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Just as the protesters are doing today I am taking a break
for the King’s Birthday which of course is also Father’s Day in Thailand. 

is the time when the kids prostrate themselves in front of you, tell you they
will love you forever and thank you for your words of wisdom over the last year – which
in my case has been usually ‘Get off my IPhone’.
These are moments to be cherished because they certainly won’t
be doing that as teenagers in Britain.
On the way back from school we went to a ‘Bouncy Castle’ but
the kids called me off after half an hour and now we are home and I am doing
their homework.
We are now waiting to see what will happen after the King’s
Birthday Celebrations and which course the country will take.  But here on this site:

How a supposedly carefully orchestrated crackdown on boiler rooms in Bangkok totally fouled up – thanks to the people charged with financial enforcement.


Just how many ways can you get skimmed – and will Thai banks pay if you are?


Just how global is the war on child sexual abusers and are short cuts taken by agencies trumpeting their success.
We will also taking another look at international Scottish conman
and fake lawyer Brian Goudie, who claims he is now issuing writs against this
site from Surin, Udon Thani, Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Koh Samui – with further
cases expected in Phuket and Nakhon Si Thammarat.
And we will explain why former Prisoner E0000274 is so upset about the photo-shopped picture on the left and look at his dodgy companies.




  1. The Weapon

    Just who is Goldie trying to bluff on his ludicrous blog? He is using text the book tools of the psycho/sociopath in a trying to isolate and gain power over his perceived enemies. He uses terms like 'we' and 'lawyers' as if he has a team of highly paid lawyers working like beavers on identifying and prosecuting people who post anything about him online. We all know this is crap Brian!

    What a first class hypocrite complaining about people misrepresenting him when he himself has concocted a resume with more fiction in it than a Harry Potter novel. He was the one who claimed to be a lawyer and marine when fleecing people. Now he shamelessly tries to play the victim and claims he has been 'liabled'' and 'vilified' when all people have done is reveal the truth of his own actions. Pathetic isn't a strong enough word to describe this guy. His brain obviously hasn't developed the part where there is a conscious or the ability to learn from past behaviour.

    It's a pity they haven't got a 3 strikes and your out policy for people like this. People who float from one country to the next leaving a trail of scams and victims in their wake. Goldie is a 3 time loser already, he left Scotland after thieving from his employer. Fled to Australia where he again stole from his employer, then tried every devious trick in the book to be allowed to stay. Now in Thailand he continues his deviant behaviour under the illusion he is now some sort of legal mastermind.

    To make things worse, he now has a blog where he continually carps, whines and then threatens the people who are sick of him and don't want to see anymore people fall victim to his treachery. He is abusing the Thai legal system with his vexatious and frivolous claims and has been joined by two other malcontent's in these puerile games. Well it's too late, the internet will forever record this reprobates deeds. We can only speculate what happened in his early life to create such a deviant personality.

    Why wouldn't you make photos ridiculing this guy? He does a great job of ridiculing himself anyway. If I was him I'd be looking over my shoulder and sleeping with one eye open. Some people have long memories when it comes to losing their hard earned money.

  2. Tim

    Given the clearly Vexatious nature of these multiple lawsuits and Goldie's criminal history, I wonder if some sort of appeal directly to the Thai ministry of justice might be in order. It's a clear abuse of the legal system. They have bigger fish to fry at the moment but it's worth a letter or appeal of some sorts.

  3. The Weapon

    The law is quite clear about defamation. Section 329 of the defamation laws state Andrew's defence quite clearly.

    Section 329 Whoever, in good faith, expresses any opinion or statement:

    By way of self justification or defence, or for the protection of a legitimate interest; (i,e the public's)

    In the status of being an official in the exercise of his functions; (a journalist)

    By way of fair comment on any person or thing subjected to public criticism; or

    By way of fair report of the open proceeding of any Court or meeting,

    SHALL NOT BE GUILTY of defamation.

    Andrew's reports and even the attacks on these people are based on recorded facts, government documents, court documents, newspaper reports and these people's ongoing behaviour. He is reporting in the public's best interests. Just what reputation are these people claiming he has damaged? Their reputations as conmen, frauds, liars and brothel owners? Nobody has been defamed, they deserve their ridicule.

    Goldie has clearly broken the following laws a number of times.

    Section 341 on the Thai criminal code states.

    Whoever, dishonestly deceives a person with the assertion of a falsehood or the concealment of the facts which should be revealed, and, by such deception, obtains a property from the person so deceived or a third person, or causes the person so deceived or a third person to execute, revoke or destroy a document of right, is said to commit the offence of cheating and fraud, and shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding three years or fined not exceeding six thousand Baht, or both.

    Section 342 If the offence of cheating and fraud be committed:

    By the offender showing himself to be another person; or
    By taking advantage of the lack of intelligence of the deceived person who is a child, or by taking advantage of weakness of mind of the deceived person. (like how he obtained the Jaggy Thistle)

    Hanks should be charged under the following sections for lying to the court and claiming he wasn't the David Hanks who owned a brothel. His testimony in the Noyes extortion case should also be carefully monitored.


    Section 177 Whoever, giving a false evidence to the Court in the judicial proceedings, if such false evidence is an essential matter in the case, shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding five years or fined not exceeding ten thousand Baht, or both.

    Section 180

    Whoever, adducing or producing false evidence in any judicial proceedings, if it is evidence in an essential matter of the case, shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding three years or fined not exceeding six thousand Baht, or both.

    Then we have his alleged loan sharking, How could you defame this guy? A brothel owner turned loan shark (alleged). I guess he thinks we should call him 'respectable businessman and community worker.' I think parasite is more fitting. Let him sue me if he is upset by that.

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