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Outcasts, bums, expat do-gooders, rogues and people on the make – Dodge City; where is this place?

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‘Bugger a paedophile’  – a Phnom Penh children’s charity slogan Under the headline ‘Dodge City’ Phnom Penh – the capital of Cambodia and the favourite bolt hole for foreign ‘refugees’ from Thailand – has taken a bashing in the Sydney Morning Herald – or at least some foreigners there have. Steve Morrish Reading a lengthy article by Stephanie Wood it …

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ARE THE CHILD ABUSE NGOs IN CAMBODIA STEPPING OVER THE LINE? -Or is everybody accused of child sexual abuse a lying pervert only fit for the scaffold? A report commissioned by the British Embassy records how a Briton convicted and sentenced to seven years jail in Cambodia for child sexual abuse was given absolutely no justice in a Cambodian court …

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Australian Millionairess Resigns from SHISHA advisory board following ‘Flying Sporran’revelations

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Australian mining millionairess Gina Rinehart has tended her resignation as honorary advisory to the board of the Cambodian based charity SISHA after revelations on this site. Her move follows the resignation of former Victoria, Australia, policeman Steve Morrish as executive director of the charity known for its activities in tracking down foreitgn paedophiles. Gina Rinehart, reported as the world’s fourth …

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ANTI-PAEDO ‘AUSSIE THUGS’ HOLD HOSTAGES IN BAR AS WHISTLEBLOWERS LEAK FINANCIAL REPORTS. WATCHING THE DETECTIVES! A paedophile hunting charity  in Cambodia run by former Australian and British policemen is mired with allegations of financial irregularities and accusations of ‘behaviour like thugs.’ Picture: How a Chinese magazine presented SHISHA. The caption reads ‘If anyone can, Ayia can. Aiya’s actions attract attention. …

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Child Abuser Launches Attack From Behind Bars

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INFAMY! INFAMY! THEY’VE ALL GOT IT ‘IN FOR ME’ANDREW DRUMMOND, 28 April 2012British child abuser David Fletcher, exposed by the ‘Flying Sporran’, after being caught grooming kids on a Phnom Penh garbage dump and attempting to buy a teenage bride, has written from prison in Thailand promising to expose his enemies. Lording it in a Phnom Penh bar with a …