Cyber Attack On Andrew Drummond


Bangkok, September 27 2011

A fake Facebook created with the name Andrew Drummond and loaded with highly inflammatory marks which would automatically be ruled as lese majeste in Thailand, was last night detected, and reported to the Thai authorities.

The false Facebook page came on line earlier the day. I was alerted to it by a British Embassy consular official.

The Department of Special Investigation and Cyber Crimes Unit of the Royal Thai Police were immediately also alerted both by phone and email, so they could monitor the site.

The phony ‘Andrew Drummond’  described as a freelance journalist in Bangkok made more than 30 friends during the short life-time of the page.

Above – edited version of the fake site

He used English slang during the course of his posts. In one post he referred to a policeman ‘crying his tits off’.

Other posts included insults to Thai women and references to anal sex.

Many thanks to the consular official who alerted me and to others who picked up on this too during the evening.


More information coming in today, seems actually he has been operating for a while but only put up the lese majeste yesterday.

Meanwhile he has been more ‘making friends’ and insulting them in my name. Don’t think many were convinced.


A report has been filed to Facebook and a formal complaint filed with the Crime Suppression Divisions High Tech Department (Cyber Police) but the actual machinations of getting the blog removed are beginning to become a story in itself.

Meanwhile if anybody of my Facebook friends get message referring among other things to ‘anal sex’ they are of course not from me.

I also hear that Embassies in Bangkok are now recommending their staff to get off Facebook.

The other Andrew Drummond the ‘ free lance writer who lives in ‘ Bankok’  is now sending me abusive messages.


 Finally: 3:29 on 29-9-2011

“Thanks for your recent report of a potential violation on Facebook. After reviewing your report, we have removed the profile you reported. Please note that we may restore it if the user provides us with necessary identification.

As a community of friends, Facebook relies on members to help create a safe place where people represent themselves accurately. Thanks for taking the time to help us improve Facebook.”

29 thoughts on “Cyber Attack On Andrew Drummond

  1. Andrew ask people you know on your genuine facebook page to search for the profile, then go to report, ""this person is pretending to be someone I know"", then they enter and select your name. It will be down in no time.

  2. very lame attempt, these guys really must be clutching at straws now.

    I have 3 mutual friends in common right now, it will quite easy to work out the common link based on such things.

  3. Well you know who is the master in setting up false websites. The guy is so simple it is painful. He feels the noose is closing and exposure is his worse nightmare. A few more moves and he is checkmate. NoYes?

  4. This is so blatantly foolish, it has blatantly foolish written all over it. I wonder what blatant and foolish person would do such a blatantly foolish thing.

  5. Starfighter, wrote I wonder….
    Try a ""law office"" on Thepprasit road in Pattaya. The sociopath running the place has a track record in doing these things. The guy is so desperate and clueless he will try everything which includes hiding behind shirts.

  6. I hope the bricky did it while intoxicated, he ain't that bright when sober, so when drunk hopefully he left a little trail to his homey little abode.

  7. Clutching at straws indeed.You have got them rattled Andrew,thats for sure.One can only wonder at the mentality of anyone who would think they could get away with such a crass act. If they had another brain it would certainly be lonely. Whoever it is must be a really dirty dog.

  8. Its hardly a Cyber Attack in the true sense of the word, more a case of someone fictitiously impersonating someones online personality to bring about discredit. The stupid part is Facebook will quickly release all the information relating to the IP addresses and associated account holder details to any and all law enforcement agencies and lawyers who seek it using appropriate channels. The fool who instigated the action will then be on the wrong side of the law in more way than one!

  9. Am not surprised by this – my family were cyberstalked by Bangkok-based expats who stooped to sending out photos of mutilated dead women with my wife's name attached. We tracked one of them down and he was arrested and charged when he travelled back to the UK. He admitted stalking us and received a caution. The only way to deal with these people is via the law – they believe they can act with complete impunity and stalk, make physical threats, engage in an endless stream of abusive comment (my family received about 1000 messages stretching back for months) and hide behind anonymity. I hope you find the person responsible for this – most of these anonymous cyberstalkers turn out to be absolute nobodies leading ineffectual and isolated lives.
    Also have to say that people in the UK are now getting prison sentences for engaging in this stuff – one person received 18weeks a short while ago.

  10. Pat Angko: If I thinking what I think you are thinking, quite frankly it is highly unlikely. I have just checked and this man clearly states:
    Local Pattaya resident and Thailand business and law expert (I have) been vetted and selected as the Master of Ceremonies for many Royal functions for His Majesty King Adulyadej Bhumibol Rama XI, Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand and Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Charkri Sirindhorn of Thailand.

    (I) was the Master of Ceremonies at an extravagant VIP affair for Royals, foreign Ambassadors and Thai High Society for the 80th Birthday Gala Celebration for His Majesty King Adulyadej Bhumibol Rama XI in Bangkok in 2007.

    (I) was the Master of Ceremonies at a magnificent VIP affair for Royals, foreign Ambassadors and Thai High Society for His Majesty King Adulyadej Bhumibol Rama XI's 60th Year Accession as King, and the world's longest reigning monarch in Bangkok in 2008.

    In 2003, (I) was selected by the Royal Palace and Pattaya City to help host the arrival of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand to Pattaya.

    (I) work closely with Thai government leaders like Pattaya Mayor Ithiphol Khunplume who says, ""The fine charitable and social contributions he (that's me) has made since 1997 to Thai society while helping foreigners in Thailand is remarkable.""

  11. Is your 'Royal Master of Ceremonies' really so ignorant that he thinks the current reigning Chakri monarch is Rama XI? Or is that three typos on your part, Andrew?

  12. Unless one wants to make it looks like that, or indeed a Brit who cannot stop his foul mouth. What time were the postings, the Brit I have in mind is usually drunk till early in the morning. Useless people, to call them dirty dogs is an insult to dogs.

  13. Jim I just did a cut and paste and substitued a name with (I) and (that's me).
    Should somebody tell him? If you google his name in conjunction with 14 years service to the King its all there. May have changed by the morning though.

  14. I imagine the whole lese majeste thing, no matter how ineptly produced, raises this to a whole new level.

    The situation reminds me of the Bradley Paul Hampson case in Australia. A stupid lowlife jailed for trolling commemorative Facebook pages for deceased children. Nothing new there, except he posted images of child 'pawn', the bit that got the authorities involved and him in jail.

    The Thai police aren't going to be concerned about expats being mean on the internet, but cross that particular Thai line…

    Obviously I don't mean to conflate these two illegal acts, just observing the the possibility of, what I think the military these days are calling, ''blowback"".

  15. I am American and have not heard, ""Cry your tits off "" as a common expression.
    I believe our mammarian utterance is; ""Cut your tits off.""

  16. The attack on real journalist Andrew Drummond is typical slandering by someone with no that much in the head, especially since it will be easily traceable.

    The 'attacks' on Andrew Spooner are merely retorts and jokes against a journalist that spent months attacking people online in and then goes to scream to high heaven when some of his targets started to fight back.

    EDITED (quite heavily)

  17. Actually my Facebook alter-ego may not be traceable, I assume he is using proxy servers and hotmail type accounts… Far from the case, Facebook and Hotmail block most of the know black proxy servers, the few that do get through pass the originating IP through with the request header, for the verification emails the proxy service will not hide the underlying routing which Hotmail keeps, from Mobile devices the device IP and carrier code are passed through to Facebook and Hotmail. With some time and effort all would be revealed.

  18. Hero: I am not going down the path of attacking Andrew Spooner who may make one post in reply to this.
    You need to find somewhere else.
    Actually my Facebook alter-ego may not be traceable, I assume he is using proxy servers and hotmail type accounts.

  19. Ok. Lets suck it and see. Meanwhile Facebook say they have now removed the profile. But may restore it if 'the user provides us with necessary identification'

  20. it's almost impossible to stop fake facebook pages-just look at all the 'celebrity' fake profiles or fan pages. You could almost think it's flattering but obviously if people post damaging info that's a problem.
    You will need to be on your guard though as these fake profiles can pop up anytime.

  21. I hope the Thai authorities come down hard on the libel and threats you have received and clean up the posts that have appeared on facebook, and indeed on some of the Thai forums

    Nowhere near as serious but I had a forum poster set up an account in my name but the forum owner took it down immediately. The culprit has been identified by his email address

    There needs to be a clean up of Thai fora

  22. Hero: the trolls you support stalked and harassed my wife for months with sexual comments and photos of mutilated corpses. That harassment of her ONLY began when those who didnt like what I was writing realised there was no other way to shut me up. That's why one of them was arrested at Heathrow and admitted that dislike of my work was at the root of why he committed his acts. We gave the UK police cast iron evidence that they then acted on. You and your pals, like those stalking Drummond now, rely on anonymity, lies, harassment and threats. Reveal the evidence I stalked or slandered anyone – it doesnt exist and never has done. My name is on every comment I make so it is easy to show any evidence. Or are you just referencing another anonymous troll's faceless comments? Our evidence was tested by UK law and proved reliable with our stalker admitting criminal harassment. That's a point of public record.
    On another tack it is very likely this kind of cyberstalking and harassment my family and Drummond have suffered is going to really ramp up. The authorities everywhere don't really know how to control it and the various lowlifes and slime bags who engage in it are going to have a freerun for a while.

  23. i really like this site bravo Andrew !!your my hero..can we flush Noyes'' on the toilet please!!;)

  24. I am no genius, but isn't 'freelance' always spelled as one word instead of two? That FB site has it as two words.

  25. I thought long and hard and drew a no.Then I thought some more and drew a yes.

    So I drew a no yes?

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