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A British Fund Manager who mocked the ‘poor people’ of Singapore on Facebook while showing off his private Porsche has been fired from the asset management company which employed him and moved to Australia.

Anton Casey, 39, took a Singapore Airlines flight to Perth on Friday but not before first apologizing for the biggest mistake in his life and offering to do ‘community service’.

The angry reaction to his Facebook insults had left his situation and that of his former Miss Singapore wife, Bernice Wong, and son in the island state untenable.

In his Facebook posts he showed a picture of his son holding up his ticket on a Singapore MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) train with the caption: “Daddy where is your car and who are all these poor people?” 

Another image showed his son in a silver Porsche with the line, “Normal service can resume, once I have washed the stench of public transport off me, FFS!”

In a further post he also described a Singapore taxi driver as a “retard” for wearing gloves and covering himself with towels in 37C degrees weather.

Casey who worked for a small financial company called CrossInvest, and who occasionally appeared on local television as a financial pundit, had displayed, claimed angry Singaporeans, ‘intolerable arrogance’.

K Shanmugam

On Thursday Singapore’s Law and Foreign Affairs Minister Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam described Casey’s comments as “deeply offensive, wrong, and unacceptable”.
CrossInvest’s Managing Director said of Casey’s comments in a statement:

“Those comments go against our core corporate and family values that are based on trust, mutual understanding and are respectful of diversity. 

 “Accordingly, CrossInvest Asia and Mr. Casey have parted ways with immediate effect.”

Mr.Casey’s parting message to the Straits Times newspaper was:

 “I hope the people of Singapore will allow me to volunteer my time and resources to community projects in order to make amends for my mistakes.

 “I also hope the people of Singapore, my adopted home, will forgive me over time… Singapore is our home, and we hope to return when we feel safe.”

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  1. The Weapon

    The last thing you should do in these tough times is look down on the less fortunate. If your lucky enough to be on a good earn, be grateful as things may not always be this way. The video he posted portrayed him as a pompous w@nker. He may well have trouble finding a new job now because of one stupid act.
    Given the high standard of Singapore's public transport, I'm not surprised they were dirty on him.

  2. Steve Baker

    Having spent a long amount of time working in Singapore I get a real chuckle that this guy thinks there's anything he can do to restore his reputation. It's an extremely small place and very much one strike and you're out for the ang moh. There is literally nothing he can do to restore his reputation. No amount of penance will be seen as enough, no amount of groveling will excuse his arrogance. He's an interloper, he should have known that.

    The other thing he should have know is that the entrant for Miss Universe Singapore is generally considered a booby (or no booby, in this case) prize. They don't generally fit the criteria of what a Singaporean man would find attractive and therefore it's considered more of a filtering exercise to pass her off on some foreigner than a great loss. Please see the comments from this year's pageant for confirmation.

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