…And meanwhile in the United States Drew Noyes is ranting again

But can he get bar girl ex-wife to look after him?

While judges in Pattaya were being told that his ex-wife Nittaya was flying to the United States to look after children by her and Wanrapa Boonsu Noyes was busy telling people that he was being acquitted of extortion.

This is presumably for the benefit of his audience in the United States where he has busy telling people of his friendship with the Thai Royal family and military government.

‘Life is good’ he says after driving three of his children to school today. His face tells a different story. And the kids look like they are being driven to a military academy – unless he prefers they dress in camouflage.

Wanrapa was of course not getting a court date so he could return to hear of his acquittal. She had to face the judge alone who told her that a warrant of arrest would be issued if he did not return forthwith.

Noyes talks about a ‘major case’ – not that he was charged with extortion which involved demands of US196,000 to a business to be allowed operate in the seamy sex resort of Pattaya, Thailand.

Perhaps he is praying that Nittaya will be allowed a visa to fly over an act as his maid putting the traditional good old Mexican American out of work. I was certainly praying for my Karen nurse to get one.

He has not been able to do the visa through his old chum Brian Wright boss of US Immigration Law in Bangkok – also known as My Thai Fiancee.  This is because Brian has been convicted of child abuse.

Of course if he had been so sure of his acquittal he would have gone back to Thailand which is where  callers are told where he is.

Could he be dreaming of the ‘Bat Cave?’

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  1. What if, as expected, the verdict is upheld… Any chance of an extradition warrant and a knock on his door from the US marshals…

  2. Condensation in the car and all bundled up.The kids wont like the cold and wet there soon.Plus missing of lifestyle,food and friends in Thailand.Drew is like Thaksin…exiled. Trying to do the dad bit without his Thai lifestyle is going to be an ordeal soon. After the novelty wears off,and you can see from their faces it has,they will all want to go home.

    1. Jerrold. I pixelate pictures and delete names. I also monitor posts. The problem is that he continually uses his children and projects the image of an excellent family man and even uses the children in court cases (and even to promote his crooked business) claiming they are affected not by his wrong doing but what is being written about him. However a reminder to all posters is probably due.

  3. Noyes might have fled the incarceration in a cage, but he's busy now creating a prison and punishment for himself and his family that will last a lifetime.

    He posts on his fb that he is getting a court date to have his conviction for extortion over turned,. while a tacit acceptance that he has been convicted, it is also a lie. He should have been at the court this week finding out about his appeal. As Andrew points out the next court date for Drew is next month when a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

    He posts 'life is good', well yes it is if you are not a convict on the lam.

    He posts he will 'soon return to Thailand', well if he is planning to come back then he needs to get in and out before the arrest warrant is issued – and since he's already skipped bail there is no guarantee that he would not be arrested anyway. Its not like the police at the airport don't know him.

    'Life Good?" – Imagine for a moment, you have a teenage daughter who runs off to Bangkok, you are in another country and you can't return to Thailand to find her because you are skipped bail, are a convict and an arrest warrant is hot on your heels.

    That doesn't fit a description of the good life to me.

    Imagine now the gap between reality and the fiction being posted on fb – it might not matter if your children never got to read it. But of course they will read it and they will draw their own conclusions.

    Meanwhile family values, and which children get to go on the lam with daddy, which children get dumped in Thailand?

    Its the kids I feel sorry for.

    There's a great deal of pleasure to be gained from reading about the conviction of this crook, but honestly while I detest him and his ilk, the thought of a teenage girl alone in Bangkok without a father she can turn to, its enough to make a total stranger loose sleep over her plight.

    What on earth was Noyse thinking?

    If he'd gone to prison like Brian Goudie, he might at least, like Brian Goudie, have applied for bail and release to take care of his children.

    The man is an utter disgrace.

    1. Sure, I'm with you. There is a trail of destruction and the innocents don't deserve this. If it were me, I would have stuck with the scale the beer bar business (ideally something more wholesome), kept my nose clean, and lived a simple existence.

  4. His kids are definitely the victims of the selfish fool's actions. From the screenshot it's clear Noyes has created facebook accounts for his kids. This is strictly a no no on Facebook where the minimum age to have an account is 13.

    It's clear the kids aren't even seat belted up which is the first thing you do when you put your kids in the car, selfie or no selfie.

    Facebook accounts are for what children call "old people". No one under 25 has one as they are so uncool. Take Goudie's girlfriends as an example, Goudie has to manage and post his photos to his girlfriends accounts as they have no interest in facebook themselves, it's snapchat and instagram for them.

  5. Drew must be bitter that he's the "Poster Boy" for scammer farang in Pattaya. But they're a dime a dozen..

    And there's hundreds more flying under the radar. Because Thailand is the perfect place for them, for a veritable plethora of reasons..

    Foreigner on foreigner crimes in the LOS are at the very bottom rung of priorities for Thai authorities, and for folks like Drew Noyes – it's almost a perfect storm, so he ran with it, and still does.

    That he uses his children in the pictures is just another ruse. He does cover his bases, wouldn't you say? He was smart enough to have a bolt hole, unlike others who stay the course.

    Drew Noyes is a reasonably intelligent borderline white collar criminal – ask yourself – is he suffering?

    Ask most Thais if they would like to have a free ticket to the US of A. The answer would be a resounding yes sirree!

    I'd say that Noyes is winning at the moment – in his mind anyways. After all, he gets to raise Drew Jr. in a real gun environment.

    IMHO that's not winning though…

    1. Interesting theory. That would depend on how much of a nest egg he put away in the United States and how safe that nest egg is. He;s also sexually obsessed and will be craving for Pattaya I rather think. I certainly would not put him as a borderline criminal. He passed the border hundreds of miles ago – before arriving in Thailand. Surprised you of all people think fraud is borderline.

    2. My bad there. It should have read.."Drew Noyes is a reasonably intelligent borderline PSYCHOPATHIC white collar criminal..

      What a difference a word makes..also should have taken BORDERLINE out. After being scammed to the teeth twice by folks of his very ilk – I don't plan to change horses in the middle of the stream..

    3. I guess he is as happy as a bug in a rug. Tennessee is bible belt and Jefferson City is red neck heaven. In fact Freshman Rep. Jerry Sexton this year proposed that the Bible be put on the state flag. With his experience as advisor to the Mayor of Pattaya I am sure he will be soon suggestingf to the Mayor of Jefferson City that it is twined with Pattaya. Perhaps he will come back with the missionaries.

    4. As an aside, if you check out Noyes' One Stop Service in Pattaya – you'll see he has about a million pages of references and other sundry gimmicks on the site. That should tell you something. Honest companies don't need to sugar-coat their product – to that over-the-top degree. Duh….

      What say you about that – Drew Noyes SENIOR?

  6. The Bangkok post ran an article yesterday regarding the authorities stepping up LM convictions. It quite clearly stated the target was against people profiting from using the Royal name.
    And I immediately thought of dear old Drewpy…..
    There can not be a clearer example of LM committed repeatedly by this roach.

    1. OMFG Not this rotted to the bones red herring again. Noyes made claims he came to Thailand because of " a Royal Proclamation asking foreign financial experts to stay and work in the kingdom…. " What part of that exactly is lese majeste? Sure, he's elaborating his credentials, but that's hardly a crime. And no, not defending him but let's just stick to the truth, it's bad enough.

  7. Drew is probably down at the local trailer park enchanting Billy Bob and the local meth heads with stories of his long service to humanity in Pattaya.. He'll probably re-invent himself as a bible thumping preacher. One stop bible services…………..

    1. I deleted my last post above, not because I thought anything wrong with the post (A reminder to Drew Noyse of the Reality he is desperate to avoid), but because when reading my post it is very clear that the people who are going to really suffer for Drew Noyse's crimes are his children.

      Even as their lives fall apart, Drew Noyse boasts of 'family values' and his credentials as a father.

      I feel awfully sorry for his children and the mess their father has thrown them into.

      What an utterly disgraceful man he is.

  8. Does anyone know how he can afford to fly all the clan to USA and afford to live here? I have 3 kids in public school and there is lots of expenses , Is he living off relatives or has he scammed that much money to finance his lifestyle ?

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