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Goudie ‘raising concerns about
Drummond’s freedom’.

Reports reaching this office say that Brian Goudie, whose business as a ‘lawyer’ has been seriously hampered since he has been exposed repeatedly on this site, has now new troubles on Koh Samui, and a big pain in his rear in Pattaya.

I cannot confirm stories saying he has had serious problems with a sub-contractor working on his Bang Kao Bay residences there after he called the police and accused the man of theft and made his usual legal threats; nor that the furious southern Thai made an open threat, but the story is so plausibly Goudie.

Goudie’s habit of saying ‘I’ll see yee in court’ may not have gone down so well in Koh Samui, which is, sort of, still part of Thailand, and where of course Southern Thais, especially ‘island folk’, sometimes need to be kept on a short leash.

The Jaggie

But I can confirm that in Pattaya  Ms Kanya Srilaard (Sue) from Udorn Thani is now reporting him for cheating her.

Earlier this year she had paid Goudie 250,000 baht, which constituted a deposit on renting the former ‘Jaggie Thistle’ bar from Goudie on a year’s contract.

Goudie, however, returned to Pattaya two months ago and ordered her off the premises telling her he was now selling the bar. But he has refused to give her her deposit back.

Instead he has sent sms messages and emails telling her that he has reported her for theft of goods from the premises at Dongtan Police station, Jomtien.

That is the same as he has done to (Nang), his former girlfriend and, managing director of Jimi International Ltd (named after Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday) which owns the bar.

Goudie’s police complaint however seems to be sitting under a pile of gathering dust at the police station as ‘Nang’ has told them that she was safeguarding company property, and Sue, who took nothing,  has denied the charge and is being supported by Nang, whose signature in any case is needed on any rental agreement, or removal of property for that matter.

Nang – Picture Brian Goudie. Beauty with
 brains unfortunately for her former boss

Nang appears to have also told police that Goudie could not rent out the bar without her permission and it is Goudie that has actually stolen from the company. She, said Sue, agrees that the bar was acquired by Goudie under very dubious circumstances.

Police also appear to have taken the side of the two women and may be influenced by the Thai version of the short documentary “Men in Suits and Influential People’ on YouTube the link of which is apparently now being shared rapidly in Pattaya. It sort of bombed on Pantip Plaza where the only comment was something ‘Foreigners – they’re all the same’ (Then again the police  may have just gone back to sleep.)

Small fry perhaps but Thai police are usually interested in foreigners stealing from Thais.

Goudie might well have disappeared a long time ago when he was in a seriously cashed up situation, had he not put down roots in Thailand finding it an ideal country to ply his trade.  He has boasted having on his payroll a former member of the office of the Prime Minister, whom he describes as ‘the wee man’.


But he could still cut and run as his investment in ‘BangKao Bay’ is not alleged to be that large and more concerned with the acquisition of the land (again I cannot confirm this hearsay) and appears to be mainly underwritten by a Pattaya businessman and charity man, together with a resident of Koh Samui, going under the name ‘Bobby’ or Robert Rous.

This may be a man also known as Walter Douglas, known to British, Dutch and Spanish police, indeed a ‘Rodent Of Unusual Size’. The story gets very hazy because I am totally perplexed as to why Walter Douglas. a notorious but successful drugs trafficker, would want to have anything to do with an indiscreet Goudie.

A young Walter Douglas

Goudie’s legal ownership of the bar is also now seriously under question. We recently revealed how he cannot sell it without Nang’s permission. There now appear to be two wills written by Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday before he died in the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital of necrotising fasciitis. One is made out to his son and daughter in Belfast. The second made out to Lek, his Thai girlfriend, although the second will seems to have been scrawled out on the back of an envelope.

Lek had looked after the pugnacious Ulsterman for eight years putting up with his violence, drunkenness, and fights with other foreigners, for which he was getting quite infamous, and which led to his incarceration in the first place.

Not  very convincing will considering how many ‘ Lady Leks’ there are in Pattaya

Lek unfortunately died two weeks ago, having given an interview to television investigators.

It is not thought anyone else was involved in her death, but that it was due to an overdose of some medication.

Goudie, formerly jail bird Brian Goldie, acquired the deeds of the property purely by using the thumbprint of Halliday on an all encompassing POA ‘Power of Attorney’. He immediately sold Halliday’s apartment, which was more than enough to pay off the Ulsterman’s hospital bill. The Jaggie was pure profit.

The Thai justice system is laboriously slow. Unless the police discover a crime themselves asking them to investigate a foreigner who is cheating other foreigners is self-defeating unless accompanied by a very thick incentive.

Gregory Miller

So victims, including Barbara Fannelli Miller, 75, who paid Goudie US$300,000 for the release of her son Gregory Miller from Nong Plalai Prison on child sexual abuse charges, are having to take private prosecutions. This is also a painful ‘like watching paint dry’ process.

Its hard to believe anybody gets arrested.

Goudie is however getting close to the point when he has to start paying out bail and face a requirment to hand over his passport. At this point we might just discover that he has done what most rich Thais do when the inevitable happens. They just hop it to a nearby country or perhaps the Middle East and whinge about set-ups and lack of juristic prudence while indulging in the good life.

Goudie and ‘Misty’s’ Neung’

He does not want to go though. He is in love apparently and cannot take his love, Neung, from Misty’s A-Go-Go bar with him to anywhere but an ASEAN country or South America*. Neung from Nakorn Sri Thammarat, who would prefer to go to North America has introduced Goudie to mummy

(*Well they could go anywhere if they both had assistance from Walter Douglas – the original ‘Tartan Pimpernel’)

Records of the Australian Appeal Tribunal however show Goudie has routinely used women as a matter of convenience.

Goudie still however has more than a month to surrender and apply for bail on deceit and fraud charges brought by Koh Samui property developer John Jepson but there may be other surprises from him on the way.

Meanwhile he has incidentally also taken out an identical libel charge against journalist Andrew Drummond in Koh Samui so a pool villa offer already received will come in very handy for the British journalist as he may have to actually attend the court to get the case struck off.

While in the United Kingdom the laws are stacked against the police making a successful prosecution, in Thailand they are stacked against getting anybody with cash into custody. So while Goudie’s reputation might require him changing his name once again, he probably still has a lot of assets and. of course, his freedom.

The chances of him staying to go through a full trial however seem remote.  Word has already come from Nong Plalai that the inmates there want a lump of Scottish rump. So that is not even a consideration for him.

Set up

It seems a few of the  inmates, not least of all Gregory Miller, had a face off with Ian Tracy, Goudie’s former assistant who was offering them release from Nong Plalai at a price.  Tracy has told them that he was set up by Gouldie.  That is, according to my sources, true in all senses.

Nong Plalai

Prior to Tracy’s arrest Goudie was getting sick to death of the irksome demands for cash from Tracy, who had after all brought Goudie his star US$300,000 client Barbara Miller, who left Thailand in tears and an ‘Awa ye go hen!’ from Goudie.

“Goudie called the police. He told them he was not sure until recently but now he knew there was a wanted child sex abuser living on the premises. He was deeply unhappy and wanted Tracy picked up” – witness. 

“But he knew Tracy was wanted from the day he employed him and had offered him safe refuge. 

“When police arrived Goudie feigned shock and then went to the police station to offer Tracy his legal services.” – witness.

Pattaya Where Consumer Protection is a Bye Bye Word

All of this has been going on while Pattaya Police and indeed also the DSI believe they have scooped a major crime bust by scooping up a bunch of Aussies gambling on horse racing in a local bar, and while housebuyers continue to be fleeced on an almost daily basis by foreign ‘businessmen’.

Reader Update

This Thursday/Friday Andrew Drummond will face Wanrapa Boonsu in Pattaya Provincial Court over the now famous Mangus Evans picture. She claims the photograph has damaged her (previously) thriving and (still) respectable business’s in Pattaya. A claim also made by her common-law husband Drew Noyes.

‘Lek, Halliday’s ex.

An identical case brought by Drew Noyes in regard to the picture has already been dismissed by the court and at the last hearing the judge encouraged Ms Boonsu to drop the case, which had been accepted by a previous judge in the absence of Andrew Drummond. Noyes however stormed into the court to demand Drummond face trial and Wanrapa acquiesced to her ‘husband’s’ demands.

Drummond insists that he will continue in his campaign to stop foreigners abusing Thailand’s libel laws and Computer Crime Act to threaten other foreigners whom, he says, have been cheated in Thailand, while their attackers remained ‘above’ police action. 

Brian Goudie – see readers letters

This lack of action by police, claims, Drummond, is causing considerable damage to Thailand and especially the reputation of the resort city of Pattaya. But he concedes that the local policy to develop the city into a ‘family resort’ may be just a ‘face’ the local authorities have put out, as income from not specifically legal activities in the night life trade may be too great.

He is partially funded by backers and supporters to his site, and has so far raised nearly half the cash needed to counter sue Drew Noyes.

He is being supported by the Committee to Protect Journalists in New York.

And finally from Brian Goudie’s Asia-Case-Watch.blogpsot:

Andrew Drummond writes: “I see I am going to have to get out the Porsche again. The only plaintiffs left are Wanrapa, tomorrow, and Drew Noyes and brothel owner David Hanks next month where they have to plead that I have destroyed their honest and respectable businesses. Goudie does not look like he is going to get a look in!

“I can leave Thailand whenever I want. The PRD have issued an assurance they will not interfere in the freedom of the press and I believe they have had a hoot watching Goudie on film.

“The Pattaya Provincial Court has not of course seized my passport as they will do with Goudie next month – if he stays that long. The plaintiffs meanwhile can quietly raise concern to their hearts content. They will get the polite Thai equivalent of ‘on yer bike Jimmy'”.

The last time Drummond fled Thailand


  1. As regards the foreigners you mention (Aussies and Brits) who were accused of gambling on a foreign horse race in a Pattaya bar, I can report that in Pattaya court they were fined the minimum 500 baht and will not be subject to deportation proceedings. The group included many old age pensioners and most of them were long-term residents with Thai wives and families. Only the organizers of the gambling were sentenced to a prison sentence but were bailed pending the appeal.

  2. From the messages I've been receiving, Noise is an avid reader of your site Andrew…in fact between messaging me and checking for updates it makes me wonder if he ever sleeps…he must be banging on that key board 20++ hours a day…I wonder how he manages to stay awake?

    1. Right on Klaus. You never know I could bring 'Annie Get Your Gun' Drummond, 'Mat Dammon Aren't I handsome Drummond' and Archie 'knuckles' Drummond. I am planning to tell the lawyer she is doubling up as the nanny – and there may be a pet – Skippy le chihuahua. The neighbours are some distance away?

  3. Things are looking worse and worse for dear Brian every day. At least Nang and Sue will know where he'll be next month so they can serve him papers.

    How many people do you think will be in line tomorrow to ensure that Drew and Wanrapa get served for defamation and fraud by deception?

    1. I don't expect a crowd of suitors. They can find him anytime. He hardly seems to go out in Pattaya without someone telling me where he is. But my kind of fun would not actually to go and see him. Although tomorrow's case is set for two days my lawyer has told me not to bother booking a hotel (I don't anyway. A well wisher kindly gives me a pool suite. I just ring him on the day to clear it)

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