Is Yingluck Shinawatra Promising The Thai People More Than They Bargained For?

Oh dear. Thaksin Shinawatra’s easy on the eye younger sister Yingluck – a Prime Minister in waiting if you believe the polls – seems to be offering clients of her/Thaksin’s property company SC Assets – a terninal solution to their problems.
Well we all have a rough idea how many innocent people were ‘injudicially killed’ during her brother’s ‘War on Drugs’, could there be a hidden reference from Pheu Thai’s* ‘honey trap’ for the middle-aged.
Well ‘completed living’ I daresay is just another advertising gaff and not what Thaksin has in store for the likes of me when/if he returns later in the year. We can read these sort of things every day in the English language press and on billboards throughout the country, which is why I refer to Pheu Thai* and not Pheua Thai because the Bangkok Post swears by the former.
I have often thought people are actually scared to tell these advertising moguls that they can’t speak English: The King’s Birthday suit and all that.
I’ve stopped reading politics this week. Its just too depressing. But as there is not much else in the papers I found myself reading the back of my daughters box of ‘Coco Pops” 
 I gave up on reading politics after being seized upon by depression when I saw all those familiar names which never ever seem to go away. You know, Banharn, Newin, Chalerm, Sanan, Chavalit.  Pass the sick back Alice. Plus Ca change.
Just happened to be visiting a friend on a nearby estate when the SC Asset band rolled in offering free, noodles, satay, coconut ice cream and give-aways including the carrier bag (left) and beads and buttons, yes beads and buttons. I grunted and took mine.. I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was not at an electioneering meeting.

7 thoughts on “Is Yingluck Shinawatra Promising The Thai People More Than They Bargained For?

  1. Drummond, you're obviously spending too much time among the chattering classes. It matters not one jot who wins but on this occasion I'm hoping it is Yingluck simply on the grounds that she is bit of a cracker and, a boon to those starved of real political entertainment, appears to have no skills or qualifications whatsoever for the job.
    In short, she is ideal for the post of PM and we can all look forward to more interesting times. I can almost hear those Generals grinding their teeth now.

  2. The beads and buttons suggest they were trying to barter for your ancestral Bangkok lands. Perhaps you should have offered them the Drummond Clan peace-pipe. Pipedreams are definitely their domain. I'm off out to buy my ghostshirt, to ward off the bullets of vindictive policemen in the impending rangewar.

    But seriously. I reckon if you were to look carefully into the Shinawatra's African mining interests you would pretty soon turn up links to either blood diamonds or those rapacious militias that surround rare metal mining sites like flies around shit. Their voracious appetite for monopoly is in constant need of hard dosh, and well …. erghh …., they're hardly scrupulous, are they!?

  3. Perhaps they're sending you a 'subtle' warning. ;-)I wouldn't doubt for one minute that they have a list of folks they want removed one way or another. To play politics against these people means that you are ultimately pardonable. A sort of rogue's honor. The people they really hate are those who poke fun, and who cannot be controlled by the usual inducements. And to work in any Shinawatra company almost certainly involves always doing what you are told, or knowing what is required. You can bet your bottom dollar that SC Asset is now on a war footing for the election.

  4. Buttons and beads eh?. Always a deal to be done.No shellfish then?. (That would put the ratings through the roof).

  5. I think we can safely say, in the run up to the election, that 'Cargo Cult' is still very much alive and kicking in amazing, dynamic and refined Thailand.

  6. The local popularity of the Royal Wedding might suggest so. Indeed, if there is any lesson at all to be learned in the LOS it is that even grumpy old snakesheads can have their day if their shower around the gifts and the complements enough. Not that I now feel inclined to change my stingy ways. One also observes that aging populists often eventually end up being roasted on the spit here.

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