A Flying Sporran Sex Survey


Is taking a Thai woman out to dinner essentially a request for sex and is that the expected conclusion? I put this question to a young Thai woman today and I am think I am right when she answered ‘Yes’.

Now I am fairly sure that in many cases when a man takes a Thai woman, or any woman out for dinner, he often has sex on his mind, even it does just in the end comes down to a goodnight kiss.

But I have never considered or expected that full sex was part of the equation. Or if it was, one had struck, er, lucky.

I thought the courting process was a little longer – certainly was when I grew up – although I think there were a few first night stands along the way.

Of course I have had many dinners with Thai ladies that have had nothing to do with sex and its usually because the woman is working in areas I am interested in.

These dinners continue after I am married but the women concerned do ask me if its okay with the wife.

But I am not going to try, not least of all because many of them are ardent feminists.

But there have been a few crackers I have had dinner with. 

Should I have suggested it? Have I missed out? Should I now ring them up and apologise?

As the Minister of Sports and Tourism Chumpol Silpa-aracha is pushing the line that the Dutch girl in Phuket was probably not raped because she had dinner with the tourist guide in question then should the new campaign not go along the lines of:

Amazing Thailand Miracle Year! – Buy our guide drinks and dinner at the following destinations  – AND SHE’S YOURS?

Please ask your wives and girlfriends the answer to this question and let me know. It’s tearing me apart. I’ve been here over 20 years.

10 thoughts on “A Flying Sporran Sex Survey

  1. This is the reason that a Respectable Thai Woman always takes a girlfriend or chaperone with her, when she goes out with a man. If she goes on her own she knows that a Thai man would expect to have sex later.

    1. These cultural nuances should be published in every Thai tour book, by Thai Tourism Authority and the Royal Thai visa application information online in upper case RED LETTERS. And especially by every embassy's online information about Thailand. This is a land of sexual preditors, especially, where foreign women are concerend

    2. These sexual cultural nuances should be published in every Thai tour book, on the Royal Thai webpage visa application and every embassay's online information about Thailand in UPPER CASE RED LETTERS. Thailand is a land of sexual preditors especially where foreign women are concerned. Just read the Minister of Sports and Tourism's statement. If you go out to dinner with a Thai man you can't be raped.

  2. Well, according to my Thai wife anyone who says that consensual sex is implicit in a dinner date made in Thailand is stupid. Her actual words were " if he say that then he talking bollocks. He think that OK about his daughter?"
    Essentially, cultural nuances aside, an idiot anywhere in the world is pretty much an idiot no matter how you choose to cut it. Asking Thai for comment in the context of this case is unlikely to obtain a sensible response not least because their tendency for groupthink when nationalism is involved automatically invokes stupidity.

  3. A request , yes, an affirmative response to sex , no. Beside, who said she had dinner with him. Seems that was made up by the tourism weenie, Chumpol Silpa-aracha.

  4. To avoid any confusion I have always insisted on going Dutch! This applies when I have dined with any nationality on my own.
    I would make an exception if I was being dined by a well known reporter but would insist on paying my own taxi fare home lol.

  5. The young Thai lady spoke truly but it wasn't the Truth (as I understand it, at least). She may have omitted an important detail.

    Yes, if you take a Thai girl out to dinner sex is usually assumed (assuming you're not a moron, which I am; I can construct inventive ways to face plant that I simply have to laugh at…or I'd cry). But what the young lady seems to have omitted is that, at least for the sort of girls that will say Yes to dinner without a chaperone, there is usually an expectation after sex for some wealth redistribution. Taxi fare, I imagine. Or a plane ticket to a few MRT stops away.

    Initially, I found this confronting ("I've never paid for sex", blah blah; except for every time I paid in ways that should have made me wonder why I wasn't). Thai girls are a little more free & sane than their Christian counterparts (Purity balls? Society debutantes? So creepy); but of course we should tolerate traditional Islamic misogyny. Heaven forbid, we wouldn't want the Religion of Peace to start murdering innocents and rioting by speaking out against their inhumane exploitation (of themselves).

    Thailand is far from perfect but Thais are irrefutably more sane than any exploited nation I've been to (and I've been almost everywhere). This is a world of Self-defeating morons who are obsessed with taking 'advantage' of Humanity.

    I wouldn't be much of a b/f now and I'd be a terribly lousy husband. But I think I make a pretty decent gik.

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