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The Dutch father , who composed a song called ‘Evil Man in Krabi’about a Thai tourist guide who charged with brutally attacking and raping his daughter, said today that he was willing to go on Thai television to defend his action.

Speaking from Amsterdam today the Dutch musician, who has plated alongside music icons such as Bob Marley’s guitarist Bunny Wailor said:

Several television channels in Holland have asked me to on on news programmes and chat shows to tell my story, but I have refused.

“This is a matter for the Thai people and I am not going to expose this story in my home country.”

He said he was concerned about the Thai justice system. He did not produce the video to stop tourism but added:

 “If it has had that affect then so bit it. It cannot be that bad if it wakes people up.”

He added: ‘I am a father. I am happy to explain to the Thai people what my feelings are. Most fathers react in the way they know best. I am a musician.

“The fact is that the man who (allegedly) raped my daughter is free. Why should parents send their children to Thailand, if people like this are left to roam around.”

His model daughter was raped in Ao Nang, Krabi in July on the night she celebrated her 19th birthday in the Chang Bar.

She accepted a lift from one of the Thais in the bar but instead of taking her home he beat and raped her, its alleged  She had finally stopped resisting fearing that she would almost certainly die if she did not.

The court in Krabi allowed a tour guide, from Ko Phangan, bail, despite the fact that he was identified, caught on CCTV, and police claim that they had the DNA evidence.

Adam & Vanessa

Further, the family claim,  his daughter was approached with a bribe if she would drop the charge.

The father said he would remove the youtube video when he was happy that justice had been done in Thailand.

It is very common in Thailand for bail to be allowed for very serious offences but not for murder, except in the case of police.

Somchai Wisetsingh bailed!

Police Sergeant Somchai Wisetsingh was allowed bail while charged with the murders of British backpackers Vanessa Arscott, 24, and Adam Lloyd, 25, in Kanchanaburi in 2004. He eventually got two life sentences.

Uthai Wisetsingh – Bailed!

Policeman Uthai Dechachiwat was given bail after gunning down and killing Canadian Leo Del Pinto, 23, and injuring Carly Reisig in Mae Hong Son Province in January 2008.

He was not finally locked up until he had murdered his wife of two weeks a year later by beating her to death with a piece of wood.  He has now been jailed for 25 years.

 The rape of the Dutch model and subsequent action by the father were stories first broken on this news site.

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  1. Richard Barton

    I really hope that he gets the chance to explain his feelings on Thai TV. There is no way that the perpetrator should have been given bail and as a father I can understand his anger.

  2. john

    KRABI: — It is possible to block from viewing in Thailand a YouTube video clip produced by the father of a Dutch girl who was reportedly raped in Krabi, permanent secretary of the Tourism and Sports Ministry Suwat Sitthilor said yesterday.

    "The father was possibly furious due to a misunderstanding. He went on to say that the authorities would try to help the girl's father understand the situation in order to "rebuild the country's image"

    Tourism Minister Chumphol Silapa-archa had said earlier that the incident could not be considered rape…

    This story is clearly an attempt to deny the situation, while also the beginning of a smear campaign.

    The father and family should be advised to bring strong legal action against this kind of dangerous claptrap, while the Dutch government should begin an equally robust action against the Thai government,and quickly.

    I've just posted this on Thai Visa.

    The video is not currently blocked.

  3. Doi

    Bail conditions are not the same as in the West.

    Thais will usually protect their own. The longer you stay here; the more you realise that.

    The father can't bring any legal action against a Thai court's decision; but the Dutch embassy should be jumping up and down.

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