Owner of 'Pattaya-Today.Com' renews sex-tourism domains on the internet

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But not is all as it seems!

Flying Sporran’s Pattaya Week-end Diary

Apparently on the look-out for opportunities the owner of Pattaya-Today.com has renewed two sex tourism domains on the internet.

That’s odd because I would have staked money on the fact that Pattaya Today is definitely not one of the dodgy Pattaya English language newspapers.

So does that mean now that I can confine three out of the five English language newspapers to the bin.

No hang on a minute….get this!  The owner of Pattaya-Today.com  – is er, yes you’ve guessed it – Drew Noyes (left) – the publisher of the Pattaya Times.

So I now offer my immediate apologies to the editor and staff of Pattaya Today, who over a week ago Noyes said he was planning to sue along with. (Pattaya Today’s real website is actually www.pattayatoday.net). This is how Noyes put it:

“Your friends working at Pattaya Today and Howard will also answer for their false reporting unless they clean their news and community radio websites by Monday.”

Needless to say that has not happened but last week www.pattaya-times.com  ‘partner paper of the Bangkok Post’ went down for two days after owner Drew Noyes forgot to renew his internet domain name. But he never forgot to renew patayatoday.com (sic), Pattaya-today.com, sextouristapp.com, sextourismap.com, amongst 40 or so others. He some time ago relinquished his ‘officialblowjob’ site.

Drew Noyes web domains

Looking at the list above at this link, pointed out by a reader, a psycho-analyst might say Mr. Noyes was trying to take over the world, or at least the media in Thailand, and all services offering for instance visas to the United States, business registration, tourism, entertainment etc.  But I guess he’s hedging his bets.

But why would he register the domain names of his rival newspaper and for an alternative visa business to that of his friend Brian Wright of ‘MyThaiFiancee’, who specialises in providing Thai women visas to the United States and whom he inducted into the now defunct but sleaze-bag riddled Pattaya Optimists …………. and then renew them every year.

Brian Wright may not care. At the moment he is due to give evidence in his defence at the Criminal Court in Bangkok on the morning of October 1st before his case of child rape is returned to Pattaya Provincial Court.

But if I were the real publishers of Pattaya Today I might be suspicious.

Just to make sure there is no confusion over Pattayatoday.net and Pattaya-Today.com here below is a snapshot from Drew Noyes’ Pattaya-Today.com.

You can find the original version where the comments are in Thai.

This is a Google translate version.  I trust it is totally inaccurate otherwise I have to pay tribute to the wonders of Google for translating something to the ‘F word’.

This week’s competition: What does it all really mean?

And here is Pattaya Today

Finally if you go to sextourismap.com you get the following famous ‘ewpwebmaster’ email  for Drew Noyes.

This email was used by someone posing as Howard Miller now of Pattaya One (but then British  Hon Consul in Pattaya) when writing to the Scandasia website  commenting on a story I wrote about US pornographer Tony Poer.

Footnote: The newly formed Pattaya Press Association has not invited the Pattaya People Media newspaper to join. The Pattaya People owned by Dane Niels Colov describes itself as a ‘leading newspaper – first with the hot news and information about Pattaya’. However a Thai member of the Pattaya Times is on board. Could the Pattaya-Times star be in the ascendant and the Pattaya People waning?

But Neils Colov at Pattaya People is on the newspaper’s website page selling a condo at Tudor Court. Pratamnak Hill to pay for a new media complex and studio in Pattaya, while also laying off staff. He insists he will buy another condo there in the second phase!

Meanwhile here’s some Barry Upton music, a catchy little number from a Pattaya Brit by promoted by Pattaya People Media to celebrate the Olympics. Bad timing.  Unfortunately the controversy over boxer Kaew Pongprayoon’s lack of a gold medal means that Mr. Upton might have to do some re-writing before he presents it live to a Thai audience as this song definitely lacks the Olympic spirit.

‘Hold up your gold and shout. Its the winning that counts.

‘You’re gonna be Mr. Nowhere in second place” …oh dear.


  1. Skippylechihuahua

    As part of his education that he claims on JDSUPRA.COM,
    "Executive Safety Officer Certification from Thai Ministry"
    DN and his passenger should wear a helmet.

  2. Lee

    Can't for the life of me figure out why he is wearing a Zimbawean Wildlife Orphanage shirt?? Another Freebie?? Cos I can't remember reading about Drew Noyes single handedly saving the chimpanzee from extinction in one of his many BIO's or in his fortnightly monthly ad-hoc comic.

  3. Robert

    Update for God and Pat re zoom etc and Martine. Now she has posted pictures of Brian and the girl(same as above), a photo of Drew with a girl and a photo of Brian and Drew drinking together in a Jomtien Bar. You just can't make this up.
    Pat, I don't think this is Drew. Why would he want his own vanity blogs closed down?

  4. Tony

    Martine,God and Robert will be pleased to know I have sent those pictures and the links to the American Embassy. Attenton'Kristie.

  5. Elisha Saunders

    So now Drew, as part of his 14 years of service is now the proud owner of sextourismap.com and other sex sites. Good to see that the former owner of Officialblowjobs promoting Pattaya as a family destination.
    The real Pattaya Today website has photographs and details of the Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu extortion arrest. It also has an article announcing that Drew Noyes backed down in court to have this site closed down.
    The Wilmington Star featured the "myriad lies' expose. Drew Noyes opened a Wilmington Star website claiming the newspaper never existed and then linked it to his own flattering links of himself, thus hiding the truth about himself.(or so he thinks)
    I would think the reason he purchased the Pattaya-today site was for a similar reason. It is one of his old tricks. He did the same thing for the Noyeswatch site and others.
    Christopher Gleeson, you took offence to my remarks. Sorry. I may have only discovered this site 2 weeks ago but I have read it ALL. I don't recall seeing your name in any of the previos posts (but I may be wrong and stand to be corrected.)
    I see you have a legal office as does Niels Colov and Drew Noyes. As a 'owner of a law office' were you not able to see that he was a fake? You state that he did legal work for you, but you didn't smell a rat? You didn't ask him where he got his degree when he told you he was a lawyer?
    Credit where credit is due. Andy has been calling for any satisfied customers to come forward and now you are on record as one.
    I see he didn't remove your comments on his site by your deadline. (slight edit)

  6. Andrew Drummond

    Elisha – I don;t think you two need to fight. You seem to be coming from the same direction. I think you misunderstood CG's position. He did write a testimonial on Linked-in but very quickly took it down when he realised he had been taken in. It was never taken off the Noyes bio though.

  7. Skippylechihuahua

    The testimony of Mr Gleeson was removed from the PAPPA site today thanks to Mr Gleeson's actions.
    Thanks once again to Mr Gleeson for taking his time to seek the truth and setting the records straight.
    I think the focus in this matter should remain on DN.

  8. Skippylechihuahua

    The internet is like a double edged sword.
    It enables some to spread lies and enables others to discredit them.
    Skeletons always come out of the closet to haunt, it's always a matter of time.
    Looking forward to the 25th….

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