Military rulers. An Ivy League University, A Race to Govern, And Rich Kids Stuck On a Thai Holiday Island.


Rayond Chang (Junior) Cornell bound

It appears to be a nightmare. Two international students need to get to their top Universities in the United States quickly for the beginning of the new semester – and the father of one needs to get to the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

The two students Raymond Tony Chang and Ryan Wang need to get to the Ivy League University Cornell and Purdue University respectively and Raymond Nobu Chang (Senior) once tipped by Fortune magazine to be a prospective global leader, needs to get to know how to rule the world.

But first he his wife and his son need to settle into a US$2 million house in Lexington, Massachusetts.

The problem is that Raymond Chang (junior) and Ryan Wang former students at Shanghai International School are trapped in Thailand.

Raymond Chang – about to go for the camera

Their passports have been confiscated, and they are waiting to go to trial at the end of next month long after the new semester starts.

They are charged with an attack on Jack Hansen-Bartel, a student at NIST (New International School of Thailand) at the Green Mango Club in Chawaeng on the holiday island of Phuket intending to cause and causing him grievous bodily harm.

Jack Hansen-Bartel has applied to go to Australia’s Monash University, but had to undergo extensive surgery and it will not be completed for at least another year, said his mother Annie Hansen.

The father’s current skills at international diplomacy seem to have failed him. He blitzed into Thailand blaming Jack Hansen-Bartel for the attack despite the fact that evidence of the injuries alone showed that Jack was the victim and that the boys initially admitted their role, claiming they were going to the aid of a damsel in distress.

Pressure was put on local police by a very senior official to drop the charges, but Raymond Chang had underestimated the determination and strength of an Aussie mum.

Police in Koh Samui at the insistence of the Chinese-American father insisted that charges be brought against Jack too not realizing that by doing that to the son of a mum like Annie he was upping the stakes.

Jack Hansen-Bartel with NCPO

Ryan Wang – Purdue bound

In stepped the military led National Council for Peace and Order, who greeted the local policeman as he flew into Bangkok very politely and just noted that they were present to see fair play.

But since that time the father has been to Koh Samui Provincial Court at least four times to get his son and his son’s friend’s passports back…so far unsuccessfully…and he has been calling at the police station regularly.

It seems that the father was attempting old style Chinese politics rather than the American way. It seems he does need to go back to school to learn diplomacy.

Angrily breaking the microphone off a Channel 7 (Australia) cameraman’s rig was perhaps not the best way to open up diplomatic relations in Koh Samui. But then again is it the Chinese or American way of diplomacy #RaymondNobuChang has been adopting. The American way has always been carrot or stick? We’ve seen the stick. The carrot here may be abstract. There are of course Chinese whispers.

Above a Channel 7 report showing the NCPO team coming to the aid of Aussie mum Annie Hansen-Bartel.

Jack with Annie Hansen

Meanwhile battling Melbourne mum (not Adelaide as Channel 7 states) Annie Hansen appears to be monitoring the situation like a hawk. If someone moves to arrest Jack we can expect some action.

But the real drama in the saga will at the end probably not be the actual minute of violence in Samui’s Soi Green Mango but with relevations yet to be made. 

Its something dare I say it which could reach the corridors of power. 

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10 thoughts on “Military rulers. An Ivy League University, A Race to Govern, And Rich Kids Stuck On a Thai Holiday Island.

  1. Curious AD. You say the father Raymond Nobu Chang is Chinese-American. I assume from that he is an American citizen. Does his son Raymond Junior have US nationality as well?

    Oh, I will be watching the site as you suggest. Which corridors of power could be involved is the cliff-hanger? I await the next episode.

    Not so sure about Rutgers, but am confident Cornell will not admit Ray Jr if the admissions office is advised of the incident. Even if he gets off on the charges, they will not want him on their campus,

    Ms. Annie, I for one admire you.

  2. With Raymond Chang on the one side and Annie Hanson on the other battling for their kids and neither willing to back down.

    It seems then that Master Wang is sitting in precisely the right place to become the fall guy.

  3. Good on Annie Hansen for demanding accountability from these two kids. Do the crime do the time boys. The Universities in question here need to ask if they need these types on their campuses. I'm all for giving people a second chance but I would want to see some form of apology and repentance first. Having your rich dad fly in to meddle in the case hardly inspires my compassionate nature.

  4. Andrew, before you decide to target someone's family, you should hear the story from more than one side. To start off, the fact that Mr. Chang is accomplished and that the two boys are off to prestigious universities has nothing to do with this case. Also Jack was severely drunk that night and was provoking, verbally and physically, many people at the club that night. In a way, this is really his own doing due to misbehavior. You keep mentioning that they are Chinese with their "Chinese ways", but truthfully aren't they American or at least Taiwanese – American? Reporting an ongoing event is one thing, but slandering and mocking ("he does need to go back to school to learn diplomacy") is completely unnecessary and unprofessional.

    1. Andrew. on the contrary I would imagine the two boys future with the respective universities is uppermost in their minds and that of their father. The father made a point to the court that he was accomplished. I merely reported it. Your claim that Jack was severely drunk, provoking etc, will I guess come out in court. Are you a witness? But it is notable that despite the father's insistence Jack has yet to be charged. There is no slander. Were there to be i am sure the father would have the wherewithal to sue. The father's behaviour in and out of the court is worth of the use of a bit of irony. It appears that it anyone has been targeted here it is Jack Hansen-Bartel but of course both sides will have their say in court if they are around.

    2. Victim blaming – The last refuge of a scoundrel.

      What could Jack have said that would have been deserving of being cold-cocked from behind? I haven't seen reports of a shoving match or any other events indicating mutual combat. Did Jack step on a toe or bump into them while dancing?

      If Jack provoked them to the point where they were willing to come to blows, would he have turned his back?

      Or were those two boys doing a service for the club-goers and should be lauded as heroes?

      How far should we swing it the other way?

      Of course there are two sides to every story but that doesn't mean they should always be given equal weight and coverage, especially when one side just doesn't make sense and has been actively working to manufacture a counter-narrative.

    3. I feel sorry for you Andrew Carpenter. If you seriously think it is OK and justifiable to bash someone from behind so they lose teeth and require extensive restorative surgery because they may have ‘hurt someones feelings’ then you too are a concern for society.
      Would your grandmother be proud of this belief ? I doubt it.
      Thank goodness for the transparency of the internet that Mr Wang and Changs’ poor choices are infinitely recorded regardless of family statue and his fathers business accomplishments.

  5. Were in not for the fact that the mother has been aided by students from the Shanghai American School I would have been convinced a long time ago that SAS has ' arrogance' as a primary subject.

  6. Finally Andrew you may not have noticed but the Chinese living on the island of Taiwan describe themselves as living in the Republic of China and they all look Chinese to me. Now the fact that people have been taking the piss out of this claim for years does not knock the fact that people living on Taiwan are Chinese, have you not noticed this? Mr. Raymond Norbu Chang senior has of course taken the oath of allegiance to the United States. Being a proper US citizen means more than taking an oath of course. And taking an oath is not the be and end all. Being multicultural mostly enriches the United States but on occasion does not.

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