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Dramatic events apparently unfolded at Pattaya Court, Saturday. Here follows an exclusive report from our man on the spot – and in the witness box – the legendary Pattaya journalist ‘My Press Card Is Real’ Niels Colov


“Dear All,  I just came back from the Pattaya Court and met Andrew Drummond in person (I think) for the first time, and had a 15 min. conversation with him, during that time he lied to me twice.

First he mislead all of you when he posted here on this (his) website (he now claim that it is not his website but someone elses???)

When he told you that the court case to close his website in Thailand was dismissed before, and now filed for the second time, that was NOT TRUE, as the judge also confirmed to me, that it indeed was the same case, and only had been postponed until today, after my (part) testimony (I will testify more at next court meeting), the case was again postponed until 2. June 2012.

The second time Andrew Drummond told me a lie was, claiming that my Press Card issued by the Thai Authorities, was a fake, he said that in front of 4 people, who now can witness this when I present this grave allegation by Andrew Drummond, against the Thai authorities who have issued the Press Card, to the court in a seperate criminal case against him.

The “defence team” of Andrew Drummond acted totally out of control today, a translater who said he also was a lawyer, totally lost his temper when I wanted my Press Card back from him, he verbally abused me in front of the judge, and was subsequently ordered to leave the court room after he had given the judge his full apology, the lawyer of Andrew Drumond was jumping around in the court room and at one time crawling around on the floor in the corner of the room, very strange behaviour.

Outside the court room was a foreigner who told me that he was a free-lance photographer for Andrew Drummond, but later insisted (after all the chaos with the AD “defence team”) that he was not at all working for Andrew Drummond.  Indeed a very “entertaining” day in the Pattaya Court. (More to follow)

This is Niels Colov reporting for Pattaya People Media – where news runs all down your leg.

(Was that alright ed?)

Editor: Niels. We were awaiting more copy but I’m afraid you missed the deadline. Please note spelling of ‘Drumond’ ‘separate’ ‘translater’, elses. Incidentally that is three lies you claim, not two. But  a real lie might be for instance a person close to your heart saying: ‘I don’t lie’.

To the person who asked. Yes this IS a real account by Niels Colov. The only spoof part is the last sentence is in italics ‘Pattaya People Media where comes running down your leg” etc.. I guess some people found it unbelievable.

Andrew Drummond writes: I am afraid I could not provide an account of the proceedings as the judge imposed a bar on reporting. However I can confirm everything is on course, Noyes has now withdrawn his demand for blocking of this site and is now instead asking for stories to be removed. I am totally unaware of saying this site is not mine. Isn’t that my name at the top?

I have met Neils Colov many times. But he cannot remember. That’s okay. By the time all these proceedings have finished we’ll both have Alzheimers.

I do like Colov’s take on my ‘good guy, bad guy’ lawyers. I missed my lawyer crawling around in a corner of the room though. I can confirm there was a heated monologue from my lawyer. The lawyer wanted to present who actually Drew Noyes was and was brandishing judgments and cases filed against him in the US. But the judge barred questions not directly relating to their accusations. Judge seemed nice and fair though.

As far as I could tell the judge was not one of those dining with Drew Noyes, whose picture he used in the Pattaya Times, or the judge with whom, he says in the Pattaya Times, he is writing a book to discredit Andrew Drummond’s libels.

I can report that in negotiations outside the court Noyes quoted a list of witnesses he was bringing against me. They included Elena Wilson-Singer, Barry Wilson-Singer and Greg George.

Actually these are among  my witnesses and will be appearing for Noyes when hell freezes over I (more than) guess. (which is the same time as the journalist who allegedly said he was not working for me can expect to be paid). These witnesses claimed they were ripped off by Mr. Noyes and probably would not miss the libel case for the world!

Outside the court I told Drew Noyes I had no intention of removing any stories as they were there as a warning to the public.

“Who is going to save Pattaya from Drew Noyes?” I asked. “Who is going to save Pattaya from Andrew Drummond?” he flushed.

I was at the court with a colleague journalist Andy (the one who is not being paid)  to whom I had passed on a Nat-Geo film contract. Noyes has asked him: ‘Who have you been recently working for’.  He replied: “Nat Geo.”  “Oh very reputable but you work for him?”, said Noyes pointing to me with a sneer. “Why is Drummond hiding?” he asked. “Nobody can find Andrew Drummond!”  (Actually any journalist worth his salt can find me in minutes. There’s even a picture of my house on the net)

Both Noyes and Colov are under the delusion by the way that all posters on this site are Andrew Drummond. They clearly cannot believe people do not love them.

Things got funnier when Noyes pinned an American Chamber of Commerce lapel badge on my lawyer. The lawyer has been a member of AMCHAM for 40 years apparently. He had lost his own badge. Drew Noyes is no longer a member of AMCHAM, as the lawyer knows, but he once even claimed to be on their legal committee.

I did have a couple of minutes with Colov (not 15 as he claims. I got bored after two) I did ask him if he did not lie, was the judgment from the Danish Supreme Court in his case against the Jyllands Posten all lies? “No,” he said. “Its more complicated than that.”

As for his PRD Press Card. It was of the book type issued about 7 years ago by the PRD to foreign journalists with a renewal stamp issued every year. They have long since replaced it with a laminated one. This card has to be surrendered and replaced  every year and the journalist has to satisfy the criteria laid down by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that he is an accredited foreign journalist.  But the old PRD card was green. Colov’s was purple. I asked him to show it to me but he refused. I need to check whether PRD have a new category or card for the likes of Colov.

One thing for certain is that neither Colov or the Pattaya Mail have any association or membership with the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand, which he claims weekly in his Pattaya People newspaper.

Lonne Jensen

Danish Supreme Court 2002– Summary of statement of Niels Colov

” Niels Colov explained that he was born in 1948. He lives in Pattaya, Thailand, along with his wife and three children.

He moved to Thailand for approx. 12 years ago. Together with his wife, he runs a company, Dragon Enterprises Co.. Ltd.., Inter alia, publishes a newspaper, local phone, tourist publications and website.

In addition, he has a small income from a personally run company Royal Jelly. He has an annual income of approx. 600,000 baht, equivalent to 120,000 kroner.

He regards himself as a reputable and respected in the community in Pattaya. He and his wife spend a large portion of their time on community activities.

He attends such in a service club, the local chamber of commerce and mediator in a provincial court. In addition, he leads scout and adviser to the country scouting boss and participates in charitable projects.

He is a Buddhist and vegetarian.

It is true that in 1970 he was convicted of violence, duress, receiving stolen goods, vandalism and pimping in Vesterbro porn environment. He was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment to be served.

He has not been questioned by police in connection with suspected drug-related crime. He knows the elusive R, since he has lived in Pattaya. He knows also R’s sister. He has spoken with L in connection with the case. He knows also F.”

Drummond: Hmm, complicated indeed. Yes there is a lot more to this.

For R read Rene Larsen – arrested Pattaya

For L read Lonne Fristrup Jensen, former Pattaya resident arrested Don Muang.

Leon Owild, pole dancing above, another career criminal friend of Colov, who may be ‘F’.  Otherwise no reason. Just a beef cake picture for the
gals women.

NB: For those confused about the light sentence given to Mr. Colov the following may be of use:

The Danish justice system is based on rehabilitation rather than punishment.  Writing in The New Statesman (September 4, 2006) Nick Pearce reported  that Denmark “does all it can to keep people out of jail, and once there, to  prepare them for life back in the community. Its sentences are short, but its  re-offending rates far lower. In Denmark, prison appears to work for the right  reasons.”

In his 2005 book, “Prisons and Prison Systems,” Michael P. Roth writes that  Denmark’s modern penal code can be traced back to 1930, when corporal and  capital punishment were abolished, as well imprisonment at hard labour.”

The average Danish prison sentence is just 6.2 months, with just two percent  of Danish prisoners spending more than two years in jail

Read more at Suite101: Denmark’s Prison System: Danes Prefer to Keep Convicted Criminals out of Jail |


  1. Chris

    The mind boggles at the complete idiocy of these men Andrew, when will the earth open and swallow them up for the good of Thailand in general?

  2. Bill

    Their hypocrisy and belief they can get away with anything is incredible.
    The Thai authorities should crack down on such lowlifes who give all foreigners a bad name here.

  3. Pat Angko

    You did forget to mention Drew had his daughter in court. Presumably he wanted to use her? Or is this part of good parenting to see daddy being cornered, ah well we see next week.

  4. June Barley

    Sad to see Mr Noyes flushing. Isn't about time he and his cohorts were flushed out anyway?
    Colov sees the Press Card thing as a "grave allegation" Gimme a break. Behaving like a little girl, rather than the Big Man he is supposed to be in Pattaya. And, is it more "grave" than all the allegations about Niels which came out from Denmark? And which he frequently turns a deaf ear to when quizzed. Seems like a bit of "sticks and stones" to me. As for trumpeting the fact that he will give evidence again in Part 3 of this farce, well we all need a laugh now and then

  5. June Barley

    Niels, I am shocked that I have been sending posts to a site which you say is not Andrew Drummond's. He lied, you say. If that is true then he has betrayed me and many others, I want restitution. Can you and Mr Noyes help me to sue him? You guys appear to have much experience of the Pattaya Court system that I can't think of anyone better to help me.
    But, who to believe here? Mr Drummond has 2 people accusing him of falsehoods, but I see many instances of you and your friend Mr Noyes being involved in duplicity and falsehoods. Ah, it is hard to choose here, I better think about it

  6. Lee

    I'm thinking Colov is expecting people to believe that in his role as general super-spy, that his imprisonment was as the result of being deep undercover.. Colov either you went to jail or you didn't – How can there be "more to it"? You are making yourself out to look like a complete idiot.

  7. NielsColov

    Terry Posted on May 23rd, 2012 at 13:49:10:
    "Adam wrote … But do you know how old Niels wife (sometimes referred to as ‘not his wife’) was when he first ‘met’ her. We remember Niels. Ask around Adam, it is common knowledge. Love to hear a response from ‘Niels the reformed’ about this one."
    Dear Andrew Drummond, "Terry" or "Adam",
    I would very much like to know what you EXACTLY mean by this posting? Please asnwer.
    Niels Colov

  8. Andrew Drummond

    And I'd like to know what you mean by Andrew Drummond, Terry or Adam. As far as I can see Adam is your supporter. Clearly not Andrew Drummond or Terry. The post you referred to by Terry you have already commented on. If you are asking me I find it immaterial how old your wife was, providing she was of legal age.

  9. westerby

    Problem is, they're not very bright. When stupid people tangle with you they just don't know when to give up. These guys in Pattaya are just jetsam deadbeats who've fetched up in Thailand and re-invented themselves as if that would change the mould in which they were created.
    Deluded, stupid and, above all, deranged to the point that they wouldn't recognise a dose of reality if it bit them in the ass.
    Noyes of course is dead in the water but just will not acknowledge it. Who could blame him? He has nowhere else to go except a trailer park Feckwitzville. Colov is slightly different. He seems to believe he actually is Buddha reincarnated and drifts through the ozone petroleum mist that is the Pattaya air as if he created the town. His dementia is much more profound. Personally, I think the guy wants off the hook and is desperate for the quiet life.
    Maybe he'll square up a bit if given a prod?

  10. Pepe

    Theres something more why Niels— you are assisting Noyes?? Got me beat— normally its easy to say your piece to the point & get it over & done with rather than say the wrong things and fall deeper into a hole, as it looks like now. Better still say nothing—silence kills or does Noyes have an ace?? Also in your case AD hope those of your witnesses like Greg & the singers will assist you in your costs considering the amount of outlay they put up for the condos & lost a lot of $$$$ on a whim?? You are certainly doing those & others that lost out, a big favour, so all you lot who paid Noyes & the other ratbags have a think about whose doing you a favour & at whose expense. Lastly being on any Chamber of Commerce is easy & no big deal—any export company can join as it’s a private org not Thai Govt backed. In fact try to export to places like Germany with a CO [Cert of origin] from the C of C & they, the German Customs will either confiscate your shipment or send it back to Thailand —- it holds no weight as they want a CO [Cert of origin] from the DFT in Thailand— ah! this is harder to get affiliated too & does hold weight in Thailand & every Country [no badges available unfortunately]. The C of C is a private org; doesn’t even check your exports; nor the factories so sweat shops pass / go — they just give you a piece of paper for a cost of course so it’s no big deal being a member of . As for a badge, better to give to your kids to play with.

  11. Kolort

    Niels, maybe you forget with age, your driver with the nice Mercedes will surely remembered the age of you girlfrind/wife when you met remember him..the one you used send to pick her up from her school in BKK every weekend.

  12. Keith Elphick

    This is where it all goes pear shaped for Colov.
    Firstly, he doesn't " grasp" the English language very well, and finds it hard to get his head around some fairly simple statements. Secondly, where on earth did he become "a certified and accredited journalist"???
    Little issues like out of date press cards don't worry our fearless " reporter" Niels, why should it, he has plenty of other official decals all over his vehicle (have a look) complete with a "toy or miniature" police hat on the dashboard. If he is entitled to a journalist press card, then I deserve a 747 pilots license. How much are they these days?

  13. bangkok1

    Neils C im still waiting for your answer that i asked for last week?
    Why was'nt the arrest of DN for the 7 million demand not published in your paper? Please i await your response ITS A EASY QUESTION? i see them both on pattaya 1 news
    Who cares about your wife and how old she was or is now , THIS IS ABOUT FACTS ,people need the truth.
    Your quick to publish every crime ARTICLE even even rounding up ladyboys on beach road (sic) lately fined 100 baht who hoo!!! is that what sells your paper?
    So why neils this has never been in your paper or website?

  14. Andrew Drummond

    Kolort – While you may be Danish and have some better insight to Mr.Colov please be careful where you are going with this or be prepared to back up any claims. Thank you.

  15. Andrew Drummond

    Westerby I agree with you. Neils had a window of opportunity which he never seized. Now he has brought the biggest shovel anybody can buy to dig a hole.I think we must assume, as Noyes has claimed, that they have a lot in common and cannot or will not look beyond Pattaya court. If in the worst case scenario the Pattaya Court were to order me to remove stories without proof they were libelous or allowing me to contest Noyes' claims then the matter will go straight to appeal.

  16. Andrew Drummond

    Well Pat Angko. Even if Noyes wants to I do not think it appropriate to being his children into this. I have received a letter from a son in America, not by the woman he divorced, who has thanked me for not bringing up his name.

  17. Keith Elphick

    Wow! Temperatures are starting to run hot here.
    We have to be very careful that the " red herring" issues don't cloud the main ones. The matter of Colovs "partner" has no legs in these current issues, and should be left well alone. They have had children together, they have known each other for 20 something years and it should be left out of this. Drew Noyes on the other hand is playing to the sympathy vote of the Thai Authorities by bringing his family into it, supposedly to give himself some " cred" as a locally established expat with Thai family connections. Again….a red herring.
    The real issues are that they are both "dogged" by scandal and allegations of impropriety and financial manipulation, either in their business activities or through their media for their own personal gain at the expense and suffering of hapless foreign individuals who believe all the "law firm" and "advice services" offered and advertised in their respective publications, not to mention the completely financially unaudited and unaccountable "Expats Clubs". Where do you think all those "joining membership fees" over all these years have gone, and believe me, it's a lot of money. Not one profit and loss statement provided to members. Ever!
    That one seems to have gone to the keeper for some reason.
    Keep the blow torch on em' AD, and if these idiots believe that you are posting here on your own site under some sort of pseudonym arrangement, then they are both even stupider than the known facts indicate, especially Drew Noyes.
    Where once it was competition, it is now collusion between them, as they can both see that if one goes down, they probably both will, and for no other reason than they are both not "good" guys and they've hurt many, over a long period of time…..despite their "new found" dedication to the betterment of local society.
    Drew Noyes and Niels Colov should be very aware that a LOT of people are looking at this blog even though they may not contribute to it, and the exposé of their past and present activities make for very interesting National AND International reading about them, especially by potential "investors" and retirees, to whom I have alerted many in Australia and the U.K.
    Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

  18. NielsColov

    In response to this posting: "Kolort
    Posted on May 28th, 2012 at 03:41:08 – Niels, maybe you forget with age, your driver with the nice Mercedes will surely remembered the age of you girlfrind/wife when you met remember him..the one you used send to pick her up from her school in BKK every weekend."
    Khun Laddawan inform me that she never attended school in Bangkok, so this posting is utterly another false and defaming posting, allowing these false postings, makes you responsible for defamation Andrew Drummond ! Talking about digging a hole !

  19. NielsColov

    Responding to your posting: "Andrew Drummond
    Posted on May 27th, 2012 at 21:35:09 – And I’d like to know what you mean by Andrew Drummond, Terry or Adam. As far as I can see Adam is your supporter. Clearly not Andrew Drummond or Terry. The post you referred to by Terry you have already commented on. If you are asking me I find it immaterial how old your wife was, providing she was of legal age."
    The posting before that I refer to is clearly stating that Khun Laddawan was under aged at the time I met her, another case of defamation, that you are responsible for as the publisher of this website, obviously Khun Laddawan was not under age when I met her, therefore I would like the person who indicated this to be held responsible according to Thai law, if his idendity can not be "found" by you, well then you are responsible according to Thai law!

  20. khonmask

    Mr. Colov at the 3rd time of asking are you a convicted felon, If so you are not allowed under Thai law to wear the Royal Thai Police Uniform, I can assure you that police complaint's will be made about this and not in Pattaya. I think you should resign with dignity before you are charged with a crime, You have blatantly mislead every senior police officer you have had dealings with.
    You are so full of your own self importance you simply believe you are above the law.

  21. Terry

    To Sir Niels Police Chief 007. Thankyou for response. You say Laddawan was 19 when you FIRST met her. I was led to believe that she was quite a bit younger. I have no reason to doubt that you are telling the truth. As you were not a Danish pimp, you didn't serve any time in jail and you were a spy.
    My source of this information I have to confess was Drew Noyes. He told not only myself, but a group of us approx 6 years ago and repeated it a couple of years later to me and my wife.
    Drew Noyes is a doctor, an elite sky diver, a lawyer and the most credible and honest foreigner to have lived in Thailand. So now I don't know what/who to believe. The lawyer or the policeman. The doctor or the spy. Pattaya People or Pattaya Times. Drew with his Royal bravery awards and 14 yaers of service or the Buddhist vegetarian.
    I suggest you take the matter up with Drew. Perhaps you could put on your black police uniform, pull out the handcuffs and arrest him. Have your cameramen there and you can show it on Pattaya TV. Book him, Dano.
    You have warned people about Drew Noyes in your newpaper. You referred to beer bars being sold and people losing out, not because the business was a failure, but because they were being cheated from the start. You referred to Drews case where he attempted to rip off Elena, Greg and Barry for millions. And you detailed his claims of allegedly paying corrupt officials. You invited people who had lost out to him to come forward, You said in you newspaper 'However Pattaya People asks everyone to come forward and tell us about these rotten cheating people. We will help anyone to get justice!'
    But now you are acting as a witness to close down a website that is doing just that. Helping Drew escape justice,not bringing him to justice. A website that has exposed these rotten cheating people as you descibe them, and is slowly but surely bringing justice to victims. And the secret tape reveals you are also working to get Drew of his Extortion case. Is there anything more you could do for him
    This allegation by Andrew of you using a false press card you describe as 'grave'. But both you in the past have pimped out women. Get real. And you have accused each other of xxxxxxxx your wives. (yes, that allegation also came from Drew Noyes. He told me that Al's wife even has the photos to prove it.)
    I would ask Kolort to reveal his source of information. First hand or did Drew tell you?
    Now we hear that DREW NOYES HAS WITHDRAWN REQUESTS TO CLOSE DOWN THIS SITE. HE ONLY BACKED DOWN AS HE WAS CONVINCED FINALLY THAT IT WAS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. This is despite him reporting in the Pattaya Times, which has a print run of 500,000 and millions of readers that Police General Supisarn Pakdeenaruenart, Commander of the Crime Suppression Division had ordered this site to be closed down saying quote (from the Pattaya Times)' close it down and catch the people responsible.’ and '
    ‘We will kick him out of Thailand and he cannot come back,’ declared one investigator of the cyber crimes division when he read only a portion of the statements the blogger had written about the ‘police and mafia controlling newspapers,’ the representation of Pattaya as only a place of decadents and attacks on good people that were obviously just to hurt their businesses and reputations.'
    I am looking forward very much to reading this book that Drew Noyes is writing with Cheif Judge Visit Siribool. Niels ,it seems you are claiming that you went to jail as part of your undercover work as a spy. Now it looks like Drew is once again following in your footsteps and has been arrested 'working undercover' for his book with the judge.
    To Pat Angko, Drew will use anybody to to gain credability, even his own family.
    To Andrew, so are you saying thart Drew has more than one child to more than one woman in the US?

  22. June Barley

    Dear All (as Niels starts his monologue)
    reminds me of someone.
    Andrew, you will remember on the BBC's Hogmanay Specials, the Reverend IM Jolly with the late great Rikki Fulton.
    His "Dear All" makes me think he is talking to his massed supporters, and that he really thinks he is the one who will be found
    to be in the right. He can see nothing wrong in anything he has EVER done. Does that remind you of someone? Someone who flogs dodgy condominums maybe?
    btw. References to whoever picked up a young girl and what age she was are out of order unless proof is available. I would not like this all to be halted because of false accusations.

  23. Andrew Drummond

    Terry: I have no idea. He has reportedly two children in the US. The one in touch with me, a son, says he is not a son by Noyes publicised marriage. Whether he married twice in the States I do not know. But he was not the son of Kimber. Its not a road I am going down.

  24. Andrew Drummond

    Niels Colov. I cannot find the post saying Laddawan was underaged merely that she was very young .Can you let me have the name of the poster?

  25. Lee

    My wife finished "school" at 22, I'm thinking of going to language "school" at 45… You are barking up the wrong tree Colov about defamation.. So how about telling us about your time in jail? How was it so complicated? It cant be more complicated than, "Doing the Crime" then "Doing the time" surely? Or were you a political prisoner? A victim of the 'Facist' Danish regime perhaps? An Instegade freedom fighter? because you leave us with no alternative to think that you are trying to infer that it was some product of your military intelligence fantasy, which of course is hilarious!!

  26. June Barley

    Niels, let me help a little with your English.

    Under age does not mean the same as very young. Someone can be "very young looking" but cannot be "very under age"

    That better now?

  27. Terence

    When the court proceedings can be reported I look forward to finding out whether Bobby Brooks , US Embassy Warden and Democrat Chairman for the Chonburi Region together with US national Brian Wright of USA Immigration Law Thailand were on hand to support Mr Noyes in what I consider to be amongst other things “an attempt to restrict Press Freedom and Free Speech”. Mr Brooks previous actions in this matter, if true, were totally contrary to what is one of the best, of the USA’s core values.

  28. June Barley

    Seems like all these posts about young girls appear to have come from Drew Noyes, and that is according to Terry's post. Also looks like Terry knows Niels and so Niels should be able to check up to see if Drew is telling lies, or maybe Terry is doing the dirty. Must be a MAN thing, I suppose. If I was a detective, which I am not anymore, and definitely not a spy either, then I would wonder what Terry's motives would be for repeating Drew's lies. Or is this all just a multi facetted hallucination I am having? Is there any truth to be found anywhere? Drew and Niels can't help us cos they are strangers to the truth. Their lifestyles over the last 20 odd years have confused them.
    Colov's perpetual defence of not answering questions (I claim the Fifth)is acceptable in a court or police station in the West, but convinces no one on this Forum. But if someone had said something as GRAVE as has been reported, what would the reaction of any decent male be? What would you do if someone inferred that you were behaving as monstrously as has been suggested? Would you still be his friend?
    Or does Drew still have something up his sleeve about NC, something which has been alluded to in these Forums, but not brought out yet. Will these 2 "friends" destroy each other, will Colov survive to continue as before. Appears more and more that Noyes is certainly "dead in the water"

  29. Chris

    To have a Work Permit in Thailand doesn't one have to sign that they have not been convicted of any criminal offences in their own country? Perhaps you could enlighten us Andrew or do those mentioned not hold Work Permits, and if not how do they run newspapers etc?

  30. Sam

    Yes, I am very younger looking, but not very under age…anymore. Personally, I think Neils is an undercover special forces spy, using his numerous hotdog stands for covert surveillance…has anyone looked under those trolley's ? Colov seems to be desperately grasping at straws here and wanting to run off and tell on AD…why not settle it with hand bags at sunset on beach road ?

  31. Andrew Drummond

    Chris: Its nothing to do with work permit, more to do with Immigration Law. I have the clause somewhere but am off to airport and do not have time to look it up.
    Basically any foreigner with a conviction which has merited a jail sentence can immediately be deported. That is how Britain's Serious Organised Crime Agency has managed to deport some 11 Britons over the last year.

  32. khonmask

    Immigration Act In the name of his Mejesty King Bhumibol
    Enacted on the 24Th of February B.E. 2522 The 34Th year of the present reign
    Whereas it is deemed proper to revise the Law on immigration

    Chapter 2
    Entering and Department the Kingdom

    6. Having been imprisoned by the judgment of the Thai Court ; or by a lawful injunction ; or by
    the judgement of the Court of foreign country , except when the penalty is foe petty offense or negligence
    or is provided for as an exception in the Ministerial Regulations.
    7. Having behavior which would indicated possible danger to the public or likelihood of being a
    nuisance or constituting any violence to the peace or safety of the public or to the security of the public or
    to the security of the nation , or being under warrant of arrest by competent officials of foreign
    Chapter 6
    Deportation of the Aliens
    Section 53 : If it is learned at a late date that aliens who came to stay in the Kingdom are among the
    persons excluded from entry because of any circumstance as prescribed in Section 12 (7) or (8)or (10) or
    Section 43 Para.2 or Section 44 or persons convicted under Section 63 or 64 , the Director General will
    submit the matter to the Immigration Commission. If the Immigration Commission decides that the alien's
    permission to stay in the Kingdom should be revoked, the Immigration Commission will submit their
    opinion to the Minister for further consideration in revoking the Permission.

  33. Andrew Drummond

    I am away for a couple of days but just thought I would let you all know. The case I brought against Noyes today in Bangkok was very interesting. The only line his lawyers could come up with in cross examination was could I prove Drew Noyes actually wrote what was printed in the Pattaya Times and on 'How do you know it wasn't someone else?'He also asked isn't it true that you are waiting for cash to sue in the civil court!

  34. June Barley

    The lawyer in Bangkok court obviously hasn't taken Niels Colov's advice as written at 9.20.28 on 28th May. If Noyes didn't write it, then he is still responsible for it being published "under Thai law" Dunno if this counts as "grave" though

  35. Lee

    That's interesting, then you'd better sue the editor.. She'll drop him in it quicker than you can say "equity release".

  36. Tim

    I'm no supporter of Colov but am a little uneasy with all the innuendo around the supposed age of his 'wife' when he met her….if someone has some concrete information then please present it(2nd hand gossip from DN of all people can hardly be relied on)….otherwise I think it's the gossip is unfair to him and also gives him an opportunity to focus on his and ignore other more clear-cut matters…

  37. Keith Elphick

    I agree with Tim, I think the issue about NCs partner is muddying the waters and isn't helping keep clarity about the current matters. It seems to be mere heresay so let's not get into scuttle but stuff, and stick to the facts we know about.

  38. Pepe

    AD is right keep to the point & leave kids & gossip etc out. Just to shed some light on work permits etc the owner of a publication does not have to have a work permit unless he/she is actually working. A foreigner cannot be the Editor yet can be the owner of the news mag and they must register an ISSN number. So being an editor they are responsible for whats published so whoever is conned into being one may find themselves in a sticky situation down the line. With the Pattaya Times blatant wrongful news is liable & those accused can file litigation if justifiable wrong doing is proven. The lawyers are asking " can you prove Noyes said those words…….." I will not say it here??? but one can use a number of courses to substantiate who initiated the words—-its just knowing how to put the puzzle together then fire back.

  39. Lee

    Colov says he earns 600K a year (50K a month) which is the MINIMUM a westerner needs to earn to get a work permit.. However they don't take into consideration free condos in that calculation. I wonder what he pays his staff?? They must surely all be on 600K a year IF they have work permits.

  40. khonmask

    Doing interviews on TV 100% you need a work permit,for sure very few if any of his falang staff have work permits for 2 reasons
    1 for every foreign national you employ you must have and be paying social welfare for at least 4 Thai people, he does not employ or have that many Thai employees whom he pays social welfare for.
    2. you must be paying a salary and providing the government with tax from a salary of at least 50,000 baht there have been several posters on this site, whom have said they were only paid 15,000 baht per month, if and when they got paid.

    Neils Colov just simply thinks he is above the laws of Thailand, well things are coming to a head more and more people are making police complaints, how does a convicted felon
    become the head of the police volunteers, Are the senior police he as mislead are they aware that he is a convicted felon. This is not me saying this this is the supreme court of Denmark

  41. Andrew Drummond

    Actually the Thai gov expect journalists to be poorly paid – even foreign ones. But I believe NC tells foreign employees they do not need w permits if they work for him. Is that not what Keith Elphick said?

  42. Pepe

    I understand the setup of companies but just said if the foreigner is not working he/she does not need a work permit. I own a company yet run it outside of Thailand & I do not have or need a work permit & about to start another company in Thailand —again with no work permit—I have been down that track & no longer worry about it. Sure if he's interviewing, selling etc he must have one just like washing dishes in a bar. With foreign journalists if on contract and not paid in Thailand no work permit is necessary but I know a journalist who lives and writes in Thailand; gets paid from here into an overseas account again no work permit. Social welfare — some companies take it out of the employees salaries but also you don't need 7 in a company setup no more. Many Thai companies refuse to pay social welfare & they get away with it. If employees are not being paid the award rate they can & do complain eg. Thais often complain to the Labour Dept but with foreign nationals they have a problem as sure they probably do not have work permits & can themselves get into hot water–catch22— depending how the Labour Dept is thinking that day but like a lot of things in Thailand it’s how one [the company] goes about it to bypass?? what ones contribution is to Thai society in real terms etc are key & perhaps in Niels case he has an upper hand by knowing the right depts & doing the right things irrespective of what we feel about the situation. As said this is the norm in Thailand and I say it again, its not the West. I know a company & the owner who employed 1200 staff then was hit by a big tax bill —- the owner met with the revenue and after dialogue said if he had to pay he would close shop & all the staff would be made redundant–many of these staff supported their families & the owner didn't need the business anycase– he has plenty. He also donated & funded various events in the City which was noted. The matter was compromised?? But what I am saying here is that even with any dept there are ways that many things can be changed, avoided or compromised. One last item to note: in the West if you get done by the Revenue for instance they take everything including your home—no compromise— in Thailand this is not the case.

  43. SirLance

    I do not agee with Pepe's statement as to how he believes the Thai Revenue Department operates.The revenue Dept. are no 'pushovers' when it comes to collecting what they say they are owed!There are monthly witholding tax payments ( workers taxable salaries based over earnings for 12 months)to be made as well as the end of year EBITD assesment.(Earnings Before Income Tax Deduction= Profit or loss made).If a monthly witholding tax payment is missed the company will be visited and the Manaager or Director wll be held responsible.( at this point the Manager or Director MAY be detained or held in the local cells).The outcome will certainly be a fine plus making the payment regardless of what you try to plead!. IF in the event the companies money has disappeared (Removed, lost, stolen, embezzeled, whatever!)the company will be 'BLACKLISTED' by the Revenue Department, BOI,Thai Commerce Registry and Immigration / Customs. Any foreigner in that company (usually some type of manager)will have their work permit and or visa cancelled.That company by name and persons involved will never trade in Thailaand again.
    So Pepe, the mechanism is quite fast in picking up any possible payment defaulters!
    There's no way a compaany can trade for 1 year then say they are not going to pay! It will all hit the fan as soon as you fail to pay a monthly witholding tax demand. I wouldn't even think of trying!

  44. Pepe

    Yes SirLance you are correct in the withholding tax. I have never missed that
    but never ever been visited either. In my situation I was fined for not filing a certain …….tax that my accountant didn't even know about. I was fined 1.3m baht. I managed to get it down to 1/4?? by a plea bargain 4 months later;using a good lawyer & family members; so I guess it depends whose on your side & how one goes about it. But one thing if I didn't pay, my Company shareholders would also be charged & held liable. In fact I have been fined twice & both times managed the same on 2 different tax issues— with 2 totally different businesses I run [ not in Pattaya by the way]. I relied solely on an accountants knowledge of that business?? But again who you know helps & in my case perhaps lucky–I am married to a Thai whose family work for the govt!!I am going back some 11 + 6 years ago so the rules may have changed SirLance like you say —- but I am not blacklisted nor barred from holding a work permit.

  45. khonmask

    You are totally wrong Thai people do not pay tax if there salary is under 20,000 per month but must pay 5% of the salary in social welfare, as the employer I also have to pay 5% into the social welfare fund so on a salary of 10,000 Baht the social welfare bill is 1,000 baht per employee , It is now a new regulation even if you have private medical insurance as a foreign national you must now also pay social welfare.
    You can only issue 1 workpermit for every 4 Thai nationals whom you are paying social welfare for and they are very strict about this at the labour department.
    Mr Colov as a very hands on approach to his newspaper and will require a work permit and he does not have sufficient Thai people in his employ to cover the work permits of all the falang that work for him . As I pointed out before Mr Colov believes he is above the laws of Thailand but the net is closing.

  46. Lee

    There are many exemptions to these rules that Khun Mask talks about… BOI sponsored companies are exempt, a person married to a Thai does not need 4 Thai employees, A company start up may get away with 2 Thais. This is not the right place to discuss the finer details… But none of this changes the fact that Colov foreign employees CANNOT have work permits when he pays less than the minimum.

  47. Pat Angko

    "as a foreign national you must now also pay social welfare.", except when you are the owner and managing director of that company, thus only if you are an employee.

  48. June Barley

    "A person married to a Thai does not need 4 employees", writes Lee. Well that might get Niels thinking about if he is or isn't married to Laddawan. He denied it a couple of weeks ago, but she is also down as his spouse in other places. He has certainly not won many friends with his "is she-isn't she" status

  49. Tim

    This has got a bit like a seminar on Thai employment law..on a more interesting note, what news of the legal cases happening in bkk/pattaya? Have the cases been adjourned? Was DN remanded on bail again as I think he has been monthly on the extortion charge?

  50. Andrew Drummond

    The site closure turned story rempoval bid court case sits again on Sat. I have not checked on the extortion case – will check when I get back to Thailand

  51. Neil

    “Why is Drummond hiding?” he asked. “Nobody can find Andrew Drummond!” (Actually any journalist worth his salt can find me in minutes).
    I'd be thankful D.N and his so called friends in high places cant find you Andrew!
    Keep up the great reporting and follow ups. This website is a real wake up for foreigners living in Thailand. Do your homework and don't trust anyone but your own instincts when it comes to investing in Thailand. There's a lot more like these 2 cronies (D.N & N.C) praying on unsuspecting foreigners.

  52. Santa Claus

    On may daily tour round town I had observed that Pattaya Times did not are for sale or to pick up fri on any place. On Friendship even the box for his News are moved away. And his WEB site has not been updated for long.
    Mayby he are in jail or run away. Hopefully!

  53. Lee

    There's no point in Noyes having a vanity publication anymore is there? He's the laughing stock of Pattaya. So I don't see why he would bother wasting his time copying and pasting any more.

  54. khonmask

    My fly tells me that he could not afford the 60,000 baht printing bill for his 5,000 print run,
    Anyone hear anything about Drew moving to Rayong, I was told this today

  55. June Barley

    Daft bugger, does he think that this blog cannot be read in Rayong?

  56. ally

    Has Rayong been warned that their property values are about to crash as a band of Pikey’s (thieving Gipsy b******s) are planning to move in?

  57. Andrew Drummond

    Just got back from Bali – just in time for Noyes appearance in the witness box tomorrow. Phew – thought I would not make it.
    Pattaya Court 10.00. Am bringing the kids – but I think I will leave them by the hotel pool with their mum!

  58. June Barley

    I am confused now as to exactly how many court cses that Drew Noyes is involved in. This one, which he started, I believe. The extortion one, which is a criminal case, which he definitely did not want to go to court about. I believe there is either one or two going on in Bangkok. Can anyone please enlighten me?
    His lawyer must be making a few bob

  59. Lloyd

    Personalities and feelings aside the manner in how this whole matter and the proceedings are being handled by all parties shows a distinct lack of common sense, professionalism and respect for the law. Legal action is not something that should be treated as a game as nobody ever truly wins yet here we have several parties currently in the middle of a legal dispute who for their own arrogance, or stupidity, feel they can continue to act like children, call each other names and act with a distinct lack of common sense or decency.

    Andrew you could have taken the moral high ground and simply reported on the matters as they progressed, provided unedited copy of the statements and facts of the matter as presented to the court, where appropriate, without resorting to antagonistic and insulting tactics that will do little more than incite the plaintiff(s).

    As for Niels Colov, its is obvious from Mr Colovs responses, and actions, the he has very little grasp, or understanding, of reality, the truth, or what is required to refute the various claims made on this site. This is obvious yet time and time again Andrew you come back to Mr Colovs comments, or allow others to comment, with the same tit for tat responses, surely you would have learnt by now that this is a waste of time and simply post a statement to the effect of how Mr Colov can clarify the information should he so wish?

  60. Andrew Drummond

    I am in agreement with pretty much most of what you have said Lloyd. Problem is that there are many real victims here and nobody is shouting on their behalf. We retain however the moral high ground. I guess we will continue to 'shout'.

  61. June Barley

    Lloyd. What we are seeing now is frenzy feeding time. Suddenly, due to this forum being available, we are being exposed to all the lies and deceit and shenanigans which have gone on over the years. Seems a little "Freedom of the Press" has suddenly arrived so people are now able to add their comments. This is the exact oppsoite from when Pattaya Media outlets only reported what they wanted the gullible expats to hear. In the reccent past, Andrew was severely criticised by trolls acting as genuine posters, for censoring their posts, so he cannot win, it appears.
    I commend Mr Colov for taking the time to answer, but unfortunately it has backfired on him due to the reasons you note in your post. However, although using the law in Thailand for trivial matters is a well tried and tested method of instilling fear into people who annoy you, it is not a game by any means.

  62. Tim

    Lloyd makes some valid points but the whole problem, and the reason most people visit this site, is that there is a deafening silence from Pattaya's media in relation to the crooks who operate there – hardly unsurprising given the overlap in some cases.. Hats off to AD for taking the trouble and indeed the expense to expose these shady characters for what they are….

  63. Keith Elphick

    Information is Power, and power to the people who make this information available to all, because sadly, there is no "truth in journalism" currently in Pattaya and thanks to this site we are all getting FACTS and a broader understanding about the alleged culprits and their activities. It wasn't so long ago in Pattaya that these stories would be "stiffled" and could never receive oxygen to survive and silence could be "bought" for cash or other incentives including threat.
    I bet if AD started up his own Pattaya based Newspaper, it would be the most highly read publication there, and be a nice little earner, as I know there are legitimate advertisers are gagging for a credible media forum to advertise on, but simply stay away from the existing trash because they don't want to be identified with them.
    (I'll accept 5% of the nett AD……. Just kidding!)

  64. Lloyd

    Andrew I have no doubt that it has touched a nerve having to deal with the likes of messers Noyes, Colov et al however by dropping your gaurd somewhat and allowing their actions to guide your words you have lost the solid footing you once had. Take a step back, provide your readers, solicitors and the judiciary with the information you have and defend yourself through professionalism and there is little doubt who will win.

    June and Tim, I have followed and supported Andrews articles and website for a long while and believe in his professionalism wholeheartedly however one this instance I believe emotions have won over common sense and it has turned into a childish game of words. What people fail to realise is the gravity of the situation, should Mr. Noyes and his associates fail in their claim it leaves the door open for counter claims and possible criminal charges to be laid for all manner of offences.

  65. June Barley

    OK Lloyd, as I am bored waiting for Andrew's latest court update, I will bite. You came into this thread pretty late and something is bugging you. Can you please be a bit more specific?

  66. barry kenyon

    It's certainly true that the Pattaya media are not investigative. Like provincial press in many countries, they are answerable in part to their advertisers. This is why the restaurant reviewers haven't eaten a bad meal in 20 years. AD's now popular website isn't exactly overwhelmed with paid adverts. Is that a caution?
    Claims that Pattaya media have censored the news can be overstated. Several Pattaya internet sites and the fortnightly Pattaya Today published the Drew Noyes arrest, rightly, and I'm absolutely sure they would have done the same if I was arrested on criminal charges. In any case, it's quite impossible to hush up unwelcome news in the days of Facebook, Twitter, AD and Youtube. Don't even try folks – that's for sure!
    I am confident that AD's recent Pattaya work has caused all the local media gurus to think long and hard and to have sleepless nights in some cases. But the jury is still out, and we don't even have one.

  67. Neil

    I take my hat off to you AD for taking the moral high ground and making a stand, using your position and reputation to challenge these parasites in an open uncensored forum. Too long have foreign conmen had open season in Thailand to prey on uninformed, unsuspecting investors, where justice for the deceived can seem unobtainable and dangerous. I praise Andrew for possessing the moral fibre to take it upon himself to help fight a good cause for others that couldn’t. You’re obviously not one of those people Lloyd.

  68. jonsai

    There’s a whole lot in your bucket

    Maybe I see two or is it three,
    Its what’s inside that counts,
    Muddy, black or clear
    the smell, as one draws near,

    they already know, the waters muddy
    so cover up, point to the sky
    costs consider the price of dreams
    words we hear, but not as it seems

    this nightmare can’t be black
    There’s a system for sanctuary
    What’s right with law will prevail
    The plugs at the bottom of the pail

    Does that mean, the waters clean
    For the chlorine makes it so
    It needs to over dose in some
    Others cleansing will never come

    Say no …its not so John B EPBLFG

  69. Lloyd

    @Jane, I didn't come late to the thread and nothing is bugging me I simply felt that making a prior comment at a time when people were being somewhat childish would have acheived nothing. As to what legal avenues are open to Andrew I will leave for him to discuss with his lawyers as they are the best people to act on his behalf.
    @Neil, your comment is exactly the type of comment I was referring to, it adds very little to anything other than a waste of HTML as is better suited to the thaivisa forum, had Andrew felt my assetions were wrong then he has the ability to correct me which I am sure he would have done as he always has in the past.

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