The two Burmese migrant labourers accused of the murder of Briton David Miller and the rape and murder of Hannah Witheridge were today remanded in custody until July next year when their trial has been scheduled to start.

The hearings for 21-year-olds Wai Pho (Zaw Htun) and Zaw Lin, who have pleaded not guilty have been set for from July 8th to 28th of August for the prosecution, and September 1st to 25th of September for the defence.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We continue to monitor the case closely and expect the trial to be conducted in a fair and transparent way in line with international standards.

“The British government cannot interfere with Thailand’s judicial processes just as other governments are unable to interfere in UK judicial processes.”

“We continue to provide support and assistance to both the families of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller.”

Footnote:  The Foreign Office statement is ambiguous. Either it expects the trial to be conducted in a fair and transparent way in line with international standards, as in “We are watching please. Please conduct  this properly”.

Or it expects the trial to be conducted in a fair and transparent way,  as is usual in Thai trials which follow international standards.

Thai trials may not follow international standards, whatever they are. They certainly do not follow British standards. There is no verbatim record. The defence has already claimed they have not been informed of prosecution witnesses, and often journalists are not allowed to take a shorthand note; and there is an assumption of guilt not innocence.


  1. Weasel words from a duplicitous Foreign Office as inept as they as they are spineless. Of course they can interfere in a process which concerns the murder of two British nationals if that process is conducted in a manner which precludes justice and a proper finding of guilt. Sometimes, one truly wonders what planet that bunch are living on.

  2. I'm as horrified as you are, Gerry. And spineless is a good word to use. Yes they can interfere if they wanted but economics and politics stop that happening. Put crudely, the UK have to jump to Thailand's tune because Thailand owns so much ogf UK debt. Blame to the media for either being to inept to know the score or for being complicit on hiding this from the public. .

  3. Thailand own only a very small percentage of UK debt most owned by UK insurance cos pension funds banks etc. and with Standard and Poor's AAA rating could easily resell any sold by Thailand

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