Child Sex Fiction Man Cannot Be Punished For His Thoughts

Bangkok, November 30 2011

By day he teaches youngsters at a school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  But when he is off duty, people believe, he writes in to a website dedicated to stories of sexual abuse of children as young as 6-yrs-old.

But this week the teacher, an elderly Briton, claimed his identity had been stolen, thus by default it was not him who had written to a Lolita website where contributors supply lurid tales of child sexual abuse for the titillation of perverts.

“This started two years ago,” he said. “Somebody copied my email and he has been pretending to me ever since.”

I cannot reveal his identity because many people in Phnom Penh, including teachers themselves, refuse to believe his claims.

Nor would he volunteer any more.

The latest controversy in Phnom Penh began when a ‘ teacher’ called Bill wrote in to the Khmer 440 website to say he was fired without reason from a local international school where he had been paid just US$800 for a month’s work.

However when ‘Bill’s’ email was checked it tallied with the someone called ‘Billy’ who was regularly contributing to a website dedicated to stories of sex with young children.

‘Billy’  had commented on stories such as: ‘Deflowering Aspen’, ‘Little Girl Amanda’ and ‘How I became and active paedophile’.

‘Deflowering Aspen’ is a story about a father who watches as a 13-yr-old boy he abuses having sex with his six year told daughter, Haley.

At the end of that story he commented: ‘Lovely so far. Ideas. Haley takes two twin brothers; Haley takes a white and black (or East Asian) boy at the same time. Haley takes father and son.  Haley takes a boy and his big dog’.

Billy also wrote to the same site asking for video scripts of Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, as a pre-treen with her grooms and Shetland pony and  even also separate requests for a pre-teen Angela Merkle, the German Chancellor and Chelsea Clinton. 

But when confronted on the Khmer 440 forum, ‘Bill dismissed criticisms writing:

 ‘Calm down.  Fiction is fiction, not reality.’

‘Vladimir Nabokov (the author of Lolita) was not hauled off by the FBI for writing about the delectable Dolores was he?’

Children are particularly vulnerable to predators in Cambodia, but this village which offered pre-teens for sex was closed down by the government


He said he was an ‘occasional writer of fiction’.  ‘I have never been convicted of any crime worse than being arrested on demonstrations’.  

When I contacted the teacher using the same name and email as ‘Bill’ he would not answer specifically to the question: ‘But was this post to Khmer 440 yours?’ 

He repeated. ‘All I can say is that my email has been copied by someone else’.

Teachers on the web Cambodian forum  are not convinced. They say he is one and the same and he should be arrested or at least kicked out of Cambodia.

Wrote one:  ‘No parents in their right minds would have you near their child, regardless of whether or not you yourself actually act as a paedophile, physically, psychologically and emotionally abusing them.

‘You are sick in the head and if you don’t get run out of Cambodia I’ll do it myself. Please let me know if you are still there in a month’s time. I’ll have no issue with taking action against you.’

Said the forum administrator.  “We have reported the matter to police. They say there is nothing they can do.

“So there it ends. Let’s just hope he doesn’t offend over here, but if he does, at least our hands are clean.”

But there is no evidence this man has acted out any child sex fantasies. And the time has not yet come when people can be prosecuted for their thoughts.

It is not, however, not without reason that expats in Phnom Penh are on the alert and want to push for prosecution of abusers.

Earlier this month a convicted British child abuser, who fled a bail hostel in Britain in 2004 after being sentenced to two years nine months for gross indecency with young boys,  was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing six boys in the Cambodian capital.

Paul Bower, 46, from Ilkeston, Derby, had got a job with Cambodian air traffic control, teaching them presumably how to direct aircraft lining up for arriving at Pochentong airport in English.

But off duty Bower, a former special constable, was allegedly lining up and abusing boys whom he had found in the Wat Prasath area of Phnom Penh.

Incredibly he had already been put on trial in Phnom Penh in 2007 and acquitted of child sexual abuse with two under aged boys after they withdrew their evidence.

For all the efforts of CEOP to track down paedophiles in Phnom Penh the British government was severely criticised for not actually doing something like extraditing the ones they must have known about.

After Bower’s arrest this month ECPAT issued a reminder of a statement the organisation had issued in September 2007 when they wrote to the British Home Office warning of the ‘unacceptable risk to children’ that Bower posed.

Their letter stated: ‘It is quite frankly an embarrassment that at a time when the Cambodian authorities are becoming more effective at prosecuting sex offenders that it remains the fault of the British authorities to not have adequate systems in place to protect vulnerable children.’

So Bower has been wandering Cambodia for seven years some of them under CEOPs gaze.

They have claimed that nowhere in the world is safe for child abusers.

But Bower was not caught in the net of ‘Operation Relentless Pursuit’ carried out with the local ngo APLE.

21 thoughts on “Child Sex Fiction Man Cannot Be Punished For His Thoughts

  1. I've often considered Asian women are so popular with western men as their bodies are often very small and child-like with disproportionately large heads, sort of ""legal"" pedophilia.

  2. Like most people I find sexual assualt on Children abhorrent and want the perpetrators pursued to the limit of the law.

    However I find criminalising of thought to actually be more dangerous. We have had a constant ratcheting in the last few decades of authorities trying to criminalise certain types of expression. They use Child abuse as an easy entry point then gradually criminalise dissent until we get to positions where any position that acts contrary to the official,generally Social Democrat, view of society is illegal.

  3. As vile and disgusting this sort of thing is, I don't think anyone would use their real name/email to post on such a website, especially if he was a teacher. Maybe the guy is being stitched up? or was his email address discovered in a way he would not have expected?

  4. Christy S
    Posted on December 03 2011 at 14:18:46

    I've often considered Asian women are so popular with western men as their bodies are often very small and child-like with disproportionately large heads, sort of ""legal"" pedophilia.

    Or Christy, it could be just that the ""farang"" prefers a petite woman, protective instinct , or that just the ""Asian look"" is more appealing! I would prefer to think of the latter rather than pedophilia being involved!!

  5. Christy S should be more comfortable with her large frame and not use the feminine petiteness of an Asian 'girl' to constantly address her own inferiority complex.

  6. Sam I merely remark my observations of the dating ads on various forums and the constant calling of women, girls. I agree, in addition to childish head size it also the child like demeanor too, that attracts males. Easier to feel superior and protective of those unwilling or unable to protect themselves- easy to exploit them, too. It really is the basis of pedophilia.

  7. Christy S you make some good points but it is far more simple that any physical attraction.Sadly in so many cases cold hard economics are the deciding factor in the popularity stakes.Yes Asian Women are attractive but so are many women from other shores worldwide.The Asian women call the tune they set out to attract the western men not the other way round.As Mrs Merton asked a guest on her chat show.What first attracted you to your Millionaire Husband.The child like demeanour is
    often just an act used by those in the nighttime entertainment industry.You would enjoy meeting my Thai lady Christy S no one could be more further from childlike.Can we end this talk of Head size etc.It is reminding me unpleasantly of Nazi Genetic stereo typing.
    Let us concentrate on Andrews good work and not be sidetracked into self interested personal axe grinding.Starting for instance with putting forward the suggestion any one writing child abusing novels finding out the next sentence they complete is a prison sentence.

  8. Jeff,
    Thank you very much for your thoughtful input and I appreciate you have not ridiculed or demeaned me for my opinions.

    But, I have to say I disagree with you. It is western men whom, over the decades increasingly have had western women tell them where to stuff their sexist ways that has men allowing all manner of unfair play on part of Thai women. If men were more… inclined to want partners based on merit, and not just sex appeal and willingness to do the household chores, there would be far less to take advantage of.
    I do not think anyone can argue pedophilia is not rampant, maybe way, way more than anyone dares guess. I see many Thai women built like children and I'm sorry I cannot help but observe child-like physical attributes within sexual partners are considered highly attractive by a whole lotta western men.

    Tiny bodies with oversized heads- no certainly we needn't judge it in some Goebbels manner , it simply is a common Asian female body feature much as small breasts and powdery ear wax are.
    My point is; In the west, this is what children look like, so why is it so attractive to western men? In last weeks Phuket Gazette, in an interview question as to why choose to live in Thailand , an expat replies he,
    ""likes tiny bottoms…""
    You yourself find the women manipulating. Isn't allowing, excusing, finding it OK, (even often charmed into marriage by it? ) isn't it as one would do for a child?

    A personal crusade, perhaps but an effort I've made for over well over 20 years to be considered equal, and in the West, seeing language going in a better direction Ms., no "" girl "" for grown woman,here in Thailand I am absolutely surrounded with shockingly sexist mores and language. I have to resist it and if I can get Mr. Drummond to please, please stop referring to a brave and harassed young woman as a "" girl"" well, I have accomplished something.

  9. Christy S: You will have no problem with my attitude Christy, but possibly my language developed over so many cycles may be difficult to change tho' and no disrespect intended

  10. Thank you Christy S I would not dream of being negative about your comments.In fact I have nothing but admiration for your brave crusade.I think you would be amazed how many men would privately agree with your opinions.But to side with the opposing side in the never ending battle of the sexes publicly would earn them a life time ban from what ever Bar they frequent.One only has to visit any bookstore in Asia to see the large amount of titles devoted to the very subject we are discussing.Some of the attempts to explore the female Asian mind are worrying to say the least.And appear to have been written by Western Men whose only reference point is their occasional dalliance with a Lady of the Night.I certainly would not claim to be an expert in any way shape or form.I find your insights particularly interesting.Western Females being very much in a minority in Asia compared to Western Men.And as you do appear to be wise to the ways of the less well behaved Western Male you will unfortunately find your views unwelcome by some of those more sexist members of our gender.Sadly those with this type of attitude often seem in some areas of Thailand to be very much in the majority and therefore give the minority of us with a different social outlook a bad name.Like the charmer who you quote from The Phuket Gazette.I think anyone who thinks of women in those terms is going to be paying for female company for some time.I think you are in for a long fight and have to celebrate each victory how ever small it maybe.But as Tammy Wynette sang Sometimes its hard to be a woman.Enough said.

  11. You have a wry sense of humour Jeff.I was nodding in agreement until you brought up that Tammy Wynette number

  12. Maybe Ms Wynette's song meant it's just hard to be..a hu-man.

    Thank you again Jeff, a most enjoyable dialogue.

    Marcus Aurelius, er… Falco,
    Great point and sorry I missed it earlier. You're right, a ban on thought is far more detrimental than any prose this man could offer.

    ThoughtCrime comes to pass?

  13. Your expression of sorrow Sam of course refers to the continued sexism endured by so many females worldwide on a daily basis.R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me.

  14. Aretha…I agree, but your friend Chrusty does not do you any favours with her wholesale male pedo accusations.

  15. So Sam, you argue that…. well what is your argument? As usual, only slurs and insults without any coherent excuse(as if one exists) as to why western men, lots of 'em, too- are flocking to SEA for sex with underage women, men and children.
    It is also noteworthy how I almost never read about women doing this.
    So Sam, offer an argument, please without reverting to your Teak Door/Sub Zero name calling persona, if you possibly can, as to why 49% of the population is committing 95% of the pedophile crime? Actually, I would say 95 % of all crime.

  16. Sam and Christy. Please could you take your grudge match elsewhere. Please, please, please.

  17. And Grant jumps in with his usual single line of usual slur. (Hey Grant, post counts don't count here.) That's the real bore, at least I provoke the establishment.
    AD, I see in a more recent article, you're referring to an alleged coerced sex victim as
    ""girl."" Are we to assume she is a young woman or this time an actual child?
    Are you thoroughly indoctrinated into marginalizing women, or can you really rethink usage of the term?
    Or do you even care?

  18. Simple Christy: I guess changing the the way I talk is not going to happen. The girls I know don't mind being called girls. If somebody calls me a boy I will be delighted.
    Its not sexist. If a woman wants me to call her a woman I will.
    Life is too short to deal with accusations of assumed sexism.

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