American ‘lawyer’ receives ‘distinguished recognition’ on Thai Law Day- claim

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But is it true?

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August 15 2012

An American businessman and his Thai wife, currently facing charges of extortion in Pattaya,  have received ‘distinguished recognition’ at a ceremony to celebrate National Law Day at Pattaya Provincial Court – according to his Pattaya Times newspaper.

Three companies associated with well known ‘philanthropist’ Drew Noyes, who has been described on the internet as ‘the most reassuring and credible businessmen to make Thailand his home’*, were selected out of all the foreign businesses in Pattaya to attend a wreath laying ceremony outside the Provincial Court.

This adds to an incredible list of achievements for this one man sky diving power house which have been recorded here at and renders the extortion charge scarcely plausible.

The first three wreaths to be laid in honour of the father of Thai law Prince Rapee Pratannasak were from ‘foreign managed firms helping all nationalities in Pattaya and the Eastern seaboard’, said the report in the Pattaya Times,  known by those privileged to have seen it as the ‘Pattaya Sometimes’ due to its erratic publishing schedule.

This is a bit of a coup for the publisher who appears to have snuck into the picture just behind the Chief Judge of the court (right) . Noyes was described in an investigation carried out by the Wilmington Morning Star in the United States as a man of ‘myriad lies’ and a phony resume pursued by lawyers with unflattering allegations before he came to Thailand.

According to the report:

The PAPPA Law company led by managing Director Drew Noyes was ‘highly honored’ to be the first of the foreign guests to be invited to lay a wreath by Chief Judge Suchart Tansitorn at the statute of Prince Prapee Pratannasak outside the court, the newspaper reported.

“Pappa Co. Ltd senior lawyer Ekasit Phanutnok joined him as police, judges, district attorneys, military officers, the chief of Banglamuang District, Pattaya city lawmakers and hundreds of prominent Thai public sector leaders witnessed”, the newspaper reported.

“The second group called was the Pattaya Times Media Group and Editor Wanrapa Boonsu and publisher Charles Premasathira, of the Pattaya Times had the unique honor the lay (sic) the second wreath for the beautiful ceremony.”

“A newcomer on the scene was a group formed by Bangkok, Chonburi and Pattaya business leaders. 

“One Stop Centers Co. Ltd’s managing directors Rapeeporn Torpradit, Nataphon Panyakhananukul, and Philippe Venne were honored to lay the third wreath” 

The report concluded by stating that other people also laid wreaths including judges, city officials, and police.

This appears to be a remarkable turn around in fortune for these three beleaguered foreign-controlled companies.

The Pappa Co. Ltd, is not actually a law company, and thus not registered as such. The directors are Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu. No lawyers are salaried by the company. Indeed to operate in this way employing Filipina and other foreign staff without work permits, several of whom claimed they were also short changed, is a rare honour.

Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu have been charged with extortion and will go on trial inside the court on February 5th (Black Case 3921/55) next year facing a possible 7 year jail sentence followed by deportation for Mr. Noyes. Noyes insists he has evidence to prove they were set up.

It’s alleged that the two demanded 7 million baht from Australian Michael Goulet of the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien or face bad publicity in their newspaper the Pattaya Times. They strenuously deny the charges.

Noyes’ friend Niels Colov, publisher of the Pattaya People Media Group and leader of the Pattaya Police Volunteers has however said:


“I now am trying to help him in turn as much as I can. You know when we talk about Drew I believe he will get out of this case.

“I think you know there are as many people as possible putting their efforts together and will help. He will get out of this case.  That is my opinion.”

Mr Colov, who in Denmark was better known for his convictions and jail sentence for pimping, handling stolen goods and violence, has now reformed and risen througth the ranks of Pattaya society.  We can thus expect Mr. Noyes to be totally vindicated.

Mr. Noyes also faces court in November this year on a charge of libel against Pattaya businessman and children’s entertainer Andre Machielsen. It’s alleged he accused Machielsen of being a drugs trafficker.

Andrew (left)

Mr. Machielsen is a children’s favourite ‘Santa’ at Christmas time. His snowy white beard, he insists, is not artificially coloured by any other substance, so such claims could alarm parents.

He runs a busy security and home safety business in Pattaya.

Mr.Noyes is contesting the charge which relates to an alleged post from his gmail account to an internet website set up, or at least contributed to, by, it is believed, disgruntled members of the Pattaya City Expats Club.

The One Stop Service Center company promoted by Drew Noyes last month had to completely revamp its website after facing legal action when it dishonestly used a promotional video by the B.O.I’s One Start One Stop Service Centres (OSOS), to promote its own business.

While Drew Noyes may add this day to his honours list on, he is not actually a lawyer, which makes his new ‘distinguished recognition’ even more noteworthy.

Footnote: The Pattaya Times appears to have a new publisher according to its report. A post on the website subzerosiam stated last week that Mr.Noyes had sold all his shares in the newspaper.

Similarly new names have appeared in connection with ‘Onestopservicesthailand’.

Finally here as a poster points about below is Michel Goulet with the Deputy Mayor of Pattaya at a recent promotion for the Thonglor Clinic, Jomtien. The delivery by Howard Miller leads one gasping for breath!

* Drew Noyes starter pack

*Drew Noyes Video Pack


  1. The Swede

    Euroflash: It's from last year (dated 08.08.2011 10:50)Drew does't always know what year it is though.

  2. Pat Angko

    Very strange, why is DN not seen in any of the above pictures? His favourite past time is jumping in pictures, invited or not, he would never let this opportunity pass.

  3. Chris

    The retards have once again taken over the asylum or in Noyes case he is still trying to.
    Talk about The Del Boy of Pattaya!

  4. Solomon

    The footnote states that "Mr. Noyes had sold all his shares in the newspaper". One thing that can be said about that, if it true, is: 'BUYER BEWARE' !

  5. Skippylechihuahua

    Pat: Dn is in the picture, just 1 row above and to the left of the lady in red.
    Rather than one jumping into a picture, maybe one should try to go in on the knees, a crouched position that is, be the odd man out ?

  6. khonmask

    Is this ethical, that a man who has so many court case pending, being sociable with Judges whom will have to judge his cases, Would this be an automatic right of appeal?

  7. Skippylechihuahua

    Good point Khunmask, but I think you could replace the word "man" by person…………………………………………….
    My meaning to this is that it could imply a man or a woman.

  8. Gulper

    Very good point Khonmask. You could just imagine the ass licking Drew would have been doing that day.
    What is going on down in Thepprasit Road?First they remove the fisting services from Onestop andMiss Universe.
    Then Drew Noyes gives up his Officialblowjobs site.
    Now somebody is claiming that one of Drew Noyes' wives (the same one he was arrested with for extortion) did not write this distasteful feature article in the Pattaya Times this week. They are accusing her of plagerism. " Scientists say there is strong evidence linking oral sex to cancer, and urge more research into how human papillomaviruses may be to blame for a rise in oral cancer among white men. In the United States, oral cancer due to HPV infection is now more common than oral cancer from tobacco use, which remains the leading cause of such cancers in the rest of the world.
    Researchers had found a 225 per cent increase in oral cancer cases in the US from 1974 to 2007, mainly among white men, said Maura Gillison of Ohio State University.
    When you compare people who have an oral infection or not … the single greatest factor is the number of partners on whom the person has performed oral sex," said Gillison, who has been researching HPV and cancer for 15 years."
    This sure has left a very bitter taste in my mouth. One question for Wanrapa Boonsu, or if she did not write it as claimed, whoever did, is why does it only affect American white men? Is there something wrong with our technique? Does it affect us who have moved to Thailand and have Thai girlfriends? Are our girls poisoning us back home? Another good reason to be here.
    Is Wanrapa Boonsu still working at the Pattaya Times? I had heard that she had packed her bags and headed back to E-sarn long ago.
    And Andrew, maybe you should contact Gerinimo,that Native American Indian who invested 1 million into Drews' rag the Pattaya times after being told that some powerful Thais were chomping at the bit to be involved. (of course that never was going to happen , but it sure fooled Gerinimo, who parted with his cash thinking he was about to be a part of something big)If it has been sold then I am sure I am not the only person wondering what sort of return he recieved after 4 years after investing with the self described 'visionary entrepenuer.' A reasonable return would be somewhere around the 1.5-2.5 million mark IMO.
    If you are out there Gerinimo, let us know. Or have you been scalped?

  9. Lee

    He doesn't really get much opportunity to jump into photo's these days so he has to recycle old ones. He is probably trying to imply that he is connected with the Judges and 1) Drummond is in trouble and 2) He is not going to jail for extortion. If he has sold the Pattaya-Times (I cant for a minute imagine who would be stupid enough to buy it) then Geronimo may be in for a windfall, well enough for a few beers perhaps.

  10. Andrew Drummond

    Gulper: Actually Geronimo has a 10 per cent shareholding. He can legally call an agm and seek disollution of the company, demand to seek the accounts, demand to see the register of shareholders etc – should we buy his 10 per cent. I am sure he will accept a small consideration?

  11. Andrew Drummond

    Probably best if I do not though. Geronimo can claim in court that DN by his actions of lifting stories, carrying out vendettas again his enemies, outrageously puffing himself, and getting involved in unneccessary libel actions he has devalued the company. If I were a shareholder of course I could not devalue the company,

  12. Keith Elphick

    I've met Geronimo personally, and a guest of his hospitality, along with all the Thai staff prior to the launch of the Pattaya Times Newspaper. His money is from a substantial Casino interest in Nevada, along with other indigenous American Indians, and I can tell you, I wouldn't want to cross him financially, cause I believe he could get real nasty. DN may have some further problems there, if he has fudged the books somehow.

  13. Solomon

    Written in the Pattaya One article it was noted that Drew "Hosted" the Criminal Law Seminar. Knowing this, let me ask a question: Does it surprise ANYONE that he was "selected" to place the 1st wreath and his wife to place the 2nd wreath during the ceremony? It is not considered an "honor BESTOWED upon someone", but rather a "MANIPULATION of" an event in order for it to APPEAR as though "HONOR" has been bestowed. Lady's and gentlemen, he, due to sponsoring the event, had control of the proceedings,……. In other arenas a manipulation such as this would be considered 'fixing' the outcome. As is known by many, this is HIS method of making it APPEAR as though he is respected by the community,…………. I don't believe it has ever been said that he is not Cunning!

  14. Solomon

    Just to clarify my use of the word "cunning" lest it be thought that I give a 'credit' by it's use:

    "CUNNING (noun): Skill employed in a shrewd or sly manner, as in deceiving; craftiness; guile."
    GUILE (noun): Insidious cunning in attaining a goal, crafty or artful deception, duplicity.
    If I am not too far wrong, we have seen these 'deceptive methods' employed, by him, when he is dealing with the local officials (as in his current 'seminar') and in international dealings with the Optimist Organization.

    I also hesitantly use the words "skill" and "artful" (as their connotations are of a positive nature) but these are direct quotes as definitions.
    Also with respect given to his "victims",…… His deceptive tactics must have been skillfully and artfully applied in order to lure Intelligent people into his 'den' of lies.

  15. Skippylechihuahua

    Its the second time that I have heard the word cunning in remarks to dn. I thought cunning meant wise, smart, and it did not sound right to me, so I looked it up and found:
    " unscrupulous ruse, used to mislead others". Now I understand.

  16. Skippylechihuahua



  17. Pat Tai

    Gerinimo payed a whopping 1 million for a measly 10% share in the Pattaya Times.
    Noisy claimed it was a sure fire investment and that he had five other buyers all chomping at the bit and comprising mostly very well-known Thai and foreign businessmen and politicians. An outright lie.There were no others.
    He didn't get a single baht back. But he did get a nasty jacket and a fake press card. And a barrage of abuse and threats.
    When Geronimo was refused access to the accounts,he complained and Noisy then said he would be reporting the ‘criminal’ redskin to all cowboys, US, Mexican and Thai officials. A typical Noisy response.
    Noisy boasts the Pattaya Times is the third biggest English language newspaper in Thailand with a circulation of 500,000 (actually ten times the circulation of the Bangkok Post the actual largest English language newspaper). Another outright, bare faced lie.
    But for his million he did recieve this from Noisy–‘First we will get (edited) for lying and theft, then (edited) for lying and blogging, then (edited) for lying, then you for lying and filing a false report (and some other things we know about).
    You have no honor at all that is why you will always be alone. Maybe it’s time to expose you, your admitted criminal activities, financial background and wierd lifestyle to all cowboys and Indians and Mexican, US and Thai officials?
    Also, You should have someone read the bottom of the Thai form you signed at DBD. It says if you lie on your statement you go to jail. Also we have records of your understanding that the investment value in the paper is to build it up and sell it at hopefully a profit.
    Since you filed a false report about the paper you are hurting its sales value.
    That is, until the court hearing over your false statements if we decide to press charges as we have been instructed to do by DBD.
    We give you one chance to apologise. Offer expires Monday afternoon.’
    Well since then, it is actually Noisy himself that has been held in custody-twice.Once spending the night with his wife in the Pattaya police lock up as well. Did Wanraper think when she married Noisy that she would end up locked away in a Pattaya police cell?
    The newspaper Gerinimo 'invested' in is only 12 pages.The latest Big C catalouge has more pages. Most menus haver more pages.Noisy claimed it was the biggest, when in reality it is the smallest. In size and in circulation. Twice a month. It works out at less than 1 page per day.Nearly everything in it is old stories copied straight from real news sources. It would take only 1 person 1 day to put it together.1 computer would be plenty.Not the 30 oversees staff that Gerinimo was conned into thinking would be employed. No extra rent was payable as it operates out the back of Noisys PAPPA office.
    At 1 million one would think that it would have covered all the start up costs many times over. But Gerinimo only recieved 10%. And then threats of exposure in 3 countries and jail if he didn't shut the f— up.
    Gerinimo, your million was spent on Noisys self promotion, Noisys attempts to ingrain himself into high society and with high ranking judges and police and also to attack and lie about his enemies such as Niels Colov,ex Pattaya Times reporter Ivan Shiffers and Andrew Drummond.
    I hope it all works out well for you and your new partners.
    Now that Noisy is no longer an owner, Gerinimo , can we now stop with the Noisy promotion?
    Are you interested in selling some of your shares? We might have a few buyers.

  18. Sam

    JE wrote 'DN may have some further problems there, if he has fudged the books somehow.'…All I have to say to Geronimo is "how" ?

  19. Skippylechihuahua

    No disrespect intended to Pat Tai:
    Pat Tai: "Noisy claimed it was the biggest, when in reality it is the smallest. In size and in circu…"
    Sorry its a blow below the belt but I could not resist..55555.
    Edit if you must.
    Keep it up, the good work that is.

  20. Lee

    I only just noticed the close up of a desperate Noyes trying to get his face in the picture, hilarious. You can clearly see he does not belong there and jumped in again, he is not in any particular row and nobody seems to be standing next to him. It looks like he has simply pushed his way through and nobody has given him the space, much in the same pathetic manner he tried have his picture taken with Yingluck. He is clearly not relaxed unlike all the other participants but I guess that is normal when you only have a few seconds to get into shot before someone notices whats happening and politely asks you to get out.

  21. Max

    We saw how Noyes used his newspaper in an attack against ex employee, Ivan Schiffer. Noyes falsely accused Ivan Schiffer of being a drugs trafficker in the very newspaper he worked for. He also used his influence to have Ivan deported. Noyes issued Ivan with this threat just days before he was deported to Brazil.
    ‘You piece of shit. You want to play rough! You’d better be tough you spineless lowlife. I can tell you directly I am after you because you betrayed me and have no loyalty. Let’s see. You lied to Michael about me so when I see you behind bars I can spit on you…..unless something happens to you first.
    Make sure to tell whoever is stupid enough to lend you 20,000 for your overstay that they won’t get it back because immigration will hold you for other reasons. Still laughing?’
    He appears to have 'form' in the regard to having ex-Pattaya Times reporters 'exposed' when he falls out with them and then reporting them to his police friends.
    I assume this is the same Wayne Watson. Noyes newspaper site is full of this guys work. eg
    However not long after these stories were run it appears that Wayne Watson fell out of favor with Noyes. It appears that Noyes, true to form, then set the police on to Wayne.
    Can anybody confirm that they are indeed one and the same and did the guy end up in Jail as 'Wittaya Yensabai' reported? This looks like just another example of Noyes using his phoney law office, connections with the local fuzz and his newspaper to 'dispose' of a perceived enemy. Is there a link to the 'Santa' that is suing Noyes for libel who was also falsely labelled a drugs trafficker by Noyes? I am getting confused.
    Andrew, good luck with your case against this strange man. I hope the case is fair.
    And Noyes does look terribly out of place in that picture considering the Pattaya Court is almost a second home to him. It reminds me of the famous Yinglock ambush photo. Creepy. It seems that if you want Noyes to jump quickly all you have to do is pull out a camera, however he is not so keen to jump off platforms as we have seen.

  22. Skippylechihuahua

    KHUN MASK: "Is this ethical, that a man who has so many court case pending, being sociable with Judges whom will have to judge his cases"
    For a man with no ethics, the answer is yes.

  23. khonmask

    Well I can confirm that a letter has been sent to the court in Thai asking why a falang with so many court cases against him is allowed to attend events like this, when the same people will be asked to Judge him in the courts, If they say he is not guilty will it then compromise the Judges when people appeal to higher courts in Bangkok when these pictures will be produced stating it was impossible to have a fair trial in pattaya as the accused goes to social events with the judges

  24. Gulper

    Drew Noyes and his wife were spotted down at the Soi 9 Pattaya police station last week. More trouble? Or just reporting in for bail on the extortion case?

  25. Skippylechihuahua

    KHUN MASK: “Is this ethical, that a man who has so many court case pending, being sociable with Judges whom will have to judge his cases”
    ASK DREW ?
    I would love to hear the most reassuring "american lawyer's" PERSONAL and "LEGAL" views on this question….

  26. Arlene Irvine

    Max, Wayne Watson did work for the Pattaya Times but despite putting in overtime, was NEVER paid. He only received weak excuses. He is happily living near Pattaya and he was never arrested and dismisses the Pattaya Times report as complete fiction penned by a delusionalist. He laughed at my suggestion that he should sue Drew Noyes for defamation. He said apart from the fact that he doesn't like waiting in lines, nobody reads it anyway. He added that he doesn't think Drew is very well. He is in no way associated with Andre the children's actor who IS taking Drew Noyes to court for libel.

  27. Skippylechihuahua

    With so many claims and un answered questions how about a real "open letter to The Prime Minister that will improve millions of lives to be Delivered by Hand after input from the real foreign community in Thailand" ?

  28. Tony

    The new owners of the Pattaya Times look like they are continuing the tradition of having a copied newspaper with old news copied from other sources that never is never available out on time. Yet again, there are only yellowing piles of old newspapers in the shops with no new issue. It makes me wonder why they bother at all. Nobody buys the thing, there is no real news in it, nobody pays for advertising in it, nobody cares. Everyone in Pattaya knows it is a joke.Why do the shops stock it when week after week nobody buys it? Why bother? Ego? I suppose it could be a handy con tool when meeting with dignataries and potential marks. But only with people who use English as a second language.
    If they have new owners then why are they continuing to promote Drew Noyes. The real point of the story above is to show to everybody that Drew has friends and goes to these important events. Even though he wasn't invited and rudely pushed himself into the photo again. Trying to scare Drummond and others? I suppose it feeds his ego calling himself a 'business leader' in his own newspaper written by himself. But it is just so boring. Who really cares that judges celebrated National law day. It isn't news, just Drew Noyes trying to make him self out to be important. But once again he has made himself look like a desperate fool. Goodluck on Saturday Andrew Drummond, bury him.

  29. Andrew Drummond

    Actually Elisha – I am a journalist so all documents, statements, court records, tapes and videos etc I have already fully saved on back up hard disks etc.
    (10) Andrew Drummond did take Drew Noyes to court and the case was accepted by Bangkok Criminal Court. As part of a recent now hardly credible agreement Drummond pulled the hearing. Others actions can however be re-instated.

  30. Andrew Drummond

    Thank you Tony – will be down in Pattaya with family for the weekend I guess – maybe longer. So if I get a chance (have some work to do as well as attend the court) I will try and find time to have a beer.

  31. Lee

    Has he reeally sold the Pattaya Times, surely no-one could be that stupid, could they? or is it another lie, perhaps to face save it's demise.. The point that it is still blatantly promoting Noyes and his defunct businesses is evidence to the contrary I would think.

  32. Robert

    I doubt Drew's claims that he has sold all his shares in the Pattaya Times. And I would imagine that Onestop, is PAPPA just under a new name. And seriosly, who would be stupid enough to buy it?
    It was revealed here already that Pattaya authorities including the land department had refused Drew's clients and this was absurdly reported in the Pattaya Times as true. But he has now removed the link from his website. The story magically dissappeared after it was disproven by contributors to this site. Drew did try to spin it into this was the case for all foreigners, but this was proven to be a lie and confirmed to be the case by REAL lawyers in Pattaya, real estate agents and real developers.Drew just made it up. It is business as usual for everybody else. So Drew gets a couple of 'fronts' for Onestop and back to business.
    Similar situation one would imagine for the Pattaya Times. Advertising with the Pattaya Times would be associating yourself and your company with extortion, sexual predatation, myriad lies, violence against women and Drew Noyes etc. Nobody would purchase advertising even if they did think it was money well spent and it appears the very few advertisers he did have have all but abandoned him. At a recent Lighthose meeting he was shunned by all and spent the night pretending to talk to high level officials on the telephone. By disassociating himself from the the newspaper it actually gives it a chance.But is it another lie?
    All the best for Saturday Goldenballs. I am sure you will run rings around him. Again. Is Niels Colov a part of this case or has he finally wiped his hands clean from this walking, talking disaster zone? Lets hope Drew doesn't use his children in court again.

  33. Andrew Drummond

    Robert. No Niels Colov not involved. He gave evidence last time I think to delay DN getting into witness box. As he was not a witness to anything – other than AD allegedly writes bad things about Thailand – while mimicking Drew's claims the judges got rid of him quickly. He thought he was coming back for a second day. Thanks btw

  34. ally

    Breast reductions…….???? You can not be serious.
    Shut that place down immediately!

  35. ally

    Who's behind the Magnus Evans FB profile?
    I've just accepted his friends request so I'm a little curious….if you can’t say too much just a name or if it's you a yes will suffice.

  36. Lee

    I also notice Pattaya People has featured the Thonglor Clinic's success story, unfortunately though, it seems "Niels Colov CEO of Pattaya People" wasn't present at this bash! 🙂

  37. ally

    Of course it would help if I'd paid attention and got the name right…MANGUS EVANS…Sorry.

  38. khonmask

    There is talk about town than Mr Colov has also sold the paper but as yet not handed over the company, could this be gathering his assets before his secret move to the Philipines?. To avoid another court case

  39. Elisha Saunders

    Thankyou everybody for sending the emails. Andy, I am sure you know most of it, but what you have reported is only the very tip of the iceberg. This man's behavior is disgraceful. It is understandable that you are keeping such a close and persistant eye on him.
    I am compiling it all into a more condensed form and will be sending copies to police in Pattaya, police in the Phillipines, police in the States, police in Bangkok,to the Wilmington Star,to Pattaya businesses and to the American Embassy. I can assure everybody who sends stuff in will remain anonymous if they want.
    How has this gone on for so long?
    Is Brian Wright being held in custody or is he still roaming the seedy areas in Pattaya with his best friend?
    Interesting to see the vice mayor of Pattaya at the clinic that Drew and Wanrapa allegedly tried to standover. My question to Drew Noyes is 'Who attended the opening party at Onestop? The Mayor? The PM? Former Miss Universe? No. Nobody. It is a bit hard to hold a party when you don't have any friends apart from Brian Wright.

  40. Terry

    Good to see the Thonglor clinic being so popular and doing so well. A real Pattaya success story. Not a fake poser. Good to see Howard Miller, who Drew Noyes sometimes tries to impersonate, and other times threatens with deadlines and legal action also doing very well. Also nice to see that PAPPA has been closed down. And I am informed the Pattaya Times now only comes out every 3 weeks. I had somebody look for a copy this arfternoon in Pattaya, but was informed there are only old unsold copies in the shops dated from last month. Also nice to see that Onestop has been exposed for what it is despite your conning attempts to mislead people. And nice to see Andrew Drummond forced you to change the website 4 times. Also nice to see when one googles Drew Noyes, now instead of finding thousands of flattering words which can only be described as complete and utter bullshit, we see the truth about a conman in Pattaya. It will be also nice to see this site on Monday, operating as usual, despite Drew claiming that he has influential friends that will do whatever it takes to close this site down. That was a year ago.
    p.s Drew, they don't really like you.You don't have any real friends as such.They have no influence. You have been conned and lied to. How does it feel? Sucker. Or is that Official sucker. And why can't you get all those funny videos of you taken from youtube? Loser. And did Howard back down? No. Lost again huh? And did Pattaya Today clean up their site.? No again. Loser. And will you be successful tommorow. Uh-ah. And I see Niels has finally woken up and ditched you as well. Only the Dirty Dog, the gay gogo queens and your close and dearest friend Brian Wright. Sad ass.

  41. Skippylechihuahua

    Hello Andrew,
    Just to know if your weekend went the way you wanted, no surprises that is?
    All the best and hope to hear from you soon.

  42. Dan

    This was posted on a Thai forum over the weekend:

    "Just in…drummond has been ordered to remove noyes content from his site..more to come"

    I take it there's no truth in that then? Or is commenting on that even beyond what you're allowed to say?

  43. Andrew Drummond

    Give me the link.What I can say is that the hearing was not to face a charge of contempt of court as claimed in his newspaper. It was listed as a matter for investigation. But Drew Noyes has now been served with a writ of criminal contempt. I cannot give details of what was discussed on this site at the moment. I am also very happy with the way this case is progressing.There is another hearing in two weeks to finalise matters.

  44. The Admiral

    Great work Sir Goldenballs.
    While you can not say too much we can still read here about a Drew Noyes.
    In this Land of Smiles I am informed that it very important for Thais not to lose face.
    According to an exclusive report in the Pattaya Times ‘The Supreme Commander of Thailand’s most powerful police division, the Crime Suppression Police, has ordered the Cyber Crimes Division and the Information and the Technology Commission (ITC) to assist the Royal Thai Police in Pattaya and Bangkok, saying, ‘This is a very prominent foreigner in Thailand that this website is lying about for no reason except to hurt his reputation so close it down and catch the people responsible.’
    ‘We will kick him out of Thailand and he cannot come back,’ declared one investigator of the cyber crimes division when he read only a portion of the statements the blogger had written about the ‘police and mafia controlling newspapers,’ the representation of Pattaya as only a place of decadents and attacks on good people that were obviously just to hurt their businesses and reputations."
    Well,well, well. That was a year ago and I am still reading this site and Andrew Drummond is still in Thailand. Does this mean General Supisarn Pakdeenaruenart head of the CSD,has now lost his face?
    Keep up the good work. If you are a golfer, we have a big group here that would love to have a round with you the next time you are in town. On us. Perhaps make a day of it and raise some money for a good cause. Many people would like to congratulate you and have a chat. You definitely would pull in a big crowd. The Andrew Drummond Cup. The trophy- a set of big golden golf balls.

  45. barry kenyon

    Just wanted to say that I had an Indian meal with Andrew on Saturday night, first time in several years. He ate two starters, a prawn curry with all the trimmings and a beer and a coffee. From this it can be deduced that he was a happy bunny. In fact, we spent most the time discussing other stuff and not the repetitive Noyes saga.

  46. Elisha Saunders

    Thanks to everybody once again, I haven't had time to respond to all. Especially thanks to my agent in the States for all his work. Certainly Andrew Drummond has only reported on a small part of what has happened regarding this serial pest.If someone could send me details of the weekends events that would be superb.
    And to Drew Noyes, if you keep sending me misinformation with your new fake name, Arthur, please try and and make it at least partially believable. A bit over the top. Tone it down and it might have been more believable. I think you got a bit carried away with yourself especially towards the end. Thanks for taking the time though.

  47. Lee

    The Drummond open Golf Championship, now I would attend that event! With the winner earning the prestigious Drummond Golden Golf Balls trophy, and the runner-up getting the Noyes Award.

  48. ally

    Anybody else had the FB threat mail regarding removing Mangus Evans as a friend and legal action?
    That’s despicable even by that wretched cowards standards……

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