Andrew Drummond To Face New Court Battle To Stop Blocking OfInvestigations Website

Tomorrow Saturday May 26th is D Day on attempts by Drew Noyes, publisher of the Pattaya Times, who has been joined by Niels Colov, publisher of the Pattaya People, to block this site from viewers in Thailand. So now I have to step back on reporting this issue and let a colleague journalist take over. On Monday the battle resumes again in the criminal court in Bangkok where I am presenting a case against Drew Noyes. Meanwhile thanks to all those who have generously supported me. Unfortunately legal bills stack up in Thailand so the fund is very low now. So please to those who kindly said they could help again this is the time. See at the end of  this story.

May 25 2012

British journalist Andrew Drummond will tomorrow (Saturday) go to court in Thailand to fight an injunction brought by two English language newspapers to block his UK registered news and investigations website.

The publishers of the Pattaya Times and Pattaya People newspapers have sought a court order demanding that Thailand’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology block  from viewers in Thailand.

The move follows investigations by Drummond which exposed the publishers as men of questionable background.’

Drew Noyes,56,  the American publisher of the Pattaya Times, claimed Drummond, had a history in the United States of being pursued by lawyers for bogus share dealing,  property scams, and assaults on women.  Several cases were outstanding against him when he fled to Thailand.

He had been exposed by the Wilmington Morning Star in North Carolina as a man of ‘myriad lies’ before arriving in Thailand, claiming that he had been invited under ‘royal proclamation’ to help the country out of its financial woes, said Drummond. But his first job was to open beer bars in Pattaya where women could be bought off premises for a £10 fee.

Drew Noyes has recently been arrested on a charge of extortion. Its alleged that he and his ‘wife’ Wanrapa Boonsu attempted to extort 7 million baht (£141,000) from the Australian owner of a clinic in Jomtien, Pattaya, on pain of bad publicity in his newspaper.

Dane Niels Colov, 64, publisher of the Pattaya People, wrote Drummond, had in a previous life been a pimp in Copenhagen and had been convicted and sentenced to a jail term for living off immoral earnings, assault, vandalism and handling stolen goods. He continues to associate with career criminals from Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen’s former red light district, claimed Drummond, who reproduced pictures of the meetings on his site.

Both men are also being sued for criminal libel in the Thai courts. Noyes is being sued by Dutchman Andre Machielsen, a former friend, who has Thai citizenship, for alleging that he was a drugs trafficer,  and Colov is being sued by Australian Trevor Dick of Indo-Chine, a property company which the Pattaya People campaigned against in what is alleged was a far from transparent manner.

An earlier case against Drummond had been dismissed but has now been re-submitted.

Drummond, 60, from Edinburgh, has been publishing the investigations under the name ‘Flying Sporran’.

He is a former News of the World journalist, who quit during the Wapping industrial dispute in 1986, moved to Thailand from the Observer in 2000, and was the registered correspondent of the ‘London Times’ until 2010.

He widely freelances for most of the UK national press and has made documentaries for the BBC, Granada, Observer, (where he SE Asia correspondent and then joint founder of the paper’s television arm), Channel 4,  ABC Australia’s ‘Four Corners’,  LWT & World Monitor TV.

Arrest picture: Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu

He said: “ I am cautiously optimistic. I am cautious because Noyes has put up on his website pictures of himself dining with Pattaya judges and also posted a story saying he is writing a book with the chief judge to expose me.  It does not get more surreal than that.

“But then again Britain has had a few controversial publishers over the years!”

He has been supported in his fight against the publishers by followers of his site who have been donating by Paypal.

Niels Colov (right)  with career criminals Lonne Fristrup Jensen, left, and Leon Owild second from left

Above – what Drew Noyes has been writing in his ‘Pattaya Times’

Andrew Drummond writes: Wow. As anyone who has done it knows, going through the Thai courts is a debilitating business but of course we will win no matter how long it takes. Funds are low mainly due to more and more translations having to be done and while this case and two criminal cases have been taken care of, the decision now is do I take Drew Noyes and Wanrapa, as publisher and editor, to the civil courts to try and get back all the money we have spent and more or let it lie? If I do ,I am going to have to find 200,000 baht from somewhere. If I win of course I might be awarded millions. But then again does he have it? Or will he have it by the end of the proceedings. I would say to benefactors, well I could give you a 100 per cent return on your cash but then again they might have as much chance of getting their cash back as the punters who have invested in the ‘Penguin’ in Phuket. Your views appreciated as always.

If anybody can help like last time please please do. You can pay by Paypal or in Thailand direct to my Bank of Ayudhya account. Small amounts really add up!


Pattaya Court May 26 2012 Witnesses to be cross-examined: Drew Noyes: Niels Colov, Wanrapa Boonsu

23 thoughts on “Andrew Drummond To Face New Court Battle To Stop Blocking OfInvestigations Website

  1. Good luck Andrew, let's hope the legal bench see through the folly of these people and what they are doing or trying to do in Thailand and elsewhere.

  2. Hmm! The 100% return idea sounds great.. but problem is Noyes has no money and may be in jail soon.. I think I will stick to Lance Shaw's gold scheme at least that offers a safe 20% monthly return, well that's what I read in a certain local newspaper.

  3. A word to the wise (if there are any) The defendant will not be prosecuted for perjury in a Thai Court, the Judge will not appreciate this though, but a witness will. A witness is not allowed to lie in his/her testimony and if caught a new case should be started to bring the liar to court.

  4. Just donated for a good cause, "Speak the truth, and your words become the law". I do not expect any return, however a flying sporan badge would be nice.
    Best regards


    No badges, but I am working on the T-shirts

  5. The statements against me that are posted on the website are onfair, incorrect or just totally untrue. I believe in freedom of speech, however when someone use this freedom of speech to try to destroy other people and their family with untrue statements then this "freedom" is misused.
    Niels Colov

  6. Niels. Thank you for your comment. Unfair, incorrect or just totally untrue? Please state which is which. Its a bit difficult to deal with blanket denials. The reporter was reading from the same Danish Supreme Court judgement as I was I guess. This has nothing to do with your family, though you deny here having a wife.
    1: Was sentenced to a term of imprisonment for pimping, etc: Unfair, Totally untrue, Incorrect?
    2. Associated with career criminals: Unfair, Totally untrue, Incorrect?
    3. Joined Drew Noyes in an action to block this website: Unfair. Totally untrue? Incorrect?

    If you really believed in freedom of speech you would not suppress news about the arrest of your friend and colleague.

    This matter be covered with a statement from you saying I have never associated with criminals (Lonne Jensen, Leon Owild) and have never been convicted of any criminal offences in my life.

  7. Almost as unfair as the pain and distress families have to go through with pictures of loved ones splattered over a road, or naked in a seedy short time rooms.. Or victims of crime that are humiliated by your gutter press coverage.. Very Unfair Colov, but not UNTRUE!

  8. Andrew be strong and be bold, The truth always hurts, Neils is A CONVICTED FELON what ever he says and my friend whom works for interpol can confirm this. Pattaya has had its days were people like Neils and Drew can just abuse everyone, There are hundreds of us whom are coming together and saying enough is enough. Our Thai wives are the real voices they like to gossip and enlighten other Thais
    Good luck Andrew and my donation will be coming soon when i send some money to paypal

  9. Pat nice to see you back
    does this mean as both Neils and Drew lied to the courts in the first place they will be treated as witnesses

  10. Mr Colov,
    Mr Drummond has provided you with an easy way of proving him a liar. Just make the statement he asks for on oath. If any of these things are proved untrue then his reasership will fall away to nothing. Pattaya expats have grown up and will not listen to, or read, or fall for lies anymore. Surely this is something which Pattaya Media people such as yourself would know about already.
    On a personal note, I would really like a small statement about why your paper kept quiet on the Drew Noyes extortion arrest. If it was suppressed on the orders of "someone higher up", then I am sure we would all understand. Strange bedfellows you media people keep

  11. Really wishing the best and proper outcome for you (us) AD. A Pay Pal donation although small, next week.

  12. Dear All,
    I just came back from the Pattaya Court and met Andrew Drummond in person (I think) for the first time, and had a 15 min. conversation with him, during that time he lied to me twice.
    First he mislead all of you when he posted here on this (his) website (he now claim that it is not his website but someone elses???) when he told you that the court case to close his website in Thailand was dismissed before, and now filed for the second time, that was NOT TRUE, as the judge also confirmed to me, that it indeed was the same case, and only had been postponed until today, after my (part) testimony (I will testify more at next court meeting), the case was again postponed until 2. June 2012. The second time Andrew Drummond told me a lie was, claiming that my Press Card issued by the Thai Authorities, was a fake, he said that in front of 4 people, who now can witness this when I present this grave allegation by Andrew Drummond, against the Thai authorities who have issued the Press Card, to the court in a seperate criminal case against him.
    The "defence team" of Andrew Drummond acted totally out of control today, a translater who said he also was a lawyer, totally lost his temper when I wanted my Press Card back from him, he verbally abused me in front of the judge, and was subsequently ordered to leave the court room after he had given the judge his full apology, the lawyer of Andrew Drumond was jumping around in the court room and at one time crawling around on the floor in the corner of the room, very strange behaviour. Outside the court room was a foreigner who told me that he was a free-lance photographer for Andrew Drummond, but later insisted (after all the chaos with the AD "defence team") that he was not at all working for Andrew Drummond.
    Indeed a very "entertaining" day in the Pattaya Court. (More to follow)
    Niels Colov

  13. I am confidant that the current "legal" action AD …..once again has to address will come to his favour, as it should.
    It's almost ridulous that the web site is the only English language news forum that anyone can trust to bring about, and to be at the forefront of our attention regarding "real" issues that occur in Pattaya, and to be fair, beyond that municipality. If Colov and Noyes had integrity as real publishers / editors producing media that was factual and informative, they probably wouldn't be clogging up the Thailand legal system with these ongoing and completely spurious actions, simply to attempt to protect themselves from being exposed, and continue their little empires, because, if they lose them, they have little no revenue stream. I for one would love to see that, because to allow these guys to keep publishing, is a licence for the status quo to continue. A counter action should be instigated to CLOSE THEM DOWN, not the other way around

  14. Well, fingers crossed justice is done in this case…Will make a donation next week…

    Any reports on today's proceedings? I understand AD is in a tricky position re any 1st hand reporting and with Pattayas legendary media resolutely ignoring this does anybody have any news?

  15. After is was over here in PTY, my fly informed me that "to close down" is no more an issue, but let AD find the time quickly to inform us if that is possible (as he is in court for this case). If AD is not free to report, my fly is more than willing to do some of the work.

  16. Completely agree, Keith and as you suggest it is not just Pattaya and not just these two guys. The more moral and financial support we can give AD the better. What he is doing will benefit all expats here and we all need to stand up and be counted to show our solidarity.

  17. Well well, Drew the law expert is at it again. It is abundantly clear he has no clue how the courts in Thailand operate. My fly reported that he intended to bring his ex wife and their children to the court, presumable to have them "testify" how good and upright a husband and father is. He should know that you cannot just bring anyone without a court warrant to testify and it was not his "time" to do so anyway, it was Colov's turn. He can also bring his family in harms way, which is not unknown to him, by "directing" them to give untrue answers when questioning by AD lawyers. They, his ex family, can be sued for perjury, which weighs heavy in Thai law. Notwithstanding the fact that this case is not about him "proving" what honest and upstanding man he perceives himself to be. And that for a "law expert". I am curious to see what happens next week when the court re-convenes. And of course the case against Drew and Kung next week in Bangkok. Com'on Andrew, Sunday is a day of rest but your "monsters" never sleep and are restlessly awaiting word from you. (Sorry Gaga, I borrowed your expression) hahaha

  18. Exclusive report coming soon Pat Angko! I was sort of held up by the pool and a meeting in Pattaya with Khun Howard who drove me to distraction and drink with conversation about Pattaya's airwaves. There is a press gag on the hearing but I will file what I can from Bangkok.

  19. Pat, is that a joke?? Immediate family can't be taken seriously as character witnesses surely? If so, and if ever I get into trouble I'm putting my mum in the witness box…

  20. I hope Howard doesn't become a social target by the "infamous two" from his association with AD. But good on him for standing apart from their media shenanigans.
    Howard could possibly become "the most credible" publisher/ media presenter in Pattaya soon, which is…er, quite a thought.

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