ‘Pattaya Times’ wrote Thaksin Shinawatra’s obituary a while back after announcing that he had died of prostate cancer, while undergoing chemotherapy. The word ‘rumored’ seemed an afterthought.

This story was picked up by Thaivisa.com the biggest foreign forum in Thailand and the thread went on for an unbelievable eight pages. 
My post suggesting that the author was a fantasist who has been exposed by an American newspaper was immediately deleted by the moderators there – actually two posts were. My second post just said google ‘Drew Noyes with the ‘Pattaya-Times’ and ‘myriad’.
ThaiVisa are not taking any chances. They of course went into business with Drew Noyes in a legal forum for expats ‘broadcast live on Thaivisa.com from Pattaya City Hall.

Excited Thai Visa head honcho promotes the broadcast
Actually it won’t be the first time a newspaper has exaggerated the death of someone. But the problem with the Pattaya Times seems to be that all the ‘sources’ and ‘unattributed quotes’ seem to come from Drew Noyes himself. Who can forget Mangus Evans  the Icelandic Welsh Scotsman?

We had to read between the lines that Thaksin was not dead. But who is the foreign journalist?
I remember doorstepping Howard Hughes at the Inn on the Park in London. I had no evidence that he was living. Never saw him. But did not immediately think to announce his death or even speculate about it.

So is Mr. Noyes a fantasist?  No doubt among readers of this site, it seems.  Posters have been writing in saying he claimed that he had (1) the cure for AIDS and (2) a weight reduction programme which would put an end to liposuction.

But I think the Pattaya Times issue in which he claimed that he had been invited by BP to discuss how to solve the recent massive oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico is my absolute favourite.

Wow! Where did this Aqua Solar Wind Co. Ltd., come from?  Anyway this is how  the Pattaya Times announced this news under the name of Wanrapa Boonsu, the Editor of the Pattaya Times and Noyes’ wife, who does not write English to any educated degree.
“Drew Noyes, President of  Aqua Solar Wind Co., Ltd said, “Our patent pending design has been submitted to BP at their request and we are in on-going communication with BP disaster response engineers on this.
“Given the size of the problem BP is dealing with and the options open to them, their decision making process may be elongated but we are certain that our design can make a significant contribution to their efforts to bring an end to this environmental and financial disaster.”
“If our device is selected for use we believe it can hold the oil surge long enough for the drilling of the two relief wells, scheduled for completion by mid September” Noyes added.
 Alfred Wilhelm, the Technical Director of Aqua Solar Wind Co., Ltd said, “I am certain that this device will work by overcoming many of the obstacles which to date seem to have been ignored”.
The device consists of a number of 40 foot freight containers welded together as shown in the diagram. The top 3 containers are filled with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved sealant and the bottom has a heavy rubber skirt to ensure a close fit to the uneven ocean floor. Once in place over the leaking well, the sealant in the upper containers is released to the ocean floor ensuring a tight leak free fit. The oil and gas then fills the containers and is funneled to the surface for capture.”
Seems he lost staff over that too.  Apparently BP did not make a request. Those disaster response engineers were of course pressing the delete mail button as they were not about to leap on an idea sketched out on the back of an envelope in the ‘Buffalo’ bar which may at a pinch work as an ice-cream stand by London’s Serpentine, or a rib stand at the World Fair.
Noyes’ editor at the time was a retired HSBC executive Chris Stanley. He bit the bullet straight away.  This is what he said in his resignation latter.

‘Your lead in the last edition also left me cold and out on a limb and is the reason I did not put my name to the story I had written. It is also the straw which has broken the camel’s back.

‘When I talked to Alfred in the afternoon before going to the printer he told me directly that no contact had been made with BP other than sending an email with his plan to them to which there had, surprise surprise, been no response.

‘ Despite this you had me write a completely different picture of your company’s involvement in the process which can’t be described in any other way than as an outright lie. “

He continued: “But more to the point, you have indicated that the next issue will perpetuate this deplorable inexactitude and further compound it with a revised contraption which has no more chance of success than the first scientifically impossible device .

‘The article, ‘The Well from Hell’, which I sent to you and Alfred (Wilhelm), should have put an end to it all but it appears not to have had that effect based on an email I got from Alfred Wednesday….
“Needless to say, I am not working on any further fabrication of this ‘story’.

‘You compromised my integrity in a way which is totally unacceptable. If this is your chosen style of journalism it is better that I am not part of it.

‘The paper is a knee jerk process which lurches from one crisis to the next and moves nothing forward at all while any attempt to change anything falls on condescending or deaf ears. Sorry to be so blunt but that is the reality.

‘I’m not one to listen to other’s experiences, preferring to make my judgments based on my own experiences but when the pattern repeats and I start to feel embroiled, I start to wonder if I too am being treated in the same way. I’ll leave it at that because if you don’t understand what I am saying my point is well made’.

Seems other staff at the newspaper also thought the story was a bit of a joke and they produced this mock up below.

I caught up with Chris yesterday I guess forcing his Honda Dream to a halt.
This was an episode in the past he said which he would like to forget. He lasted just two months as ‘editor’. 
He did not wish to be emboiled in any controversy on either side. “It does not take much to see the Pattaya Times is a vehicle”.
Meanwhile this in from ‘Topper’ the moderator of a local forum called www.subzerosiam.com :

Drew Noyes says here: “Drummond’s fabrications continue. Ken Barrett and the rest of my newspaper staff are working hard to prepare a quality, broadsheet newspaper for publication and wide distribution with the cooperation of the Bangkok Post and our print media partners. The Drummond’s (sic) of this world operate in the tabloid realm of reporting. He has his niche which contracts with each discovery that his blog postings are false and baseless. We will stay out of his gutter and see him in court.”

An American, myriad lies, and influential people
Pattaya publisher and the Icelandic Scots Welshman
An American selling Thailand’s housing for the poor – to tourists
Hanky panky at the Pattaya Times
* From Scots agin, variant form of again (‘against’).  Explanation provided for a reader from across the pond. Mangus Evans subbed part of this story.
If you now google Mangus Evans there are actually two of them!
And I thought Drew’s one was unique. The second one is coincidentally a scammer from Burkina Faso!

59 thoughts on “Drew Noyes And the Well From Hell

  1. Thanks Andrew for the kind words. I have dealt with a number of tricky cases over the last 15 months and it has been a real pleasure and honour to be in a position to assist British nationals in Pattaya. I am happy with my time at the Consulate, just unhappy how it all ended up.

  2. I hope he gets a real job and doesnt end up spending more time at pattaya 105FM. At the moment his duties are limited to making coffee and being sent to the 7/11 for Fags and sweeties. Where's the job centre? 🙂

    Tommy xx

  3. Incidentally give a DJ a mike and he thinks he is the most important man in the world, allowing him to use the office computer as well is sheer lunacy.

  4. Word play comments about the Ambassador's cat and the floods, or anything for that matter, will be rejected I am afraid, er, Wayne.

  5. Looking at that photo I rather surmised it may have been a publicity shoot testimonial of one happy punter extricated from the mire by Howard during his tenure……."" That Howard geezer played a blinder and got me out the choky, innit""
    Bit of a bugger not knowing the jobs were up for grabs but I suspect not being hampered by a knowledge of the Thai language wouldn't have helped my application. The Thai lads are certainly in for a shock.Can they speak Geordie or Estuarine crude one wonders.

  6. Maybe Howard was too outspoken for the likes of the British Embassy! either that or his ""pinky"" holding the Blue Sapphire & Tonic didnt sit well with the BE!
    I would have dearly loved a ""Howard"" around in Phuket during the Tsunami.. hands on.. without the ridiculous Mrs Peeriguine-Jones-Squires lording it without any ""know how"".

    47,000B is really going to buy someone of substance and integrity !

  7. I, for one, am sorry to see Howard go. The Embassy's missed a trick there. As a part-time Tourist Police Volunteer and successful TV presenter whose shows have been seen from the UK and Scandinavia to Australia and New Zealand, Howard became something of a cult figure and arguably one of Pattaya's most popular tourist attractions. What a shame the UK Government wasn't able to carry his safety advice to more unsuspecting visitors.

  8. It's heartening to see Her Excellency has a sense of proportion. I worked for a Bush Administration political appointee in Kuwait and Iraq, about a week after the occupation of Baghdad by US forces. Crossing into Southern Iraq at the port of Umm Qasr, our GMC Suburban SUV – presciently shipped by the State Department well in advance of hostilities – was swarmed over by hungry, war ravaged kids. ""Don't Iraqi parents teach their kids not to jump out in front of cars?"" asked our incredulous Republican passenger. Always use the Green Cross Code kids.

  9. You are way out of line with that comment about the the US Ambassador cat. Not funny and in bad taste, Why try to upset people in high place in the US?

  10. Brad: In that case perhaps we will see Howard on some of those billboards leading into Pattaya soon – just like Jimmy White.,

  11. Banjo-picker: While this is not a reverential site I try not to offend the undeserving. You may be right but her comment seemed rather incongruous, especially in the light of all the animals drowned in the current floods. Mine was a little bit wicked with a small 'w'. No offence is intended. But I am not really a fan of respected officials tweeting personal vulnerable stuff in the often artificial tweet world. Many celebs are finding it is counter-productive.
    I also have a cat, inherited which is not about to give me 13 years of affection and noisily demands his dinner on time every night, will not sit, roll over, answer to his name, or eat anything but the most expensive cat food…perhaps there is some hidden underlying resentment.
    I rather doubt her Excellency is too troubled. If she is, she is in the wrong job. But my condolences of course.

  12. Sad to read this news. Without Howard I doubt whether Big Trouble in Thailand would have been commissioned, let alone sell to as many countries as it has. I think it says a lot about the way the British Embassy viewed the series and Howard's leading role in it that he was subsequently appointed Hon Con for Pattaya. There is still an uncommissioned series about the role of Hon Cons around the world if the FCO could find a way to lend its support to such a project. Hon Cons would be worthy subjects and the stories featured would act as a fantastic public awareness campaign while undoubtedly saving lives and promoting Thailand's image abroad.

  13. Hi,

    It's a thankless job with very little appreciation from those tossers at the Foreign Office in London.

    Good riddance to them. Howard, I know you slightly but my buddy was Barry Kenyon, who also worked his backside off for those ungrateful pillocks.

    I wish you well and Barry a long retirement, I know it sticks in your gut sometimes, it sticks in mine when they attended meetings announcing my innocence and then dropped me like a brick when the pendulum swung the other way!

  14. Zaphod Beeblebrox: With a name like that I am surprised they hired you as a driver at all, er, unless they water-boarded you first of course.

  15. Andrew,
    Enjoy reading your site, however the last month or so, you seem to have devoted all your posts to a certain individual, whom on the first article you clearly exposed him for what he truly is. Move on and don't waste your time on parasites. Looking forward to your future articles.
    Regards tim.

  16. Tim: Your comment appreciated. I wish i had more stuff to break this DN stuff up with, but for the last two weeks its been flood flood flood. I have flood stuff but I believe people are bored with flood flood flood. Point taken.
    I am also taking into account the nature of the person I am dealing with who continues to flood the net with his resume.

  17. Strange problem with the comments here, they seem to link to Howard's resignation?? Anyway.. Don't stop ridiculing Noyes, most of us are enjoying every sentence you write about him. He deserves it, he is not the Victim here, what you write continues to deter would-be victims of Noyes himself. And after the crap he wrote about you, you should take personal satisfaction in it!

  18. Yes. There has been a glitch in the system which is why posts from the Howard Consular story, which I had to delete, have appeared here.
    As for Drew Noyes people should not for a second think I am investigating him out of revenge. (the libel stuff will be settled legally). The problem is more and more victims are coming out of the woodwork and with the exception of Chris who was lukewarm, feel it is now a safe time for their stories to be told. There have been few that have not been at least little scared of DN and his claims.
    There are still much bigger issues out there. But yes a break would be nice …:-)

  19. Tim Smith, I think Andrew should only stop exposing this true sociopath when the problem is sorted. Unless you know the person in question you will not understand why. Why stop when the job is almost done? You can always read the BKK Post for ""other"" news..

  20. Andrew, I was wondering when you'd get to the ""Well from Hell."" My friends and I still laugh about this one. Does Drew's partner, the great German scientiest ""Alfred Wilhelm"" really exist or is a fantasy character from Noyesland like Mangus Evans, et al? How about the ""Aqua Solar Wind Col, Ltd?"" Drew's article mentions that the Grimm company was considering ASW (or ASSWIPE as it's known on the New York Stock Exchange) to aerate a pond. (Sounds like tough work — fixing the BP Oil spill would be easy after that.)

  21. Andrew keep up the good work and I reckon the dog is on the run now as most of the TD posters are turning against him, due to his association with the noise.

  22. From the article: Drew Noyes, President of Aqua Solar Wind Co., Ltd said, ""Our patent pending design has been submitted to BP at their request and we are in on-going communication with BP disaster response engineers on this…

    It's rather baffling that Noyes (as ""the only American Lawyer qualified… blah, blah, blah"") doesn't seem to comprehend that publication (such as submitting plans to BP) of a ""patent pending design"" would actually render the patent application invalid. Very strange that such a noted attorney as him would overlook this rather obvious point. Very strange indeed…

  23. I disagree with tim smith, you need to keep on with the drewes, dog, thaivisa expose.

    john may be right that the dog is on the run and that td members are deserting him but it is common practice on thai forums for members and mods to change sides as the facts develop. more difficult for thaivisa because of their advertising contract, but there are other fora out there that censor facts when it suits them. expat clubs other than pattaya similarly have hypocritical bias because of 'advertising' conflicts

  24. JonahTheWhale:

    Actually it does not render patent application invalid, after the patent has been applied, publishing innovations taking advantage of the patent is in my understanding just fine. After all most things come out to the world while containing innovations that are still patent pending as the patent process takes a loooong time. Some things even have that thing printed on it ""Patent Pending"". For example iPhone has had lot of stuff still pending for patent, for example the recent patent that was given for ""slide to unlock"".

  25. I find myself visiting Drummond's site more often precisely because of the continued,
    ""Noyes Abatement."" Please keep up the great work, Andrew. Maybe one day I can buy you a drink or even host a Drummond appreciation party !

  26. Anybody heard from 'Screw Boyes' lately? I would imagine that the lawyer/journalist/environmental disaster specialist is now working on a 5 billion dollar fully integrated water management system for Thailand made from whoopee cushions and sticky tape. A very talented man who can no doubt turn his hand to anything.

  27. How can Drew publish this absolute b/s in his newspaper. Does he think anybody actually believes this rubbish. He would not believe it himself, just another failed attempt at tricking somebody to invest with him.

  28. John…would be nice if your statement was correct, but I fear there are enough clowns on TD to keep Eric amused for years to come and the other way round of course.

  29. Mr V: ""publishing"" was a poor choice of term on my part, it's actually whether the invention/innovation as been disclosed.

    All a moot point in any event because I'd be willing to bet my last satang that such an 'invention' either doesn't exist or, if it does, was never requested by anyone with anything to do with BP (unless in this instance 'BP' is an initialism for ""Bullshit Publications"").

    Tis all merely more of Noyes's fantasist drivel.

    JonahTheWhale: Actually it does not render patent application invalid, after the patent has been applied, publishing innovations taking advantage of the patent is in my understanding just fine. After all most things come out to the world while containing innovations that are still patent pending as the patent process takes a loooong time. Some things even have that thing printed on it ""Patent Pending"". For example iPhone has had lot of stuff still pending for patent, for example the recent patent that was given for ""slide to unlock"".

  30. Agree with you Cristy. Checking out the ;latest drew News has become part of my daily routine. Anybody who meets Drew hates him. We will have a party when Andrew finishes him off. It might be soon as Drew didn't attack Drummond at all in the last issue of the Pattaya Times.His baseless attacks were thwarted everytime. Drummond has pounded him into submission. Drew is now bent over and the gang are lining up to have their way. It will be the Pattaya Party of the decade and i will pay for the firework display. Thankyou Andrew for leading this effort to rid Pattaya of this sexual predator and conman. You deserve an award.

  31. Looks like Les Edmunds has been gagged. I wonder if was by his boss Drew Noyes or by his wife who stands a full foot taller than him. Or was it that he knows he is in the wrong and knows he can not win defending his boss. I am waiting for your apology Les. If you had a decent set of balls you wouldn't let yourself be pushed around. Les is a man who expects the British taxpayer to pay for his airconditioning while living in the tropics.

  32. Keep up the fight for good Andrew. These articles are real news. If people want to read copied stories about the floods etc they can read the Pattaya Times or the Bangkok Post. Met with some 'influential people' on the weekend and alerted them to your site.

  33. Congratulations Chris Stanly, you must be the only person Drew Noyes has employed with integrity. Thankyou for sharing with us your resignation letter. Andrew has exposed a myriad of Drew Noyes lies and his attempts to steal peoples money. The more people like yourself who expose him for what he is the better for everybody. Thankyou.

  34. Yes Steve, Drew is back in town. Seen out and about yesterday with his wife Naam around the Buffolo Bar region. Kung must have been at her government housing accomodation looking after the ten children.

  35. Ref Expats comments: This is probably in reference to the fact that in Britain pensioners are entitled to a winter heating allowance. Some take the cash and go somewhere warmer. Some 65,000 Brits living in Greece, Spain and other warm European countries can also receive it. There have been moves by Brits in Pattaya I understand to have the British Government pay for their air con bills out of the UK heating allowance. I have no idea at all if Les supports that view. Its a good story though. May be worth developing. 🙂

  36. So Drew is saying that Andrews side of the story is false. This is from Drew Noyes who is having lies revealed on a daily basis. He reported in his newspaper over a month ago that your site would be closed down. It still hasn't. Drew also falsely claims to be a lawyer, having invented a cure for HIV and on and on. The above nonsense of BP asking Drew Noyes to fix the gulf leak is all in his imagination.

  37. Expat, you can't expect anything more from Les Edmonds. He works for Drew Noyes and has for a long time. Les doesnt have a lot of money and cant pay for his electricity bills. And like Drew he doesn't have many friends. If Drew fires him what will he do? He shirked the issue by saying that the Expat club while promoting Noisy publically does not really privatly endorse him. He will continue to back Noisy because he doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds him . Simple.

  38. Has Drew conceded defeat? Is he finally had enough of the sustained Drummond attack? He doesn't even try to come back anymore. From being the most important story in Thailand on the front page of the Pattaya Times in conjuntion with the Bangkok Post to not even a whisper in the latest offerings. Dont give up now Drew, come on dust yourself off and get back in the ring. Too many people are enjoying this too much for you to quit now.

  39. Janjra: I have held over your comment for the time being. What you describe is a serious criminal offence. Criminal offences, as opposed to criminal libel, I am keeping in a separate file. Would an affidavit be possible?

  40. Topper: They seek him here. They seek him there…..First you thought you saw me at the FCCT, now at a burger joint. Yes on Sunday I did have a burger but grilled in my garden. It was a Villa (Ramkhamhaeng) burger. My daughter, now 4, tried to catch fish from the lake. But not even a tug on the line proving she is absolutely British as Thais just stick their hands in and pull them out.
    Tomorrow I will be at the beach. If you come up to me and say 'Chalkie White' you win a free subscription to the Daily Mirror.

  41. Thank you for the continous exposures of DN. As having met him and also knowing many who have been cheated by this con-man, it is good to see him exposed. All your articles are well writen and describe how he lies without scrupel.

  42. Can any of you Noyeswatchers share some details about Dr. Drew's amazing AIDS cure? Was he pitching it to investors? It was not written about in the Pattaya Times to my knowledge but I heard that it was a ""morning after"" pill. Basically, you're able to indulge in an all-night, unprotected sex orgy with the patients in the AIDS ward, then simply pop one of Dr. Drew's pills the next morning and all traces of HIV are banished from your system. It is guaranteed 100% effective with zero side effects and has the added benefits of curing hangovers and post-nasal drip. If anybody knows anything about this please share it with me immediately because I have a big weekend planned.

  43. I think Tim Smith may be in fact our old freind Drew Noyes. This story that Andrew is telling is an incredible tale that if was fiction would be too outrageos to believe. There is a book and a mini series in this story. Consider the cast.
    Influential people; The mayor of Pattaya and Drews best friend Itipon Koonplume, The Thai King and 14 years of service,Cristie Kenney US Ambassador to Thailand,Ex PM Thaksin ""rumored dead"" Shinawat,current PM Yinglock,Barry Kenyon former British Consulate, Howard Miller former British consulate,General Phonpat Chayaphan, Head of the Central Investigation Bureau, General Supisarn Pakdeenaruenart head of the CSD
    Plagurism Central; Wanrapa Boonsu, Les ""Springrolls"" Edmonds, Ken Barret,Jason ""Gday"" Griffiths,Chinese American Tom,Wittiya ""make up tips"" Wensabai,
    Victims;Dr H K Kenney, Facebook Fillipinos Rose and Aya, Thomas Flannigan, 1993 coworker who refused to give Drew a little taste, American Tim,investor Barry Wilson-Singer,Greg George,Briton Christopher Hill an official of the Expats Club,Keith Avery,frail Dutch pensioner Hans Boozajer,Jeff and Tirina Simons and their 8 children.
    Other assorted Characters; Dirty Dog, Sir Neils Colov danish porn king,porn actor Tony Poer,porn mogul Mike Strauss,Caroline Link and the Thai polo set,Actor Drew Barrymore,actor Andre Nickleson, Drews mom who was not an actor,
    Others;A sex bar in Duck Square and two bars called the Lollipop another the Zebra Complex.
    A rib stand. Made up degrees at Duke University,the City of Pattaya,a white porsche and an old Nissan,the Bangkok Post,a Mcdonalds style Italian restarant Mamma Mia, a law office
    Questionable if Real Characters; David Freeman, Howard Miller, Keith A., Tim Smith, Mangus Evans,Wilmington Star,
    The Noyes Clan; 3wives, mistresses and at least 10 kids all living in government housing for the poor.
    What a story,good work Andrew.

  44. The actual focal point of this ‘Oil Salvage Scheme’ may not be as blatant as one may see. Drew may not be expounding his brilliance in this scheme as he does in all those self directed and self authored web links. Drew, by showing this contraption in print, lends validity to it and to his Scam. He is trying to coerce his investors, by showing this contraption in print (if it is in print than it must be true), to invest in this Scam. There is a strong possibility that Drew is using this “High Tech oil salvage� idea to SCAM it’s designer as well; that is, if there really is a Mr. Wilhelm. This is his Modus Operandi. By advertising, in print, this oil salvaging design (no matter how outrageous it appears) he is convincing the designer that it is a good idea and to invest more money in it for promotional purposes. Of course he will do the promoting and offer to handle the money and continue the talks with BP. If he follows his normal approach, he will be the ONLY ONE in contact with the supposed representative from BP. AND he will use all the money invested, from all parties, for promoting this project therefore he will have been paid for doing his part even as the project is a failure.

  45. Andrew your articles about Mr Drew Noyes are indeed to the benefit of people like me who was taken in by a smooth talking compulsive liar, And i can confirm that he told me in person that he was a lawyer one of only 3 Americans who could practice law in Thailand.

    Like a fool myself and friends have been educated by your articles. I would hope you continue to educate fools like myself in what kind of individual this man is. I would also suggest maybe you send your file on Drew Noyes to Mayor Ittipon Khunpluem. Whome is i am sure not aware of this shisters background.

  46. Shamrock…people that genuinely take what other people say as being the truth are not fools. Nothing wrong with believing in what people say to you. But if it seems to good to be true, it usually is not. Also after someone tells you such things, in this day and age with information available at your finger tips, there is no excuse for finding out as much as you can about a subject prior to proceeding. The beauty of the internet is that people like to complain more than compliment, so if there are issues out there about an individual, they can be found with some effort.

  47. He must still be doing ok i seen him a few days ago driving a brand new Audi about. And did you know about his block of appartments. It's where he keeps all his secret women.

  48. Come on Andrew, there's literally millions of us (got those figures from DN )waiting with baited breath for the next thrilling installment

  49. Steve – you won't be disappointed. I have been diverted on two other stories. One published here today.
    Dont want to waste too much time on Noyes but if needs must.

  50. Agree with Steve,it has been too long since your last Drew Noyes expose. Most of Pattaya now tunes in to your site everyday. We are addicted, please give us more Andrew. I will send you details of his latest disaster regarding a company, a Canadian called Lux and a legal office called PAPPA.

  51. Adolf, knowing the participants, I am sure that the Drew – Lux debacle makes for a great story. I cannot wait for AD's report. Can you give a brief rundown of it here?

  52. Drew Noyes once again in the news, well well well, and this time, it looks like it's red handed, and this time it looks like it's the ""E"" word. E for extortion.
    Rumours and the like are easy to generate and promote, but in Noyes case, it appears that the wolves are now circling, and getting serious, the wolves in this matter are the Royal Thai Police.
    Noyes made a big mistake for attempting this stunt on an Australian, because us Aussies don't take to being swindled very kindly, and we have our own ways of dealing with Noyesites over here, and thanks to this bloke, DN seems to have been roundly outsmarted.
    Oh sure I've got my axe to grind about Mr. Noyes, he got the better of me a few years ago as his English Editor for the PTN, and conveniently ran out of money just around salary pay day, but that's the past, but I'm fascinated to learn he's still been gadding about Pattaya up to the same old con.
    I really hope he gets a full trial, and there won't be any of the Egyptian Handshake going on with the Tha Authorities this time around.
    Close his damn newspaper, pull his on going visa, and send him back to the USA, where presumably there are a few matters there that are outstanding in a legal sense.

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