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Update: But a furious Noyes now threatens girl in Philippines 

From ANDREW DRUMMOND, BANGKOK November 19 2011

American publisher Drew Noyes has interrupted his business trip to Angeles City in the Philippines to take the unusual step to announce in his newspaper website that he is not having sex there.

In an exclusive story in the Pattaya Times he puts on his boxing gloves to reveal he is there with businessman and former Copenhagen pimp Niels Colov to help join Angeles City together with Pattaya.

He has previously announced he wants to link both with Las Vegas! He is not there for sex which, he says, he can get in Thailand.

He said he went to represent Pattaya City and to look for new opportunities ‘to expand both their businesses in the Philippines as the ASEAN Community will form in 2015′. 

 Flying the colours of the Polo Club of Thailand Noyes poses with Niels Colov (left) and a cut out picture of a boxer, perhaps as real people are getting harder to find.


‘The new Angeles Media Group was formed by Mr. Colov. Angeles City has the same reputation and Pattaya had in the past and still has to some degree today so the idea was formed to make Angeles City a Sister City with Pattaya.”

 ( AD: Mmm. And what reputation would that be?
 I hope the Mayor knows about this as officially his policy is to transform Pattaya into a family resort.)       

He adds: ‘However, former News of the World tabloid newspaper journalist and one-man blogger Andrew Drummond falsely reported the Pattaya businessmen which included Niels Colov and Drew Noyes had gone to Angeles City Philippines for sex. Andrew Drummond knows all to well if guys want sex they can stay in Thailand”.

Actually while I did not say Noyes was going to Angeles City for sex, nor I am particularly interested, I did say he was going on the ‘sexpats shuttle’ – the nickname for the flight which directly links Angeles City to Bangkok – and that he was meeting up with the gang from North Thai  or NT Realty….ouch!

Noyes incidentally goes on to say I am known by many to ‘frequent bars and pay for the company of young ladies’. And of course he repeats I have been convicted of libel. 
(My only convictions for criminal libel in forty years was when I exposed two sleazebags from Pattaya commercial gay sex scene. 

The convictions did not hold up I won both on appeal). 

Still at least he has not accused me of drugs trafficking,  the libel for which he is currently before Pattaya court.

It also seems I was spot on about him meeting the boys from NT.

‘ Pattaya businessmen Drew Noyes and Niels Colov – who both ran the first Expat Clubs in Thailand and each own several  successful businesses employing many Thais – went with a full crew of Pattaya People Media Group reporters, presenters and video cameraman to document meeting foreign businessmen to Angeles City, Philippines who are successful in real estate development in both Pattaya and Angeles City like John Seymour of NT Realty Asia. The(y) also visited the owner of Tequila Reef with restaurants in both cities.’  

I am happy to confirm Drew Noyes’ claim that he can indeed have sex in Thailand. 

Below is a picture of his latest squeeze – Naam – in the centre of this picture from when she worked at the Buffalo bar in Pattaya 3rd Road, possibly the cheapest ‘take-out’ bar in the business in Pattaya.

She now fulfills his needs as his minor wife as his major wife Kung is happy holding his property.

He can have sex in Thailand but not with Filipinas apparently as

this girl testified.

Mr. Noyes claims in his Pattaya Times newspaper that he has been 14 years in service to his Majesty the King.

This may not be true. His first business ventures in Thailand were the Lollipop bar and then the Zebra beer bar in Pattaya Soi 2 Beach Road.

Meanwhile Colov, who had a history in Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen before coming to Thailand, for pimping, receiving stolen goods, and violence, has joined the fray on Noyes’ behalf and publish a comment on the Pattaya People Media Group Facebook by a German called Wilfred Hesenius who thinks he is being witty and refers to me as being the ‘best customer in many bars and has a pedophile heart beating for young Thai ladies. Andrew ya ol bugger! Pattaya never keeps a secret for a long time ”

Wilfred, who says he is a freelance warranty surveyor for Denton Noble, however does not seem to have lucked out in Thailand. 


 Who says we are negative here? This move is definitely good news for Thailand.



Publisher Drew Noyes has threatened a former young employee in the Philippines that he will sue her if she does not co-operate with him to sue this site.

In messages last night Noyes, who tells enquirers that he is unconcerned and does not read this site when confronted about allegations against him, contacted one of the two girls in the Philippines, who made statements here about his behaviour.

The girl said said his offer of free accommodation, work visa and a minimum 12,000 baht a month salary went up in smoke after she refused to become his mistress. After a months work she got just 4,000 baht.

She had been upset after he took her to a go-go bar where girls danced naked, to make his spectacular offer.

Last night the girl contacted to me to say: ‘ Hey. Its me XXXX . Drew he texted me and said I need to co-operate (with) him. Ask me to send an email about statement at drummond site. They went to police station to file case and if I’m not to co-operate he will include my name.

“I won’t take back my statements against him.”

When I asked what Noyes wrote, she forwarded his message:


 “Rose. We have a big problem. A bad man named Andrew Drummond has posted on a blog saying you told him I cut your salary because you would not have sex with me then ‘threw her into the street’ with no place to live. Kung and I are going to the police station in the morning to file a criminal complaint.”

Since the Filipina girls gave information to this site a Thai girl has come forward in South Pattaya to say Noyes said she should be his ‘gig’ when she asked for a raise in salary at PAPPA and the Pattaya Times.

Comment: Well its easy to see Noyes’ ploy here. He hopes by intimidating the girl and filing a charge she will be scared to come to Thailand to testify. That may not be necessary. In special circumstances particularly where delicate sexual matters arise the Thai Human Development and Social Development Ministry can support video interviews. He might need to explain how he employed Filipinas on tourist visas too. But perhaps if ‘Kung’ (his wife) really wants to know the truth maybe she will let the girl come to Thailand and testify without any threat over her.

Picture Credit: Drew Noyes


  1. StarFighter

    Seems the young Filipino woman Mr Noyes hired in an illegal manner, and then tried to engage her in sex could have him arrested while he was in the city.

  2. Pat Angko

    My fly on the wall mumbled something about starting a radio station over there.. In the Philippines you're not safe regardless which side you call your friend. Instant lead poisoning is culturally embedded, makes TH a bit of a Sunday school thing.

  3. june barley

    These guys had better watch out for themselves over there. Americans are the dominant expat group and better organised due to ex service connections. Not the kind of ex Pattaya servicemen, Angeles sits next to what was once a huge American Air base. Think if U Tapao were being at second road, that is how near Clark Field is. Loads of Yanks settled there and are pretty well set in.

  4. Ally

    Those two are just classless.
    Do they actually have anything of substance or is it just smoke and mirrors?

  5. westerby

    These buffoons, wrapped so tightly in their cocoons of self aggrandisement, have the effrontery to act as self appointed ambassadors for Thailand and Pattaya?? How on earth can the MFA let these jokers carry on with this offensive rubbish.It is quite clear Noyes is misrepresenting himself as some sort of quasi national official and surely merits some scrutiny from the authorities on his return. To have a foreign whoremongering con artist slinking his devious way through the back streets of Pattaya is one thing but to parade himself abroad in the name of Thailand is quite another.
    Indeed, as Starfighter says, could the young lady, trafficked by Noyes into Thailand for sex with him, not report him to the police there? To have that dreadful hypocrite incarcerated in a cage pending judicial proceedings would be quite satisfying.

  6. solomon

    Just a note to both Drew and Niels;…… the last time you “partnered up� it ended up in a nasty legal battle. Why do you think this time will be any different? The old adage ‘honor among thieves’ does not apply to you two. Just knowing that one of you two will end up deceiving the other (and ripping you a mighty swath) will bring much delight to the bloggers on this site. My bet is placed on Neils,… he still wants to get even with you for taking his list. He couldn’t get it done in court so he is going to do it the way he knows best. At the same time YOU have plans of “putting it to HIM�, because that’s just the way you are. But my money (really Yours) is still on Neils, … he is brighter than you.

  7. Pat Angko

    Westerby wrote ""for sex with him"". First she had no sex, he asked her if she wanted to be his gig, second if she did after refusal it is called rape and yes he will be liable.

  8. Andrew Drummond

    For background purposes ask2644 is the young Filipina girl whom Noyes tried to make his mistress and when she refused reduced her salary to 4000 baht a month.
    Thanks for writing in.

  9. Ask2644

    A big boooooooo!! for PAPPA Americano ..Looking forward to visit your office here @ my beloved country (Philippines).and ask you personally who's lied Andrew Drummond Or YOU?? I've Never ever forget what you did to me Mr.Noyes. You forget to respect the Filipina woman like me.Anyway Congrats to expand your businesses here in Philippines and Good luck!!

  10. Rainer

    Niels and Drew both owe me money dispite repeated requests always seem to not be carrying any when I see them. I sure they both read this and know me so I expect to be paid this week or I may have to reveal a few things on this forum. The ball is in your court.

  11. Haim

    Both Neils and Noyes make out they are big players in the Pattaya scene. In reality they are nobodies but sometimes get their feet in the door because people can use them. Drew promises much but delivers little time after time. Both act as if wealthy but both drive basic cars, live in average accomodation and Drew especially is a a bit of a joke at events for his budget clothing. The polo shirt he is wearing was probably given to him. Anybody who has visited his office will soon realise how cheap he is.They rarely fool smart people but target the old and frail and weak.Like Joe for example.

  12. Peter Millis

    Finally Drew and Niels pasts are catching up with them. Thankyou Andrew Drummond.

  13. Meny

    Drew Noyes sells government housing for the poor to tourists and then keeps their deposits and claims to be a property developer. It is hard enough to convince people to invest here without the likes of this man trying to rip of anybody naive enough to trust him. He must be stopped NOW. His actions cause everybody who is running legitamate developements to lose money which in turn costs hard working Thais to also lose income.

  14. Mario and Nittiya

    We work hard to ensure tat all our customers here get more than they expect and building on the good.Sure Pattaya is not perfect but there are many of us making it better and as good as we can make it. Are the police doing anything about Noyes falsely quoting them in his newspaper. We advertise our business here but avoid Niels and Drew Noyes as they have no credability.Time for Pattaya to throw out the trash.

  15. Julian Stanley

    It is time for the good people of Pattay to stand up and be counted and oppose this freak. It is obvios nobody good is a member of either expat club.

  16. A good attitude will get you laid or make you popular

    Drews sex advice as in his ""Official"" survival guide.http://sites.google.com/site/thailandlegalandvisaservices/how-religion-guides-thais Sex
    If you are new to Thailand you probably skimmed the book looking for this section, and, who can blame you! This is what so many men dream about in their lonely rooms back home! Bars of all kinds in Pattaya offer the attention and companionship of ladies (and men) eager to please. The bars want you to stay there and drink, bring your friends or make new ones of the other customers so you will stay longer, enjoy the company of the staff working in the bar and eager to please you. The bar girls (or guys) get a commission of usually 20 baht for each “Lady Drink� you buy them. They sit and drink and talk with you. Usually they order orange soda or soda with a splash of Mekong Thai whiskey or a “Spy� wine cooler. If you like another one you see better, no problem just tell the one with you to tell her to come sit down. After you meet the one who excites and interests you pay the “bar fine’ so she can go with you to your room, out to dinner, to a movie or to Phuket, its up to you! The bar fine is paid to the bar for the loss of income the lady would generate in drink sales. At beer bars I is usually 200 baht and at a go-gos it is usually 500 baht. Service girls, bartenders and almost everyone else is available for companionship. However, the cashier is usually of limits because she handles the money.
    Is Drew Noyes now claiming to be a sex expert as well as a legal expert? He goes on to say Yes, You are a Sexy Man!

    Where else in the world can you be considered tall at 5’ 7�, a millionaire with US $25,000 in the bank or handsome with a bald head? Thai people see you as sexy or handsome if you look clean and “smart.� A smile and a good attitude will get you laid or make you popular!

  17. Kerry Matison

    As an American living in pattaya people like Noyes make us all look bad. Embarrassing.

  18. newbie

    Drummond is getting a lot of support on this blog for exposing Drewes and Colov – and that is well deserved…………None of us should forget that what was going on was known for a very long time but it took one journalist to have the courage to give it some publicity (backed by facts and sources)…….Pattaya is not the only expat club that has become tainted by association and Dirty Dog's forum is not the only forum tainted either……….Surf around a few forums and take a peep at how some expat 'clubs' are run guys

  19. Expert

    Drew might not be a journalist, lawyer or property developer but he is an expert on the bar scene having owned and operated bars and living with a bar girl and spending all his spare time in bars with good friend Dirty Dog and pimp friend Neils

  20. sam

    Sex…anyone would think there is something wrong with it the way you lot are complaining.

  21. Bob

    The comment about Tequila Reef was pretty unfair.

    Not only is their Mexican food excellent, just because Dumb & Dumber decide to barge in on them for a ""meeting"" means the two (good) guys who run the place actually want to be seen with them.

    You should try the one in Patts when you are there. And actually say hello and speak with the bosses before assigning them motives.

  22. Elfie

    Thanks for letting everybody know that you didnt go to the Filipnes for sex Drew.Good to see you are helping Thailand with this exclusive news item and you shared that with us in the biggest newspaper in Thailand. I am sure Kung, Nittia and Naam will be pleased with your good behaivior. We all believe you.

  23. Ned Pflug

    A few years ago, Niels Colov made an anonymous internet posting entitled ""Conman Comes to Pattaya"" that exposed Drew Noyes. Drew went ballistic over this, and that's what started his many fanciful autobiographical web postings. ""Conman Comes to Pattaya"" disappeared after Noyes and Colov's touching reconciliation, only to be replaced by http://www.noyeswatch.blogspot.com and Andrew Drummond's most wonderful website.

  24. Pat Angko

    Michael Gourmois, if you are the real Michael Gourmois you have been warned months ago and so was Derrel the newsletter man and even the well respected Ex Chairman Rick. You guys are finally waking up now the eggs start dripping of your faces. Nice a board meeting, be prepared to receive all kind of excuses from the little man for who DN is a kind of god. Expats helping expats, don't fall a sleep and forget the reason the club was set up.

  25. Pat Angko

    Julian Stanley, wrote It is obvios nobody good is a member of either expat club. Wrong, plain wrong, a lot of naive people yes but there are plenty who join either club out of good intentions. The leadership is a bit ""ball less"",0,1,,,0,0

  26. Hawaii Bob

    With the tough libel and slander laws here in Thailand I do believe most of what AD writes is either backed up with proof or is quoting another source I don't believe he makes up what he writes or could not call himself an investigative reporter.
    Whether Drew has sex while in Philippines or in Thailand should be of no concern to anyone but his wife Kung. I believe in fidelity in marriage so does my wife but it is none of my business what someone else sexual beliefs or behavior is but their spouse's.

  27. Les Edmonds

    Yes, expat who likes to hide behind that name, you did spread a lie saying that I could not pay my electricity bill and had no money. Very close to defamation of character…so be careful. If you have the nerve, arrange to meet me and see all the receipts for Water, Electricity, TOT and AIS bills all paid and up to date.Unfortunately, it is sad little people like you and others that have no life who begrudge what other people do. Drew has never been my ""boss"", I merely submitted articles that I had genuinely written. When he started messing about and putting my name to articles that were never written by me we came to the end of the road.
    Andrew Drummond has already vindicated me on that point so get your facts right.

  28. Yes, You are a Sexy Man! A good attitude will get you laid

    More advice about Thai people by DREW on http://sites.google.com/site/thailandlegalandvisaservices/how-religion-guides-thais
    1)Not a lot of decision-making and analysis goes on in the average Thai mind because by nature they rely more on feelings than logic.
    2) Sociologists estimate that as many as 75% of post-puberty single Thai males en­gage the services of a prostitute an aver­age of two times a month.
    3)But, you may be surprised when your secretary stops working without notice because she is so upset about the rude way you threw papers on her desk! You may have not even realized she was upset.SO THATS WHY THEY LEAVE. NOT BECAUSE YOU CUT THEIR SALARIES AFTER REJECTING YOUR ADVANCES

  29. Pat Angko

    Ned Pflug, it may have disappeared from the web but not from my PC. I sent AD a copy long ago, but he found a better copy from the Morning Star. Indeed Drew went ballistic, but it was never proven Niels did it but he was the only one with a motive after DN ""used"" NC phone book database.

  30. Ned Pflug

    Andrew, I fear that the many comments posted yesterday by so-called Pattaya real estate professionals are false. It could be Drew himself that posted these in an effort to discredit this website. He will then point out that these comments as false and try to get guys like Rony, Cees, etc. to disavow them. The comment by Paul badmouthing Rony and Cees and real estate developers could be an attempt to turn these guys against you. I suggest you contact these people and verify if they actually posted the comments. Noyes with his cunning plans — he reminds me of the Baldrick character from Black Adder!

  31. andrew

    Nedflug: I fear you may be right. I have asked the web guy to check the ips. As u can see I started rejecting some of them.

  32. Andrew Drummond

    Two points here: Les, sorry I should not have let that one through. Your finances are of no concern to anyone here. A letter from a Kim Fletcher has been deleted as there is a well known Kim Fletcher in Pattaya and it appears not to be him. If it is he should verify.

  33. Expat

    Les Edmonds said we spread lies about him but like his boss Noise does not actually back up anything with facts just calls us liars. peas in a pod.Does anybody including Les, Hawaii Bob or any of his other supporters actually believe Drew went to the Philipines and didn't have sex. Waiting for your response Les and Bob.I am sure they wont respond.

  34. i am thai person.

    guide.http://sites.google.com/site/thailandlegalandvisaservices/how-religion-guides-thais why deos drew say bad thing about thai people. he say smile and you get laid so he think thai lady all same bar lady. lady office and factory not same this.lady have job not want go with boss.just get money for work and take care family.not thinking about sex every time same you.why you say thai person not thinking smart. i think you not understand thai person why you have bad thing on internet.why you talk about thai religion and bar lady like this

  35. Andrew Drummond

    A number of posts have turned out to be fraudulent. I believe I have weeded most of them out now. But as the genuine email addresses of certain people have also been used I am still awaiting replies from some people.
    Presumably this was a ploy by the obvious person to show that fake letters are used on this site to denounce DN.
    However as time progresses we will be able to check the IP addresses I trust.
    Meanwhile of course the post by the Filipina who was employed by Drew Noyes is 100 per cent genuine.

  36. Andrew Drummond

    I am still deleting posts some of which seem quite normal. People providing false email addresses I am afraid cannot post.
    This is part of the text of one I have deleted:
    ""Nedflug has read the situation well I believe. Drew is running around pattaya trying to sure up support from anybody including his old arch enemy Neils.He even sent me his new linkedin profile even though i have ignored him for years.He will try anything to discredit you and this is a smoke scrreen. However it will backfire on him as people are not as stupid as drew thinks they are.These people are real developers, they are not selling second hand government condos for the poor to tourists and keeping their deposits"",0,1,,,0,0

  37. Woody

    Good point hawaii Bob. It is only Kungs business so why did Noisy use his Pattaya Times Newspaper to announce that he was not having sex there?

  38. Pat Angko

    Can someone who knows the Philippina's contacts advice them to go report their ordeal to their local police station? Nice surprise for DN at the immigration counter in Mannilla. PH takes the misuse of their overseas workers very serious.

  39. Bill Macdonald

    I note the Boxing picture and wondered whether Noyes and Colov had an association with Perry McNeely, another well known American traveller to and from Pattaya to the Philippines and a former Philipphine boxing promoter amongst other things

  40. jeff

    Andrew very sorry for posting under a false name.As you know I am still fairly unpopular in some quarters rightly or wrongly.Though old Drew is running me close in the abuse stakes.I of course think he is a more deserving candidate of the public wrath.Sadly I still find using my real name tends to create an basis in some peoples minds that then overshadows any opinion I put forward.While I fully understand your removal of my last posting due to your kind explanation.I feel very strongly that the amount of postings removed should be kept to an absolute minimum when ever possible.Free speech and writing being one of the most important human rights we would all wish to be allowed to partake of and enjoy.Something that you in your chosen profession must surely hold most dear.I find it refreshing that your regular contributors have the commonsense and intelligence to self censor any obvious attempt to mislead them without your helping hand.Perhaps one of them has the courage to start a new Expats club free of the sleaze that has ruined for so many what should of been a pleasant meeting place for retirees to gather for a few hours.Pat Angko would certainly have my vote.Though saying that any endorsement from me would probably ruin any wannabe chair persons chances.Seriously I think for any club to be bad boy free it has to exclude those with business interests in Thailand from membership.Only then can people join knowing the interests of all will always be placed first.Rather than some chancers self interests taking over as is sadly the case now.Keep up the great work Andrew.I am sure even with the departure of Mr Noyes to other shores your special talents will be much in demand by the good guys whose voices are not always heard though their number be many.

  41. westerby

    Is it because Noyes evidently doesn't have a pot to piss in that he threatens people with a police complaint for defamation? I suspect it is. Anyone halfway decent and worth more than a paltry hill of beans would instruct lawyers and lodge a proper claim for damages. Oh, I forgot, he is a lawyer…….har,har.

  42. newbie

    i agree with jeff…………neither expat clubs nor forums should have 'business interests' …it at best clouds their judgment; at worst, it corrupts………..thaivisa, but ALSO others, has powerful sponsors which result in some 'odd' decisions on censorship and post deletions and bannings. …..and how does chiangmai expats club justify being an unelected body with strong commercial interests

  43. solomon

    One thing that we can all agree on is that everyone’s personal finances are their own concern as long as they do not adversely affect another person. Paying or not paying one’s own debts affects their own credit worthiness and is a condition they should address based on their personal criteria. The real problems in society arise when money is derived through hurting people, by scamming and other deceitful means, or by physical and forceful methods, all of which are illegal in most civilized cultures,… this is when innocent people are hurt. This is the point in time when all decent people should step up and be heard. It is at this point when action should be taken. At this point is when groups of decent people have the responsibility to thwart the future actions of these ruthless deviates that plague our otherwise respectable society. The old adage “EVIL FLOURISHES WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING� is as applicable here as it was during WWII. Deviates, like the ones we encounter in Pattaya, should know that they are not welcomed here; that their past targets are no longer silent, and no longer alone, and through this web site have a united voice to thwart any “fear mongering� threats. These deviates should know that they can no longer threaten through their “high connections� or the hollow threats of making out police reports. These deviates should know that issuing false police reports and threatening actions based on contrived lies will only bring the wrath of a great number of past victims to bare as witness against the falsified claims. These Deviates should be smart enough to know that any actions they threaten will bring their unscrupulous operations into the limelight and they will end up exposing themselves to their future “marks�. Then the people of Real Authority will see them for who they really are.

  44. Pat Angko

    Jeff and Newby. First there was (the word and the word was … oops wrong page) only one expat club, very well-meaning people started it up 3 in total (DN was NOT one of them). Those meetings were actually really well run. Then arrived the need for a more structured club, hence a ""board"" meeting was held by the founders and a few interested (tat’s when DN came in the picture he was merely a visitor). Then of course the squabbles started as is customary in small groups where everyone thinks his ideas are slightly better than the next guy. DN made his presence known and as all people with his PD (personality disorder) he talked everyone in for him to be first chairman. One founder member got so pissed off that he left the Pattaya Expat Club and started a Pattaya Expat Club Company Limited, a business structure. This was frowned upon by the PEC so they changed their name in Pattaya City Expat Club (PCEC) as not to get in trouble with the tax department. Of course NC wanted to make it more of a business opportunity club (like Rotary where he was born, and now I remember DN ever wanted to starts his own Rotary Club as well). NC did not get what he wanted and left the PEC to starts his own ""Friends of Pattaya Club, this he gave up after 8 months due lacking of membership. NC then contacted the founder member P. Hansen (whom left and started the Company) and they made a deal and opened up the Pattaya Expat Club (Company Limited) and ever claimed they were the first expat club in town which is obviously not true. Meanwhile the PCEC evolutes and instigated membership voting for a board and the board chooses a chairman. Strangely for Drew he was railroaded and by far not chosen to be on the board and ever since the majority does not want him only a handful of his countrymen (one table full)and a lost Aussie friendly referred to as the midget. The midget is in charge of the guest speakers and this is why DN can still pretend to know everything about everything and allowed to sprout his nonsense to the gullible membership. And this is the story how come that 2 clubs are in town.

  45. newbie

    you are right Solomon………..but how many people other than AD have the guts or take the initiative……….many knew what was going on but are powerless to do anything…..now at least they can stand out and support what needs to change…….but it needed a Drummond initiative….the guy is a bloody terrier; look how he did not let go in the Kirsty Jones reports

  46. sam

    Hope you are including Wilfred in any of your legal actions…although as the numbers increase, the costs shall also I guess.
    I dislike asswipes that accuse you of pedophile tendencies as their pitiful last resort.

  47. newbie

    hi pat….my comment was general and i referenced chiangmai as an example…….if both 'clubs' and indeed forums are run for everyone's benefit and not crowded out by a minority with business interests, it can work out……not perfect but thailandqa by richard barrow works as a forum, and for expat clubs a better model would not involve 'business people' like drew. if both forums and clubs were run only by members who actually wanted to contribute to and get something from them, problems would be greatly reduced. and the likes of drew nowhere to go. they would have been sussed

  48. Elena Wilson-Singer

    I have no idea why I believed that you could do anything. I really should known better, having lived there.
    You guys are all for yourselves, and the next time I see a by-line by yourself I will know how to respond.

    Elena Wilson-Singer

  49. Martin

    I am a little curious Elena what your were expecting.

    Was it that telling your story to a journalist would immediately cause DN to say ""oops, sorry about that here is the money I stole from you"" or that a journalist is suppose to work as an advocate for you to get your money back? That is the role of an attorney, whom you pay and a court which renders justice. All a journo can do is expose injustice (which has been done) and hopefully this will put pressure on those who can to rectify the situation.

    If your only motivation for exposing this criminal was only that you would get yours, there is little hope of that in just making others aware of the crime. Even a crusading journalist can't force someone to right a wrong. In this case it would seem that whatever his motives the editor has gone above and beyond what could be expected and due to that you are better armed than you were before. Perhaps if you chose to pursue DN in the courts or with others based on the information exposed on this site, they would be more receptive. If you are angry with the editor because you didn't get your money back with a wave of his magic pen, that anger is mis-directed and your presumption mis-guided.

  50. Go to the police

    Elena was threatened with death. Threats to kill is an offence. Her lawyer witnessed it, why doesnt she go to the police?

  51. Danjel

    Where can I read the conman comes to Pattaya article….?

    Quite facinating, how they can be best friends. I remember reading DN's exposure of NC in Pattaya times 2 years ago.

    I wonder what Howard Miller thinks of these 2 clowns.

  52. jeff

    Thank you Pat and Solomon for such interesting and informative comments.Pat I may be wrong is there not a third club in Pattaya set up for expat ladies.I seem to remember reading a report on their good works.The money raising they did seemed to back up the chair ladies claim this was no cake baking jumper knitting chatter club but aid effort outfit that would put some NGO to shame.Most refreshing was the apparent lack of egos among members.No ladies that lunch these.Just a quick sandwich between boosting the funds of good causes.Not just Pattaya was being helped.Burma got a hand.Best of all not one member seemed intent on putting themselves before others.Certainly put us lads to shame.Sisters doing it for themselves and in Pattaya of all places. Andrew you took the Fox News jibe well.But then I guess you are thankful not to be a chiseled chinned Ivy League All American Boy or Perfect Teethed Big Haired Blonde Bimbo.All essential requirements for staff members on the aforementioned media group.Oh well Murdochs loss is our gain.Please keep up the good work.

  53. Andrew Drummond

    Jesse: I dont think many people here care whether DN has sex in the Philippines? Do you really? That really was not the point. The point was that DN actually wrote a news story about it in his own newspaper.
    Fox TV? Nah. I opened up Fox Bureau in London with Lyndal Marks in 1988 or thereabouts. Field Produced for 'The Reporters' FOX TV, on San Pedro di Lurigancho Prison, Lima, with Steve Dunleavy, also on rise of neo nazis in eastern Europe. 'The Reporters' was shelved because it was a bit highbrow, I guess. I was also on A Current Affair with Maury Povich. Never worked for FOX News though.
    But yes I did learn how to make a five minute film out of nothing and the art of the 5 sec sound bite.

  54. Jesse Schule

    I used to think that the name ""Andrew Drummond"" was synonymous with a high standard of freelance journalism? This story seems like it is suitable for the tabloids you find at the checkout in the supermarket? Who cares who is having sex with who, and who is cheating on their wives, the world has bigger problems! I guess I am going to have to find myself a new mentor .. Mr Drummond seems to be primed for a spot on Fox News ..

    Andrew Drummond: The writer here provided a false email address. However as I have answered it already I will let it stand.

  55. Andrew Drummond

    Jeff: Your emails are bouncing back. If you wish to continue, please provide genuine email

  56. Jessica

    Mr. Drew Walter Noyes Sr.
    Thailand Real Estate Investment Expert, Whos Who, * NAR licensed Real Estate Broker* SEC Registered/Licensed Investment Banker, stock broker, commodities trader * Royal Honors * Trufina Certified & Verified Background, Princess and Queen of Thailand Honors, real estate development, Thai government contacts, marketing, sales, legal service, PAPPA Co., Ltd. Pattaya, American Chamber of Commerce Law Committee

    Bird Flu Scare of 2004
    In 2004 during the Avian Flu outbreak in Asia the international press reported Thailand had numerous outbreaks of the chicken flu and inbound international tourist canceled their vacations to Thailand by the tens of thousands. The governor of Chonburi, Governor Piset, called on Drew Noyes then Managing Director of P.A.P.P.A. (Pattaya Advertising, Promotion & Publishing Alliance) Co., Ltd. for help. They organized a media event and invited all the major international press who came to watch Drew Noyes and 57 foreigners from 14 different countries attend a banquet with the governor, other Provincial governors and Thai government officials from all over Thailand. The meal consisted of six different chicken dishes. Everyone had second helpings of the delicious Thai cuisine. Drew Noyes was interviewed as the then leader of the Pattaya City Expats Club and told the world that Bird Flu comes from mishandling dead chickens and unless you plan to go upcountry and kill chickens and handle them then you have nothing to worry about and you should come to the Land of Smiles: Thailand. The video aired worldwide and international tourism numbers increased dramatically thanks to the fair-handed international press and the efforts of Governor Piset, Drew Noyes and all of those in attendance.

    This gent comes with so many credentials, I wonder if its expensive to hire his services?

  57. Pat Angko

    Jessica wrote, ""This gent comes with so many credentials, I wonder if its expensive to hire his services?"" Think before you fork out money. The credentials are only 5% of all his self written credentials. DN was using the PCEC as a kind of rent a crowd group, until people wondered what they were doing at those functions. Only the diehards stayed on for the free food.

  58. Ally

    Jessica…if that’s who you are….
    I’m not sure what your point is here.
    He guy is a fantasist and possibly something much more sinister.
    He’s using that fictitious bio to attempt to ingratiate himself onto Thai society, nothing else. Dam if it’s true we’d be looking at the new Messiah…..Just another chancer and failure who couldn’t survive in the real world so he re-invented himself in Thailand.

  59. sam

    Ally : 'so he re-invented himself in Thailand. '…if this is true…why didn't he come back more handsome and a tad smarter ?

  60. Lee

    Why on earth would the government need Drew Noyes anyhow.. They recently turned down EXPERT water management advice from the Dutch recently.. So I doubt they would turn to a fantasist like Noyes for PR.. Real story there was as one of many (so called) media outlets, Pattaya Times was asked to attend said meeting.. no different to any of the other 57 media outlets.. The way Noyes spins things is beyond belief!! If you know Thai's well enough then do you really think they are gonna lose face and have Drew Noyes advise them?

  61. Jessica

    Pat!. My comments were made very much tongue in cheek… I do realise the person is question is the lowest of the lowest, so sorry my humour was lost along the way! lol.

    Ally, regarding your comment ""Jessica if thats who you are "" well my name is Jessica, my e mail is bone fide and please do read the comments above!

  62. Ally

    Good point, why don’t you ask the sociopath?
    It would make a great article for ""Thailand’s most trivial and irrelevant English language newspaper"".
    Don't you think?????

  63. Andrew Drummond

    Yes I think a few people missed Jessica's joke here. Incidentally Mr.Noyes has again been threatening harrassing in the Philippines. This time for public consumption.
    Coming up shortly. I'm getting the feeling there is No News Like Noyes News. But looking forward to a break.

  64. Nothing anybody can do

    Psychopathy is a mental disorder characterized primarily by a lack of empathy and remorse, shallow emotions, egocentricity, and deceptiveness. Psychopaths are highly prone to antisocial behavior and abusive treatment of others. Though lacking empathy and emotional depth, they often manage to pass themselves off as average individuals by feigning emotions and lying about their past.Psychopaths are incorrigible and consummate liars. They frequently and readily lie to get what they want or to impress people, and they do so with such skill that even experienced interrogators are sometimes fooled. This talent lies in a confident presentation that never betrays signs of anxiety, hesitation, or shame, even when they're confronted with contradictory evidence or inconvenient questions. This frequently baffles their listeners and distracts them from the inconsistencies in their words. They believe the psychopath is honest because it is hard for them to believe a liar can be so bold and unflappable.Drew Noyes believes everybody else is at fault, hate to admit it but he aint going anywhere. He has no feelings of shame normal people feel and while Andrew should be admired for what he is exposing it will not do a thing to change Drew Noyes. I remember when the 'Conman comes to Pattaya' expose was released by Niels Colov which contained a lot more damaging information than Andrew has exposed. Did Drew disappear? No he continued on and opened a newspaper.Same with Noyeswatch. All are dreaming of a Noise free Pattaya but it will not ever happen. You cant win.

  65. Andrew Drummond

    Except recently every time comes backs now he gets shot down. No, Nothing anybody can do, I am fairly confident he is losing it as I hope to demonstrate. He's already been talking about going back to the US, and there is the Philippines, I guess.
    The Kung thing is not a love thing obviously. Or if it is its a very 'open' relationship. I would be thinking how do I keep my property.

  66. Andrew Drummond

    This just in at 7.36 pm: Hold on for the ride of your life you pathological liar. Som nan Na asshole! – 0841117999 (Drew Noyes)

  67. PB

    This attempt to twin Pattaya with Angeles City is quite ludicrous. A more logical and potentially fruitful tie-up would be with the Subic Bay area which has ship building, a city and and a flourishing freeport. But of course there is much less corruption and seedy bars in Subic and Olangapo. The dynamic duo have not done their homework once again. I wonder if the incisive Harry the Horse website has any insight into their speculative Angeles mission.

  68. Pat Angko

    'Nothing anybody can do' wrote a correct assessment of what we are up to, however, my fly on the wall said; you luckily will be proven wrong. The one and only answer to sociopaths in our society is to take them out of circulation or isolate them.
    Those plans are underway slowly but surely.

  69. Mac Bungle

    "The(y) also visited the owner of Tequila Reef with restaurants in both cities." That's interesting knowing that the owner of the reef is also the owner of the Philippines Addicts sexpat, and sex tourist forum.

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