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Article removed

Yesterday in this slot we published the views of an online publisher with 18 years experience in the Samui archipelago on the murders of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller on Koh Tao.
The publisher has been in contact and asked for removal of this article on the grounds that the comments were ‘private thoughts’ published to ‘friends’ on Facebook.
Accordingly the story has been removed.


  1. Ian Charles

    "……..she cherishes but also refers them as ‘heaven and hell". Now that pretty well sums up the entire country. Hind the mask of the smiling Thai, there lurks a monster capable of almost anything.

  2. ibilly99

    However you can still find it in the Google cache – don't know if you can remove it from there though. Great blog Andrew keep up the good work.

  3. Dick Headley

    I read it. To be honest I wasn't sure what she was saying beyond being upset about the murders. She did say some people were cashing in on it and she herself almost lost her life. But no details.

  4. D. Farang

    "Hind the mask of the smiling Thai, there lurks a monster capable of almost anything."

    Change the Thai to Human and you are getting close Ian.

    Thais are no better or worse than us. Look at their paradigm through the right cultural lens and you will discover the same as I did years ago..

    Same crap as a Farang – different pile is all.

    Now if you think you're better than Thais I feel sorry for you. I got news for ya – We are ALL tainted.

    Denial only lasts so long.

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