Police Raid Brit Organised 'Swingers' Party' Bangkok

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The bald reality from the Thai Rath
From Andrew Drummond, Bangkok
Thai police raided a hotel room in Bangkok early today and arrested 13
men and ten women they said were taking part in a British organised
‘swingers party’.
The raid took place at Bangkok’s Elizabeth Hotel and a British man,
Chris Richards, 54, and his Thai wife, the organisers of what police
described as ‘a swinging sex tour,’ were charged with conducting an
illegal commercial sex operation.  They had charged participants each
the equivalent of £62.
All the men were foreign; seven out of the ten women were Thai. The
party included nationals from Britain, Australian, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
and Korea.
They also took away lubricant, pornographic materials and 30 Viagra pills.
The raid inspired an immediate furore on local internet forums from
local expatriates angered at police intrusion of privacy in Bangkok
which had set itself up as a ‘sex tour city’ .
Posters known as a ‘Brit_Thaicpl’ frequently advertise swinging parties
on the internet through a Yahoo group known as
A promotion statement for the event states: ‘The evening starts normally
like a cocktail party with people casually dressed to attract the
opposite sex (no jeans or wellington boots) .
‘People eat from the great buffet and help themselves to drinks from the
wide selection with no limits and play slowly unfolds at each person’s
own pace.
‘It’s a great night and well worth coming to, you will see all styles of play.’
Legal note: Technically all entertainment establishments offering sexual
services in Thailand are illegal. But they pay cash to police not to
enforce the law.