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A video apparently showing men beating up Burmese prostitutes in Thailand is set to go viral on the net. The video provoked outrage in Thailand where it was first aired on Thai TV having been picked up from Youtube.

But will the culprits be brought to justice? Thais have suggested that they were Burmese pimps, others say they are Thai pimps, and there has even been a suggestion that they were Thai police. However one assailant does certainly seem to be carrying a Burmese style shoulder bag and Burmese is spoken. There is also a claim that the video was shot in Malaysia. Well I guess nobody wants to take credit for this an the rules in this business in Asia can be similar.

Its even been suggested that this is a training video – to show to women what’s in store if they do not toe the line.

What is for certain however is that tens of thousands of Burmese pay heavy prices in one way or another for working in Thailand, and while their own country’s economy is improving they still desperately need the jobs and are regarded as cheap labour – and easily discarded.

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  1. Thor Halland

    Interesting how all these pimps have suspiciously short hair and white clean shirts.Almost as if…no that's not possible is it?

  2. SubaruSam

    Just watched that and it made me sick to the stomach but I have to say i was not suprised.Not sure if it was filmed covertly or made so that it could be shown to new workers to show what happens if you do not pay the pimps.

  3. Porntiwa Lewis

    Interesting how the word Police entered the UK Daily Mail headline but here the question is who are these guys.
    I hear no Thai spoken in the video.

  4. Peter Marshall

    I bet there will be total silence from the PM – Yingluk Shinawatra – herself the mother of a small child and self proclaimed champion of womens' and childrens' rights – the whole puppet government – Chalerm Yabumrung (the Deputy Prime Minister) who is often misaligned – but normally never lost for words – senior police – women's welfare and protection agencies – the Pavena organization etc in Thailand . Total and absolute silence. Herein tells their lack of concern and compassion.
    One would surely expect that if these were Thai women and not Burmese women the heads of various Thai government agencies etc. would be lined up to show their crocodile tears but – of course – ensure they grab the photo op in the process.
    A truly shocking case but I guess not too uncommon. This story needs to go far and wide to publicise the plight of other women caught now under similar brutal circumstances whether they be in Thailand – Myanmar or elsewhere in Asia.(Incidentally the Daily Mail video accompanying the article is titled:'Burmese "prostitutes" beaten by Thai men.')

  5. Author
    Andrew Drummond

    There is very little solid information to go with this video. When, where and why? The best I can say is this is what can happen to Burmese prostitutes in this region. It is unlikely there will be an enquiry in Thailand unless it vindicates the Thai authorities etc. People appear to be a bit cynical about the Thai police because of past cases where they have been shown to be working with the brothel owners and have even collected, allegedly raped, and returned runaway prostitutes. While this may be in the minority of cases those cases have been horrific police have had difficulty escaping this image. Currently authorities along the Thai/Myanmar Border are accused of racketeering in relation to the levies imposed for allowing Burmese workers into the country.

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