Wow. It has been a hectic month as I have been doing a little touring with my children before heading back to the U.K. They do not really understand what is happening. We are sort of on an adventure, some of which I guess could make a story by itself.

But the last few days have been really uplifting thanks to the hundreds of people who have written letters in to this site, to other forums, to newspapers, and to other journalists who have published the stories in various newspapers and on news sites, including the Bangkok Post (not traditionally one of my greatest allies) The Sydney Morning Herald (and The Age) The Guardian.

Hazard Warning:Arriving in Thailand
 doing a stand -up on Princess Anne

I have not really admitted it but of course all the anonymous websites set up by people I have exposed, to describe me as a criminal etc, have had to have had some effect.

But in the last few days these people have truly been shouted down and they will be frantically calling in their SEO specialists.

There have been times when I have been close to tears reading some of your comments.

I obviously had a lot more silent support out there than I realized. People who I have helped have written in. The parents of victims of crime have written in, victims of fraud, etc.  Many letters from Thai people I do not know. Thank you all.

There were of course times when I had to ask myself what I was doing. I had even chosen the title for my book ‘Tilting at Windmills’ but I realise that probably was more negative than perhaps it should be, after all I have been doing what I enjoy best.

I made no pretence that I was going to change Thailand or anything in particular. But at least I believe I hope I have shown that it is possible to be a journalist here without simply recycling the obvious rubbish issued on a daily basis by officials and others without question. Er, well it is possible, sort of, kind of, perhaps.

Optimistic headline from Drew Noyes

The Koh Tao Murders also constituted one of the last straws having covered so many murders in Thailand. The lid is on this case now as two young Burmese face trial in some months to come. But there will be revelations to come I have no doubt.

I have actually had tremendous support within the system here so to speak, but the system like the courts is somewhat dysfunctional. Some of the things I left behind will not kick in for some time, if indeed they do.

Great trials are ahead of me in my personal life.  We left with what we could carry discarding non-essential items on the way. The flippers and snorkel and blow up lion we left at the last stop. Children’s homes are getting my kids toys except a few items from ‘Frozen’ – because I have told the Annie and Matthew we are going to the land of ‘Frozen’ and my brother pretty much confirmed that last night!

For the time being I am not nagging them about the time they spend on their Ipads.

I will be exchanging a nice house on a lake, with two salas, and a big lawn, for whatever I can get. That will be a very small terraced house probably in not so smart an area quite some distance from London.

This is not quite what one of my detractors Drew Noyes, who has been exposed repeatedly, claimed he would force me to do, but then again it’s not far off it either. But we will be together and secure and hopefully warm. Let’s hope the Thai courts actually enact his two year jail sentence for extortion.

But of course I was leaving Thailand anyway for my children’s education. Safety issues made me go sooner rather than later.

Hazard Warning 2:Leaving Thailand

Readers have been generous in supporting me as I ploughed through one ridiculous case after another in the Thai courts. Ally Cooper and Kanokrat Nimsamooth Booth who have been at my side, and personally suffered as a result should be canonised. Drew Noyes has been writing to Ally’s employers saying he is a child molester!

That old paypal button is still there and I even still have a Thai bank account if anybody wishes to help. Every penny would be appreciated. 

Thank you all so very much.

Oh and to the chap who described me as a sub-editor’s nightmare. Thank you. It’s a rare honour. Rows between reporters and subs are legendary. Sometimes some of us old hacks forget we do not have subs any more. I speed read.  I must stop it. I must. I must.

And finally – forget all this emotional stuff now. This site will be back with many more revelations. To those who have asked me to make enquiries. They will be made.


  1. "Ally Cooper and Kanokrat Nimsamooth Booth who have been at my side, and personally suffered as a result should be canonised. "

    For the work you have done I think it's Andrew Drummond that should be first in line for that honour.

    All the very best, AD

  2. I rather think it will take more than an army of SEO dross, a group of feckless, deadbeat farang here in Bangkok occupying a niche somewhere between the drunken unqualified Tefler and a boiler room cold caller, to confer anything other disdain upon that creep Noyes.
    Onward and upward, Drummond! Moving in January was a smart move, it can only get better and rediscovering the joys of an English spring whilst quaffing ale in the Cheshire Cheese and talking bollocks with your old chums is all there in front of you. Enjoy!

  3. Andrew, I will never forget your tremendous support after I made Thailand "look bad" with BTITT. With that scarily bonkers backlash the rose tinted spectacles really fell off and relocating to the UK was the best move I've ever made. Certainly for my wife and son too. You will discover the same after a period of readjustment, so onwards and upwards! Looking forward to seeing you for a beer soon. Good luck! Gavin.

    1. "..And finally – forget all this emotional stuff now…"

      Message acknowledged Andrew, then we read Annie Hansen's letter, exposing your true colors again, then some of us are transported by osmosis for a brief moment, to walk a 100 meters in Annie Hansen's shoes, or all the other hundreds of parents who lost a child in Thailand ( I know a few).

      Others will blow your horn out of respect, so expect a little noise..unwanted as it is for the humble..



  4. I heard you'd been called back home by Her Majesty the Queen, David Cameron and the Governor of the Bank of England to personally get the economy back on its feet, restore full employment and resurrect Princess Diana.

  5. Appreciate all your efforts in getting the truth out there.
    I sincerely hope you will carry on in the same style from a new base in the UK.
    From Chiangmai, I wish you well and hope you bring down more bad guys.
    Be fearless.
    Phil Williams.

  6. Good luck Andrew and stay safe.

    I know I have oftentimes pulled you up over your spelling and whatnot. That said, I'll miss your occasionally garbled yet funny English copy! 🙂 🙂

    All the very best!

    Tom Tuohy

  7. This in from Annie Hansen

    Andrew – would you be so kind as to add this below to your last article pls ? I dont have Facebook sorry

    Dear Andrew,
    As the parent of a victim of crime in Samui, Thailand I would like to publicly pass on my sincerest thanks for all your unwavering support and assistance in investigating the truth. Even though this isnt goodbye and we will continue to work on Jacks case I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your unwavering search for the truth, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your advice and contacts has assisted us in many areas that we desperately needed help in. Each person you passed us to had nothing but wonderful things to say about you and thus as a family we were always in good hands.
    Prior to this experience we sadly felt that Thailand was a safe and law abiding country for those who were also law abiding. We were extremely lost when caught in the maelstrom of corruption and pay offs and disregard to truth and evidence. You were one that helped us navigate and understand the underbelly of Thailand that we unwittingly found ourselves caught up in.
    Thanks so much for everything. Well done and see you soon !

    1. Annie, perhaps you would be able to explain this to the 2 families of Hannah and David. They have put out a statement each commenting on how they feel evidence is compelling in this case. Despite the fact a letter dated the 19th December reveals actually the UK police did NO Investigations into the case. They have been misinformed. However the people around them, police, clergy and MP's will not assist in the dispelling the myth that we verified and investigated the case. Perhaps to save their own face. I have been trying to raise awareness and get responses here but the door is slammed firmly in my face. Whilst some of us can only imagine the extreme grief they are suffering no one seems to think about the 2 Burmese families or the 2 very possibly innocent lads sat on a concrete floor in Samui waiting to die. Clutching at straws here, what do you think?.

  8. Of course I wish you well AD for your future (back) in the UK. I am disheartened to think that DN will see your move as a "win" for them, and frankly, I can't see any jail time coming anytime soon, as we can all see how easy it is to "buy" judicial outcomes in Thailand. However, you certainly gave it a good whack, and I can understand your concerns about security probably more for your family than yourself. I will continue to follow your site with interest. All the Best.

  9. Great work Andrew and a huge thankyou for removing a serial pest from the Pattaya scene. He may be still here but we are no longer subjected to the terrible noise. I am amazed that he hasn,t left yet. He is friendless here but we know he didn't come to Thailand to make friends. The 'bar scene' was the lure.
    So , with Andrew now out of the country, can we now use more names? Like naming the fake American lawyer who lured young Filipinas to work in his fake Pattaya law firm, then locked them in a room ,raped them, told them he was best friends with the police and mafia and then refused to pay their salaries. Or the guy who bashed his wife, pulled a gun on her and then terrorised the young children at the school she worked. Or the guy who loved a black and coke before raping children with his best friend who is also a convicted peodo.
    Or the guy who conned an old school friend out of his life savings, telling his friend that they were going to open a gentle man club, which of course was never going to happen. The same guy who snitched on a former friend and employee which resulted in him being deported and losing his business.
    Can we now name the guy who was caught stealing charity money meant for victims of the tsunami to spend on walking street hookers? The same guy who opened a childrens charity with a view of pocketing the majority of the donations and then be photographed donating whatever was leftover, as well as giving him and his child rapist friend access to the most vulnerable children.
    Please let us know Andrew, this is going to be fun. We have so many more stories on this pervert that we could not reveal publicly previously due to lack of physical evidence.
    Can we now name the guy who filmed sex acts performed by minors in a small windowless window in his beer bar in soi 2 and then streamed them to peodo customers in the States?
    And to stupid Hawaii Bob, Andrew wasn't slinging mud at Drew Noyes because of a personal issue. He did it to expose him and protect others from falling victim. And you know that Bob. You may be deaf, but you are not stupid. You personally know some of his victims so why do you continue to play it down Bob? Andrew was not out conning people and extorting people like your friend Drew was he? You know better than most but you still seem happy to write off his thieving and deceit as 'fluffery'.
    I would like a response Bob, but assume you won't because the question is too difficult. Have a good hard look at yourself Bob. Because we are.
    And now Drew is calling Ally a child molester. Hmmmmmmmm
    Best of luck in the future Andrew, it is a shame you couldn't stay long enough to attend the Drew Noyes Banged Up Abroad Sharing a Filthy Bucket With 30 Other Criminals In A Hot Cell party.

  10. Thank you so much for all you have, and continue to do, to help those without a voice. Thank you for publishing my story; it made a tremendous difference. Most assuredly you have a place in Heaven. It seems a bit odd that you are now away from Thailand–a bit empty and as if I have lost a limb, and experiencing phantom pain. They broke the mold when they made you.

    I wish all the best for you and your family. God bless you and keep all of you safe, warm, and "happy". You will be missed in Thailand.

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