I won’t say nyet to Vietjet

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Ok – I just like the picture. Not a gay male attendant in sight and all the female ones dressed in shorts similar to the ones I potter around the garden in.

A Flying Sporran Chauvanistic Travel Advisory.

From February next yeart you will be able to fly to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) from Bangkok on Vietjet which has quite a nice ring about it.

The first flight takes off on February 13th which to the well informed is the first day of the New Lunar Year, so, according to the blurb, perfect timing for Vietnamese, Thai and foreign travelers planning to celebrate by travelling abroad during this festive season.

“The route will start off with round trip per day initially with VietJetAir’s newly acquired Airbus 320. The one hour and 30 minute flight will depart from Ho Chi Minh City at around 11am and return from Suvarnabhumi Airport at 1:30pm”.

I won’t be on the flight unfortunatelty. Chinese New Year and Songkran are the times I hunker down and keep my head well below the parapet.

Okay that’s enough of that. But welcome Viet-Jet. I’ll  try you the next time I have to pay for my own ticket.


  1. Sam

    Ahhh…girls that look like girls.

    Hmmm…Qantas, British Airways…..or virgin, Vietjet and Airasia…..such difficult life choices.

  2. Christy S.

    Well, young women are the industry standard in SEA-it's legal to pay them less.
    C'mon boys, I think the shorts are hideous, very wrinkled, cheap fabric probably would catch fire easily. The shoes are Katy Perry barfies, pre what's-his-name?

    AD Knowing what we do about SEA airlines, would you really fly on this one no matter how sexualized the wowmen are made to appear?

  3. M Daley

    What have you got against gay flight attendants?. There are plenty of people who may find it distasteful being on the same plane as a Fleet Street hack given their current reputation.

    1. Author
      Andrew Drummond

      You are totally right M. I am surprised nobody picked on this earlier. I certainly would not fly with the Fleet St mob given their current reputation.

    2. Frying Scotsman

      I don't think you have anything against gay flight attendants AD. You didn't actually state you HAD anything against gay flight attendants. What you actually stated was ''Not a gay male attendant in sight''. How can anyone construe that as having something against gay male flight attendants? Jeez some people are so picky.Get a life.
      I personally would love to fly with the Fleet street mob. Especially if Lord Justice Leveson was on the same flight

  4. Author
    Andrew Drummond

    But when reading stories here…think…..irony. I would take it up with Vietjet. My father flew with some of the best camp flight attendants in the business.

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