British Woman 'Raped' In Thai Beach Resort

British woman raped in Thailand – two men held

From Andrew Drummond, Bangkok, Monday November 17

A British tourist claimed last night that she was dragged off the street by two men in front of Thai police and then taken to a hotel where she was raped and then robbed of her belongings.

The woman, aged 25, said the attack happened early Saturday morning in the Thai resort of Pattaya, twenty metres from a police box. The attack happened after she had been separated from friends. The abduction allegedly took place in Pattaya’s Walking Street.

She said she was unable to resist the two men who after raping her then left taking her Natwest bank and credit cards and 60 pounds in cash and a bracelet worth 100 pounds. Nobody came to her help.

The attack was kept secret at her request but last night police in Pattaya charged two men with rape and theft. They were named as Krajon Senkam, 29, and Surasak Kovekasan, 20, who were described as local ‘maeng da’ – a Thai expression , literally translating as cockroaches, describing men who live off the earnings of local prostitutes.

Police Colonel Wanlop Kangtharatit said the men were arrested quickly as they were known in the area.