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Since being put on Thailand’s Security Exchange Investor Alert List, Platinum Financial Services have been flooding the internet with Twitter messages, and mass emailing, to attract, in particular, British citizens to transfer their pensions offshore where of course PFS would look after them.

Last month started a QROPS site and Andrew Wood, the Bangkok Post’s investment and financial columnist, who happens to be one of their senior execs,  presents his latest article on the PFS website, though I did not see it on the Bangkok Post website.

They PFS people are promoting themselves with the slogan –  ‘Rest easy we’ve got you covered’.  In short, they have not. Do not rest easy.

The QROPs site is based in Hong Kong – though they still boast an office in Bangkok. PFS has even emailed me offering financial services.

Just a reminder – this company has a troubled past with real victims who were not covered.

And here’s the disclaimer

If you Google 1501 Nan Fung Tower, 173 Des Voeux Road, Hong Kong by the way – you’ll see its awfully crowded in there, er not as the case may be if you get my drift.

PS – Do not overrate Hong Kong institutions or financial advisors.


  1. Loiner

    All expats should shun any idea of taking financial advice from any of these shysters. There's plenty of them still around, now targeting expats and home-based retirees alike with the promise of safe investments for newly released pension pots.
    Among the IFA sharks are the same ones from the above PFS and the other cowboy outfits who conned expats into the LM Investment Management fiasco, losing the lot. Any expat willing to gamble their life savings to and IFA's patter should also not be conned be the shiny brochures and fancy HKG addresses. Your money will be whittled away in the same fashion with the same result – gone in commissions, fees, charges and fraudsters pockets.

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