De Vere’s To Offer Financial Advice At FCCT – Surprise

An occasion I will be missing tonight is a seminar at the
Foreign Correspondents of Thailand by the De Vere Group.

The notice of the meeting says ‘suggested payment 200 baht
to charity’. A better one would read perhaps 200 baht to journalists!
The all charitable De Vere group has been involved in massive
internet damage limitation exercises since, well pretty much since the
internet. It employs people to flood the net with positive stories about it.
Boiler rooms have even cloned its name.
Its boss Nigel Green says the group has been falsely maligned. De Veres has been accused of employing unqualified staff, and widespread twisting and churning. 
Perhaps FCCT members can also help it out with its image problem because I
am sure they are not a target audience. Actually there is a freedom of press issue too. The South China Morning Post says De Vere’s is suing two of its staff for spilling the beans.
The consultancy has arranged for a renowned tax expert, Mr. Darren Jones of Royal Skandia, to fly in from the UK.
Royal Skandia is of course a well known organization into which I think they
want to place your funds.

If he is flying out especially someone has got to pay
for it – new investors or old ones.

But lest we forget Royal Skandia, Friends Provident, Royal London and others like them are the people who gave the green light to Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) to put their clients cash into the disastrous LM funds.  Some US$400 million of clients money went into the coffers – and little or nothing is coming back.  And are they going to take responsibility? – No way. Nothing friendly or royal here.

The financial advisers blame people like Royal Skandia, Friends Provident etc and in the LM case, also the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission. People like Royal Skandia blame the financial advisers (link here). But actually they work in each others pockets (offering great packages for getting clients).

And will the Bloomberg’s or Reuters (Financial Services) correspondents be attacking them? Nah.

Many clients in Thailand and all over Asia are as a result penniless – but I guess there must be some cash left!  If there is, these guys will find it but I suspect it isn’t at the FCCT.

The FCCT states: This is not an FCCT-sponsored event. It is
a paid function and responsibility for program content is solely that of the
event organiser.

Amid allegations of ‘churning’ Hong Kong’s Confederation of Insurance Brokers refuses to licence new De Vere staff.

21 thoughts on “De Vere’s To Offer Financial Advice At FCCT – Surprise

  1. As an investigative journalist as you claim you are why won't you go to the FCCT meeting and expose the culprits you name and those at the FCCT who allow this seminar be in their venue which is a quazi-endorsement enabling them to attract clients for a company you state is bad for its clients? Then report your findings first – hand on this site.

    1. I'm not in town Drew – the FCCT has stated clearly it is not an FCCT event. I have not refused the expression you state. Perhaps you should withdraw it and apologise.

    2. Drew, perhaps it would be better for you to spend less time defending DeVere, less time attacking Andrew Drummond and more time preparing your own defence for your forthcoming trial on serious criminal charges.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Can I ask how De Vere get our mobile numbers? I was invited in to meet with them many moons ago, I was not impressed, however soon after I was also contacted by another company determined to sell me pensions, investment and whatever, thankfully I was stoney broke at the time so made my excuses and left. But it did worry me how they had my personal mobile?

    1. So why meet with them? Free coffee?

      I receive 5 to 6 calls per week from financial consultants, but why would I want to meet them or deal with them?

      I have a mental list of questions concerning company name and address (this usually stumps them), registration / licence, their boss's name and how they came by my number. No one has yet passed the test so cannot be bona fide and are probably scally wags after my millions.

      If I am pressed for time I tell them I am broke and a missionary and can I come to explain how they can do God's work …….

    2. Dear 'less sharp than shifty', we all know who you are so why keep up the pretense. How was your night behind (steel) bars. You've shafted a few folk in your time, I guess you probably got shafted yourself that night. How about an update on your blog with your new hairstyle. Still got yer teef, Bwian ??

  3. Ah Mr. Noyes. You can't be the same Drew Walter Noyes, of PAPPA and One Stop Service Center, who professes to be a specialist on Thai Law, financial services etc. surely?

    If so can I remind you that there is a judgment out against you in the United States for US$72,000 for selling bogus shares. If you are going to quote what I state please do so accurately., if it is possible for you to do so.

    1. Your claim Andrew Drummond that I EVER sold anyone bogus shares is false, unfounded and libelous. Grow up Andrew and go after real bad guys in your back yard in Bangkok instead of exaggerating claims against business men in Pattaya. I was a Series 24 Investment Banker with high credentials in publically traded stocks and bonds on all US SEC regulated exchanges. You are writing false claims about a private placement stock. Get someone to explain the difference.

    2. Oh Mr. Noyes. Grow up. Here is the link. The bogus stock you issued was to a Mr. Tom Flanagan. The original judgment was US$25,000. The judgment is now for US$72000. Here is the link to the Morning Star. You are all over pages 1-3-4. Sue them. A series of further allegations are made against you. Your name is no longer with the National Futures Assn. Your CV is false – and you also admitted that before – claiming someone made it up – and now you are on a charge of extortion in Pattaya – while offering financial advice, Give me a break.

  4. Only bad things can come out of this. De Verve contacted me about 1 year ago & I told them I was not interested. I looked on the web & found lots of bad press about them. They responded about the cold calling and said they did not do it. I've had over 40 cold calls from them & that's the calls I know about. Most of the time I am overseas with my mobile off. 2-3 calls a day were not un-common.

    Even when you tell them you are not interested they don't take it as an answer. The only press these guys deserve is bad press

  5. If I were Somchai, facing the real possibility of loosing my liberty in the coming weeks I'd be spending my time enjoying nights out eating good food, fine wines and feasting my eyes on pretty women, followed by long soaks in the bathtub, soft towels, soap of my choice, a wee dram before bed time and sleep in a comfortable bed with crisp clean linen.

    I would not be spending my time ranting on the internet.

    1. These deluded fools never see things the way they are,In their addled tiny brains (which would rattle in the skull of a humming bird) they see themselves as the victims and ignore real life burying their heads into the sand and when they are eventually brought to justice they are dumbfounded and bleat like stuffed pigs and are seen around the prison exercise yards playing the innocent victim.

  6. So the No-yes guy also adds to those exploding numbers we see on Andrew's register…who is he trying to impress ? the psychopat does not understand that he is despised by all people, all of us who once,
    before AD were somehow involved with this conman today feel ashamed of it. Then there he is again trying to distort the many truths about his past and present life, maybe he is rehearsing for the upcoming trials, but if his planned defense is of this sort I guess it will be quickly over. The first line of his message reads "as an investigative journalist you claim you are", wake up No-Yes, Andrew is and proved it in each and every case his investigative, journalistic talent and intelligence,something you as a tabloid owner never accomplished, what you did was not Journalism, it was using the strength of the press to inflict harm on people. Maybe you have not noticed that all papers in Pattaya and Chiang Mai have been out there for years, all successful and doing good business, only your Pattaya Times failed, a failure like you could never produce something good, that is why you have been exonerated, thrown out from this town, thrown out from FCCT, thrown out from the British Embassy list and soon you will be thrown out from Thailand, no one has any respect for you, you are ignored and hated, you are an ambulant shame, you are the laugh of this town, pay attention, your words here on this site and anywhere mean absolutely nothing , you are a pathological lier. You deny what the Morning Star published on your scams ?, why would they be after you ?
    Out of the 280.000.000 North American people they decided to write lies about you, ? is that so ? since you are so well versed on Law and Libel suits why you did not react to their accusations? You are a very dirty player and finally here you and all people of this town and country are watching with great pleasure your demise, your end and along with it finally justice will be very well served, be sure of that, end of the line, get off the train,

  7. From Anonymouse (slightly edited)
    Every time Noyes lies you stop him dead in his tracks.. The attached dialogue makes great reading !!

    With over 600,000 readers a month, you ought to be able to make some real money now with your website… or maybe other opportunities will be offered to you..

  8. Mr Noyes certainly makes quite a few punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors for a journalism school…er, graduate?

    Mr Noyes, you have runs ads on the internet claiming to be a lawyer. In fact these ads stated that you are the, " Only American Allowed to Practice Law in Thailand" Aren't both these statements categorically untrue?

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