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In a statement printed in the Pattaya Times of July 16th-31st, which actually reached the streets in a few places about July 20th  Drew Noyes has stated that he, the publisher, and Wanrapa Boonsu the editor of the Pattaya Times had posted an apology to Andrew Drummond on the website www.pattaya-times.com on June 5th and left it there until June  21 2012.


This should relate to, among others, claims he made that Andrew Drummond was being sought by police, based on an alleged interview Mr. Noyes claimed he had with Police General Supisarn Pakdeenaruenrat head of the Crime Suppression Divison in Bangkok.


Both Police General Supisarn and a spokesman in the office of his superior Police General Phonpat Chayaphan, his immediate boss at CIB subsequently denied to Andrew Drummond that any such things were said at the interview with Drew Noyes.

And they were bemused by the suggestion that they would interfere with Drummond’s news and investigation website. They invited him to return if the problem re-occured.

While Drew Noyes says he has now an issued an apology, he however is curiously still running stories saying Andrew Drummond is the subject of a ‘massive police investigation’.


And he still maintains: ‘Drummond is going off the deep end into a waterless pool and recently involved an unwitting policeman to support Drummond’s lies’


Nobody appears to have seen the apology by Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu and thus do not know what form it took.

If any of you computer technicians out there can find a cached record of this apology, if indeed it was published, please can you let this site know. This message is of course also for Drew Noyes.

Drew Noyes also claimed in his article that ‘A copy of the Contract of Compromise’ was inserted into the June 16-30 edition of the Pattaya Times.

If anyone has seen this please could they also forward it to the lawyers below.

This may be unlikely as the actual translation of the ‘Contract of Compromise’ was not completed and delivered to him until the last week in June, but please do your best.

This apology however also does not seem to conform with the rest of his latest article in his newspaper  in which some seven weeks after adjudication he finally actually does print the compromise agreement reached in Pattaya Court. His story was flagged by a picture of Andrew Drummond (taken by the Phnom Penh Post)  below the headline.

‘Discredited Tabloid Blogger Ordered Back to Court’.

In it Drew Noyes falsely claims Andrew Drummond has admitted libel and was apparently singled out by the Presiding Judge, who allegedly stated ‘ if Andrew Drummond Drummond violated the terms of the Contract of Compromise she mediated he could be sent to jail.’

Andrew Drummond is unaware of this statement by the Presiding Judge but assumes if indeed  it was said it would it would have been said in a way which applied to both parties.

Finally thanks for all your help and contributions in this matter, especially Messrs.A and Mr.B and friends who have helped restock the ‘Goldenballs’ fund.

The site can accept posts of support. But cannot accept posts attacking the plaintiffs  in relation to this case as they are seeking prosecution for ‘Contempt of Court’.

What Drew Noyes claimed the police said about Andrew Drummond:

 ‘The Supreme Commander of Thailand’s most powerful police division, the Crime Suppression Police, has ordered the Cyber Crimes Division and the Information and the Technology Commission (ITC) to assist the Royal Thai Police in Pattaya and Bangkok, saying, ‘This is a very prominent foreigner in Thailand that this website is lying about for no reason except to hurt his reputation so close it down and catch the people responsible.’

‘We will kick him out of Thailand and he cannot come back,’ declared one investigator of the cyber crimes division when he read only a portion of the statements the blogger had written about the ‘police and mafia controlling newspapers,’ the representation of Pattaya as only a place of decadents and attacks on good people that were obviously just to hurt their businesses and reputations’.



Homepage- thumbnail: ‘Drummond flees Thailand’



  1. NoyesAnnoys

    Does anyone ever read his rag anyway? Not much point including an apology or a copy of the compromise if no one's going to read it anyway.

  2. Lee

    Can't find any cached versions of this apology, but his site is so low ranking it probably won't be cached anyway.

  3. Chris

    I don't think he has a loose screw, I just don't think he had any in the first place..

  4. thorhalland

    I see that 'PAPPA' has closed down. The Pattaya Times claims that it has 'moved' to a larger location but strangely doesn't give its location.

    Drew Noyes: If you see me again please don;t talk to me. next time you address me I won't ignore you I'll everyone resent all about you. I suggest that you avoid society as well, you were ignored when you turned up at the Lighthouse club but next time you might find yourself on the end of rather more criticism.

    Getting Ivan Schiffer deported was the last straw.

  5. Pat Angko

    One should NEVER EVER ease the pressure on psychopaths. The smallest breathing room will empower them to come back and back and back. The way to eliminate them is to constantly ridicule them, expose their lies and keep on informing the public at large.

  6. Pat Angko

    Public excuses are normally printed in three (in this case) English news papers. And proof of print should be send to the other party.

  7. thorhalland

    Oh and Drew don't bother with making up any threats. You have no credibility, noone beleives anything you say least of all me. Even your little xxxxxxx at the expats club have turned their backs on you.

  8. Lee

    I did see Noyes at the "PRINT YOUR NAME ON A GRAIN OF RICE" stand in central this week, maybe he was getting some tips for the printed version of the apology.

  9. Andrew Drummond

    This in from from a reader by email: "There is no archived version of pattaya-times.com cached from 2012 (archive.org). There are no hits found from using the search sting "Drummond" at pattaya-times.com. There are no hits from a google search using the search string "pattaya + times + apologies + drummond". There is no hits found from a google search, using the search string "pattaya + times + Drummond", indicating any article published including "apology" or "apologies". Further, there are no Google cahced versions of pattaya times found including any "apology" or "apologies" from Drew Noyes to you."

    Does that mean it was not published or does google cache miss all sorts of stuff

  10. thorhalland

    I love this comment on the Pattaya times wriiten in reply to a letter that Nopyes has obviously written himself.

    " But we are reluctant to give any ink to the author because we know the source, Andrew Drummond, all too well. He is the uninvited guy at the party no one talks to and everyone tries to avoid. "

    In the manner, perhaps, of the recent party given by the LightHouse club where Noyes was in attendence but ostracised and spent the evening pretending to talk to government officials on his mobile phone

  11. Skippylechihuahua

    Hello Andrew,

    Just one question if you are allowed to answer, when is the next hearing due?

    Good luck.
    Skippy le chihuahua.

  12. SultanofScam

    Somebody please slap me…. Im starting to feel sorry for poor blighter…. my god its a kangaroo court. Dont know the guy…. picked him as a scallyway on the first read, if you didnt, and you gave hime money, sorry its your fault. The guy had a go…. worked for a while and then he started to beleive his own spin…. now hes come undone.

    If you havent given hime any money and just jumping on the basher band wagon, give him him a couple of points for having a go…. maybe a couple for getting away with it for while, cos let me tell you it aint easy…. it takes some smarts to do. Anyway he's gone, Its over, Im bored with this …. next!!!!

  13. BangkokGuy

    There are 1780 hits on pattaya times website for "drummond"


    There are 187 hits for "drummond" and "apology" but none seem to be regarding this


    There are a lot of cached pages in Google but non regarding this issue, if so they should have showed up also..

  14. almighty

    You may or may not get hits from Google depending on how the search string is formulated. There are though no hits for "drummond" when using the embedded search function at pattaya-times.com. More to the point, there are still no valid hits found from a Google search, that would combine "drummond", "apology", and "pattaya-times".

  15. Lee

    It must have been there, Drew Noyes wouldn't lie would he??? What do they call lying in court? Purgury- that's right..

  16. Lloyd

    Any leagally binding request for a retraction, apology or clarification of facts should have included specific details on where and how the statement was to be placed, the manner in which it would be placed, the period of time to be displayed and how the reciptient would be notified. The fact you have not included this in your article only leads to conjecture, personally I would say your solicitors are at fault on this point.
    FYI the RSS feed from the Pattaya-Times site does not include said article which would be an indication there never was such a publication, you can obtain the feed for the dates in question by contacting Google.

  17. enigma

    Are you posting, on this site, the recent exchanges on Subzerosiam between you and Drewes. Not everyone will have seen it.

  18. Andrew Drummond

    Actually pending August 25 I am merely defending on this site Noyes' allegations or as you have seen exposing new scams. Sub zero are welcome to it but it should be posted by someone else. I haven no objection to a wider audience because few are going to take his rant seriously.

  19. enigma

    OK. Understood, Andrew. The wider audience that Subzerosiam is informing is probably not doing Noyes any favours. And your reply on that site put matters in perspective

  20. June Barley

    Enigma, do ave a link to the subzerosiam stuff? I am having difficulty finding it Thanks in advance

  21. enigma

    Sorry June. My apologies. It was on Teakdoor and originally was a telephone conversation between Topper and Drewes and quoted by Topper on his site. Andrew has replied twice. Be interesting to know if what Topper is quoting was verbatim from Drewes

  22. Pat Angko

    A bit belated but: Lee wrote "What do they call lying in court? Prjury- that’s right..". No, a defendant will not be punished when caught lying in court, witnesses do, they may not lie. Another note, in his eagerness to get at AD Drew makes a huge mistakes by going to court (today) about this. Also, we still have the slander case of the Dutch guy in November, who as I understand, will never let go till the end, his proof and witness list is impressive to say the least. The net is seriously closing in and all because of his own arrogance and stupidity. To go into a blackmail case in February with a list of other court appearances under your belt is asking for trouble. Not to forget there are still outstanding cases in the US, well done Drew, way to go …….. down that is.

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