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A British electrical engineer based in China has been shocked to find pictures of his five month old daughter on an internet flicker account of another Briton associated with child sexual abusers.

Yorkshire born Ally Cooper said he was horrified at the action of Brian Goudie, 47, from Falkirk adding:

“This is extremely unnerving…the guy defends child molesters (convicted)…Greg Miller and harboured Ian Tracy (a convicted child abuser) and now displays photos of my FIVE month old baby girl.”

Goudie, a Briton, born Brian Gerald James Goldie, has been operating in Thailand for several years pretending to be a British barrister, running a law firm called Alba Laws. His activities have recently been exposed and he is on bail, essentially for cheating clients. But he has not taken kindly to his critics.

In fact Goudie did not defend either Gregory Miller an American who has been jailed for 33 years for child sexual abuse at Pattaya Court, nor Ian Tracy, a Londoner jailed for four years for child sexual abuse, also at Pattaya court.

Brian Goudie, formerly Prisoner E0000274 Goldie

Greg Miller

He merely posed as a British barrister and after finding cheap lawyers sought clients among the inmate population of Nong Plalai Prison, Pattaya.

Ian Tracy was actually an unofficial employee who resided at his ‘offices’ in Pattaya – the former ‘Jaggy Thistle’ pub in the Jomtien Plaza.

His job, as he also worked as a prison visitor for The Mercy Centre, a Christian charity, was to find clients on Goudie’s behalf in the prison.

Cooper said he was seeking advice from child protection agencies in Thailand as to what action to take. He has a wife in Thailand and had notified her of what he sees as a ‘threat’.

Ally Cooper

Ally Cooper has been a critic of Goudie, both on the internet and Facebook and this latest action could just be seen as some sort of vendetta.

Goudie has carried out several internet vendettas against people who crossed him, usually former clients.

They include a Briton, Andy Mathews who lost his temper with Goudie after he found out that he was not the barrister or former Royal Marine Officer to whom he had leant US$10,000, and also former client John Jepson, who is now suing him in the courts for acting under false pretences.

He has also accused former client Barbara Fanelli Miller, 76, from Madison, Wisconsin, of offering to pay cash to get paedophiles out of prison in Pattaya.  But it is Goudie who is up on charges relating to cheating Mrs. Miller out of US$300,000 to get her son Gregory Miller out of prison.

Goudie’s flicker account is quite extraordinary. While other pictures show him opening up his PBS Company, set up to sell his Bang Kao Bay project, some 90 per cent of the pictures are of the message variety which perhaps might be used by Thai bar girls who unversed in English trawl the internet for sweet things to say about their foreign boyfriends.

The pictures and messages seem to indicate that he has recently been rejected and trying to mend a broken relationship.

But there are also signs of someone undergoing torment of some other nature, perhaps with a grudge against the world or maybe something larger. The words ‘hate’ and ‘revenge’ feature heavily.

He makes several references to his past as something he wishes to forget but its not clear whether that refers to his time in prison or perhaps some broken relationships.

Two women in Australia have referred to his violent moods in evidence to the Australian Appeals Tribunal. They also referred to his fondness for playing with knives and guns.

But not a very good Scrabble score

Ironically he uses one seemingly telling someone not to run away from his/her problems.

Its an idea which the Australian Appeals Tribunal would probably appreciate.

They refused him leave to stay in the country on the basis he was not a person of good character – and noted that he did not wish to return to Scotland to face an arrest warrant issue there.

He was politely told to leave after being released from a six year sentence in Western Australia.

He also seems to show an obsession with money

And he appears oblivious to what people say about him.

There’s that ‘Revenge’ again

Its also possible that he may have a stalker mentality.

FOOTNOTE:  A claim by Goudie on his website case-watch-thailand.blogspot.com that Andrew Drummond has been summonsed to a court in Koh Samui to face a libel charge brought by David Hanks, former owner of the Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, VIC., which the judges regarded as ‘serious’, is patently untrue. Drummond has not been summonsed. He can only be summonsed if the judges accept the case. What the judge has done is give Hanks a second chance to try and present a case. So he has to start again next February. The actual case has not even been discussed.


  1. Ally

    This is an example of the depravity that GOLDIE will sink to. I'm shocked, alarmed and worried.
    I contacted the relevant authorities earlier, as you stated. Displaying the unauthorised image of an infant, a Thai infant, by a middle aged foreigner with a history of association of foreign paedophiles is shocking and I feel sinister.

    1. The Weapon

      Despicable bringing an infant into this. Very underhanded attempt at intimidating you. Just when you wonder how low he can sink. Blaming everyone else for the troubles he has bought upon himself.

    2. Gunboat Bill


      You've got serious problems now. Former President Clinton has been briefed by Hanks son in law in the Clinton's home town of Tallahassee, Fl. Your days of name calling on Facebook are now over! The Secret Service are to be feared as their motto is "We always get our man!"

      One thing that upsets me consumption of libations is faux outrage by decent people.

      Brian Goudie has not used pictures of innocents to promote his shite claims. It's not like this site hasn't put up pictures of it's adversary's children.

      You're not being fair and accurate Andrew. To suggest a link to convicted paedophiles to pictures in Brian Goudie's account is a bit over the top in my humble opinion and I feel this entire story should be retracted.

    3. Author
      Andrew Drummond

      Two point here Gunboat: The father is entitled to be outraged. I believe he is. I do not believe it is fake, but as a journalist I have reported what he said. I personally do not believe Goudie is a padeophile, nor am I suggesting it. The father is entitled to believe there is something very grubby about his action though. This site does not as a rule use pictures of children. When it does I normally blur faces. On any other occasion the children are not singled out. There is an occasion where his daughter I believe is in attendence at an opening ceremony – where to blur her out would be quite silly. She is 14 and was not associated in any way with any felony or whatever.

    4. Ally

      One thing we all know is how impartial you are with comments on this site and well done for allowing Dumbo Bill for commenting an utter load of inarticulate dross….so I’m presuming its GOLDIE. I notice both Goldie and Noise have their comments locked on all their sites for any replies…
      So Dumbo…..I’m in trouble am I?…as I was in July when Goldie first seized on this and promised swift action from the FBI and Homeland Security, interesting how Hanks alleged son in law is in the US and police man as well……..Tell me does he know Papa is a former owner of an Australian brothel and is currently awaiting trial for illegal money lending in Thailand….mmmm nice guy.
      I said nothing in the FB comment that could ever be termed threatening, but that’s something that will shortly be coming to light in Bangkok. However certain others will have to defend themselves with their libellous comments over the matter.
      Believe me Goldie….sorry Dumbo I’m furious as to what I discovered yesterday and have taken matters further today. I also notice you’ve…..sorry GOLDIE has removed the photos from Flicker today. Saves Flicker doing it I suppose.

  2. Lee

    Goldie's flicker account has enough material for an entire mental health conference! Never thought he was as insane as Noyes, but the proof is in the reading!

  3. jules

    Ex-con Brian's Flickr account, his CV and criminal past paint a picture of:

    – Narcissim, so many photos of him staring into the camera it is creepy.
    – Conviction he is better than others (hangs out with those below him in the prison pecking order)
    – Inability to accept he is wrong, even when exposed by AD
    – Alcohol and substance abuse, how much I do not know but he is not an abstainer
    – Fantasies, his recent life has been based on fantasy, that he will not relinquish
    – Violent mood swings
    – Difficulty with relationships with women
    – A troubled past, if nothing else from years in prison

    All you need is a known child hood history of fire starting, killing small animals, bed wetting or obsession with weapons (in childhood) to have a possible profile of a latent serial killer. This is associated with low activity in the limbic brain and an inability to see right from wrong, which ex-con Brian indeed seems to have trouble with.

    I am NOT saying ex-con Brian IS a serial killer but he IS a fake lawyer.

  4. jules

    Ex-con Brian is on his blog with the following which I reproduce with ex-con Brian's appalling punctuation:

    "Lawyer for the Plaintiff's, Nattwat Damnaphoen, said this morning:

    ' we have received instructions to prosecute any web site owner, administrator, service provider or poster who can be identified who are reproducing defamatory articles written by Drummond …….even if the parties are not in Thailand at the time of posting (Computer Crimes Act s. 17). We have been instructed to file every possible case. irrespective of cost, to put a stop to what can only be described as a calculated pattern of behaviour that we consider to be cyber harassment.'

    I look forward to hearing how ND has argued the Computer Crimes Act s17(2) (re: pursuing AC for alleged posts overseas about a non-Thai national in Thailand). For a lawyer such a client is a gold mine but hopefully ND has the experience to get his fees paid in advance as his client is not a gentleman.

    1. Author
      Andrew Drummond

      I would not imagine Nattwat Damnaphoen knows a thing about it. Its certainly Goudie's writing not his. You can bet he is not an expensive lawyer. I am sure he has been spoken to. And if he hasn't taken the advice to get as much money out of Goudie as he can, i am sure he can think of it himself. Goudie can posture all he wants. He's diverting his mind. Perhaps next time Goudie will pay him to get a plane down from Bangkok so he does not have to miss the Koh Samui ferry.

    2. Author
      Andrew Drummond

      The chief judge of Pattaya Court has given an interview to DPA (Deutsche Press Agentur) about the amazing case of a Brit posing as a lawyer trying to organise prison escapes. Who could that be?

    3. requiem mass

      Can you provide a link to the interview the Pattaya judge gave about Goudie's impersonating a barrister case in the German newspaper please?

      I took a brief look at Goudie's picture collection and my impression is that it was created a teenage girl with a gun fetish.

  5. jules

    AD, please do not keep us in suspense on that one!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and as ex-con Brian has discovered, it is ND who speaks in court as he has a licence to practice law and not himself, even as a translator. Therefore it is ND who will be left trying to argue s17(2). I would feel sorry for ND but a fee is a fee and a client is a …….

  6. The Weapon

    In my experience in dealing with people like this, the problems stem from early childhood experiences with the parents. A man's first relationship with a woman is with his mother. If the relationship is damaged or the mother is abusive or abandons the child emotionally, it can set up emotional problems that last a life-time and are most clearly seen when that child starts to form relationships with the opposite sex.

    A man's relationship with his father is equally important as it is a father that gives the male child his sense of self-worth and the confidence to be a man. If a child suffers emotional or physical abuse they will often shut off and retreat into a fantasy world. The part of the brain that distinguishes right from wrong and the ability to learn from experience is obviously damaged from the abuse. In extreme cases it creates a psychopath, a person with no remorse or conscious. They flip from being the abused to becoming the abuser. They figure it is better to be the victimiser than the victim.

    I am very good at spotting these people, but for the untrained person they can seem like the nicest people at first meeting. That is because of what I call the 'over-compensation' factor. The person will over-compensate for their insecurities by being overly friendly or overly helpful. What they are usually doing is sizing you up to see if you are a potential victim.

    They will give up little about themselves except lies and bullshit stories whilst carefully trying to gather all your secrets or indiscretions. This is to use at a latter date to control or intimidate you if needed. The best offence against them is exposure. They only get away with what they do by bluffing and intimidating people. They can be extremely vengeful if exposed and careful judgement must be used when dealing with them.

    An extreme case of what I'm talking about is that of Richard Kuklinski the 'Iceman.' Watch his interviews and listen carefully to him explaining his childhood. He is an extreme case but the principles of what I am saying can be seen in a true life story. It is compelling viewing. These people will often be very loving and protective of their own children.


  7. Ally

    Seems the paranoid deluded fruit loops is now back onto the "Cooper is about to be arrested by the US authorities" again……..
    So with your well documented history of involvement with paedophiles and downloading photos of my 5 month old daughter to your Flicker account you think you have credibility GOLDIE……..The photos of the guns on FB are also a testament to your unstable, fragile mental nature……I've a feeling the police on KS have already been contacted regarding that……

  8. Tim

    The French have a saying for these type of men who have 'issues' with women relevant to the weapons observation, "cherchez la mere"

  9. The Weapon

    Let's get this straight, Goldie is now claiming Hanks has a son-in-law who is a cop who knows Bill Clinton? Somehow this is going to get the U.S authorities to do what?

    Cop- Bill, you know my father-in-law who used to own the knocking shop in Oz? Well, he's got this lawyer friend, well he's not a real lawyer but a pretend one. He's a pretend marine as well. He has gotten into a dispute with some people and one of them had a crack at Hillary on his facebook page.

    Bill- God-damn! I'll call Obama and see if Seal team 6 is free. How dare they have a crack at Hillary. Forget Mandela's funeral, the war on terror and Afghanistan, I'm off to Koh Samui……..

    Give me a break! These guys are sicker and more deluded than I thought. I wonder if they've been indulging in those mushroom shakes you get on Samui?

  10. Gunboat Bill

    Super Barrister G says he and his side-kick, Plasto-Man have possession of their passports. If that's that case, why didn't SBG and PM put up a picture of them on top of today's newspaper?

    Has anyone wondered why Plasto-Man has transferred his affections from all "Royal Proclamation" Noyes to all "Barrister/Commando" Goudie? There's got to be a tale there. Perhaps Drew being a bit older, couldn't satisfy Hanks needs as readily as Goudie.

  11. Christy S.

    Cyber harassment? Is that illegal? SHOCK !! Well then, I can sue Teak Door forum for running a Phuket section thread for months on end that was nothing but pure libel. Or maybe for pics on its general subject forum depicting grossly obese, USA "Wallmart shopping" women as "Crusty Sweat" while an erstwhile ( and illegally operating ) dog rescue director out of Hua Hin makes accusations of bestiality, but is " just joking" .

    I need a lawyer, a real lawyer, one of those British educated, pit-bull Thai women with an actual license to practice type of lawyer. I've got a Christmas gift coming too, from my well-to -do Mom.

    1. requiem mass


      Could you explain why you think you were harassed in such a barbaric manner?

      I'm looking into the cause/effect part and I'd like to hear your take on this serious matter.

  12. jules

    Ex-con Brian has posted on his asia-case-watch-I-am-a-lawyer.com site Ally's alleged name, passport number and an address in Thailand which ex-con Brian is bravely claiming is Ally's permanent address.

    Ex-con Brian is pompously pontificating on his blog about the difficulties of service on a netizen who is not in Thailand but seems blind to his earlier posts about serving them on some unknown company that may have had links to Ally's employer in China.

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