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American Drew Noyes, the former publisher of the now defunct Pattaya Times has paid an undisclosed sum to a Dutch film producer, who claimed he lost 2.5 million baht, after going to Noyes’ real business a so-called law firm to get back his house from his girlfriend.

The cash was paid by to Theo van der Schaaf and Noyes insisted that a secrecy deal was written into the agreement.

After van der schaaf took legal action and his complaints were revealed on this site Noyes began a hate campaign on the internet and in his now defunct Pattaya Times newspaper with which he used to threaten his enemies.

Theo van der schaff had produced a children’s television cartoon series on a rabbit called ‘Miffy’


 In the Pattaya Times he described van der schaaf as the owner of a sex movie theatre in Amsterdam – and published a story alleging he had been beaten up by a mamasan in Hua Hin.

Noyes was also behind a false theo van der schaff Google+ site which says theo owns ‘miff films’ portrays the Dutchman as a man who pays for prostitutes.

This site links to another phoney google site andrew-drummond-watch.blogpot which is one of many set up by Noyes dedicated to discrediting the author of this site.   So far he has not achieved his goal.

Nasty attack on van der schaaf  in the Pattaya Times

Theo had contracted Noyes’ PAPPA Co Ltd (now replaced by One Stop Service Centre) his ‘cash cow’  in Thepprasit Rd, Pattaya, and paid over 400,000 baht to the company to arrange an amicable settlement with his Thai girlfriend’

He also, he said at the time, handed over 2.5 million baht to offer to his Thai girlfriend.  But this money was never offered and simply disappeared.

“If I wanted gangsters I would have hired gangsters with credibility”

Fake Google+ site in Theo’s name

Apparently a promised diplomatic meeting between Pappa Law and Theo’s girlfriend was anything but diplomatic and she called police on Noyes’ representatives.

Theo wrote at the time: “If I wanted gangsters. I would have hired gangsters with credibility’.

A friend of Theo said that Theo could not take calls on the matter due to the agreement. “However he is very happy with the settlement. He has a new girlfriend and a new life and hopefully won’t be talking to Noyes again.”

The friend indicated however that Theo did not get the full amount of his claim but had accepted a reduced figure rather than continue a long an expensive legal battle.

Noyes was on bail for the extortion of the Thonglor Clinic, as he still is, when Theo van der schaaf hired PAPPA Co Ltd. Theo  sent the 2.5 million, he said, to Noyes’ common-law wife Wanrapa Boonsu.

But his lawyers decided to take only civil action against Pappa Co, Drew Noyes, and Wanrapa Boonsu at the Pattaya Provincial Court.


PAPPA Law has never declared the 2.5 million baht or any amount of money for that matter to the Thai tax authorities.

Footnote: Noyes has multiple sites up on the net with the names Pappa, Pattaya Lawyers, One Stop Service Centre, One Stop Legal Service centre all pointing clients to his services for foreigners. Look before you leap.



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From the current Onestopsrvicesthailand website

Getting around the gobbledygook

1. Pappa Co. Ltd was never registered as a law office – but an accountancy office. Noyes has even had trouble finding lawyers to represent himself. All the old hands have left.
2. Don’t be confused with these mergers. This is not a multi-faceted corporation it is a shop house. Forget about divisions. Any member of staff will sell you, er, well anything.
3.Pharawech Insurance brokerage is new. But for Parawech see the last story. No such entity is registered with the DBD and none of these entities has government approval. They are purely registered as businesses.
4. Oh there’s another division – auditors? 
5. Noyes has repeatedly said in court that he has had nothing to do with the Pattaya Times for two years…social media? But he can put up nasty internet sites although the content is unconvincing.


  1. Ally

    The old bloated fraud and the Bam Pot are busy buying them selves out of trouble….good, I hope its hurting. To a fraudster the millions both have had to part with recently will hurt more than a guilty verdict, so after the set backs of last week there is a positive to the insanity of the court system.
    I can say however they wont be buying them selves out of my cases.

  2. The Weapon

    I don't think any clear thinking person would hold it against Theo for taking the cash and running as fast as he could, even if he did sign a secrecy clause.

    Drew it seems has left on an extended tour of Korea, the UK and the U.S (according to him.) This means he is probably taking a cheap flight back to his trailer park, caravan or wherever he free-loads in the U.S.

    I agree with Ally, these guys and their plan to drain Andrew may end up seeing them broke first. The word is out these guys are skunks and stink up everywhere they go. Snitches who rat people out are particularly odorous.

  3. Gunboat Bill

    I wonder how Drew has the funds to go on a world tour but doesn't pay taxes.

    Wouldn't be cool if immigration asked for his tax receipt when he leaves? Once upon a time immigration used to do that when a foreigner had a Non-B visa.

    It's a shame that Theo didn't get the full amount but I can understand his point of view. I hope Theo required Drew to remove the stuff Drew had written about him from the internet.

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