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Just when I was beginning to lose count of the cases, Drew Noyes, the founder of the ailing Pattaya Times Media
Corporation, is now suing an internet forum in Thailand for suggesting that he and
fellow phony lawyer Brian Goudie might be gay.
According to records at the Pattaya Provincial Court he has
taken action against a fellow American whom he believes owns the website
This of course explains why he has submitted the birth
certificates of his children. He is proving he has sex with women not men. The summons, I understand, does not look like it was prepared by Noyes’ lawyer – its more like a Noyes-Goudie botch-up.
Actually Noyes is not too concerned about Brian but at this site we are more than happy to confirm the fact that
Mr. Noyes indeed prefers woman, although the affection is not always reciprocated, and that he has a love hate relationship with
many. His common law wife Wanrapa Boonsu has even conceded last month that he has ‘four
mia nois’.
In fact Noyes has children by two women in the United States
and at least three woman in Thailand, plus at least one care order. His current major mia noi is Nam from the
Buffalo Bar whom a year ago he took to the United States.
‘I’m not gay’
The restraining orders in California and North Carolina, plus the assault complaints made by women in North Carolina can be used by Noyes in testimony, not forgetting the woman in California who claimed she was fired for refusing to give him oral sex, as reported by the Wilmington Morning Star. Noyes did not hang around to contest the case.
We are also happy to report that Brian Goudie is also a hot
blooded male despite being locked up 24/7 as Brian Goldie, with a hundred men in a West Australian prison for fraud.
The subzerosiam site reported under their mock-up picture:of Goudie and Noyes in ‘leathers’

Brian Goldie and Drew
Noyes Together – Gay Pride Parade – Pattaya. I’m guessing Drew Noyes learned to
“strap on” when he went through his intensive paratrooper training
with the Royal Thai army . Just to be clear, most of what is above isn’t true,
except the con men, crooks and liars they’ve proven to be.

So I think that’s got them covered. But its going to be fun if it gets to court. I hope his lawyer gets more than the measly 30,000 baht he pays per case. But wait a minute, isn’t this the guy who called me a Nazi?
Time to write a cheque
Drew however did look a bit camp in his radio days as supposedly a drive-time radio host on PBS.

Noyes has recently been cruising North East Thailand.

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  1. The Weapon

    You only have two choices with these reprobates. You either take it all seriously and stress yourself out over their deviant behaviour or treat them as the joke they are. It's clear they hate the mock up photos as they transcend words and reveal just how demented these parasites are. They are so used to bluffing and using their dirty tactics to ward off opponents they can't handle being exposed as the pathetic joke they really are. The Thai media uses similar photos to satirise politicians on a daily basis, so if Noyes wants to be a public figure he needs to accept not everybody is going to bend over and give in to his vexatious threats of litigation. Especially when he is such a devious liar and cunning conman. He liabled that forum with disgraceful allegations. As a man with a large family he should know better than to bring up allegations involving children, I would cut his tongue out and cut his fingers off if he tried that scurrilous, vile, slander on my family.

  2. Drew Noise

    He must have dolls with pins, A.D dartboard and other stuff that he has to help cope with you. Go on Andrew publicly make this parasite get the attention he so craves. If ever there was a case of. He that laughs last laughs longest, loudest etc etc.
    He knows people in high places remember. Parachute and all.

  3. Born2Serf

    In your PBS shot, Noise looks surprisingly like (the current) Jim Carey. In times past, we used to call that a bowlcut. The barber put a pudding basin on your head and just cut round it for the cheapest cut possible. OK for kids and retreads, however.
    Goldilocks doesn't quite match Jeff Daniels, but does have a pretty vacuous look nonetheless. The Dumb & Dumber bit fits the pair to a tee! Just my idea for some future photoshops!

  4. Inspector Clueless

    "Just when I was beginning to lose count of the cases, Drew Walter Noyes, the founder of the ailing Pattaya Times Media Corporation, is now suing an internet forum in Thailand for suggesting that he and fellow phony lawyer Brian Goudie might be gay".

    Andrew, you don't think that "Walters" outlandish behaviour might be attributed to PTSD do you?

    (Post-traumatic stress disorder… (PTSD) is a severe condition that may develop after a person is exposed to one or more traumatic events, such as sexual assault)

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