From The Family Of Leo Del Pinto – Gunned Down By Police

We have been following the articles and news updates written by Andrew
Drummond, along with reader comments through Letters to the Editor and
various Thai blogs.  Some people are calling Andrew Drummond a
‘sensationalist’, which could not be further from the truth.  The true
sensationalists are the ones who are claiming there are no safety
concerns for tourists in Thailand and try to pass this off as an
‘unfortunate incident’. The Del Pinto family has gone through a tragedy
that no other family should experience. Andrew’s reporting along with
the hard work the Canadian media has brought more truth and attention to
this story than ever would have happened had it been left to the Thai
government alone. 

Some readers are claiming Carly Reisig has changed
her story and her account of the incident has been inconsistent.  Having
gone through official Thai documentation and written witness
statements, it is the Thai police officer’s story that does not add up,
and that is why the National Human Rights Commission is involved.  Our
experience with the Pai police has been unpleasant to say the least and
it is more than apparent they have attempted to protect ‘one of their
own’ at all costs.  It has taken the involvement of the DSI,
National Thai Human Rights Commission and journalists such as Andrew
Drummond to get any semblance of truth and justice in this case so far. 

Andrew is not presenting a biased opinion, the facts are speaking for
themselves; one innocent, unarmed Canadian was murdered in cold blood
and another barely escaped with her life because of a reckless and
aggressive off-duty police officer.  The ignorance of the reader’s who
are outspoken against Andrew Drummond’s reporting will only lead to many
more tourists being at risk in Thailand. 
– The Del Pinto Family
Calgary, Canada
c/o Ross Fortune
Del Pinto Family Spokesperson