Exposed! Thailand's 'Mr.Stig'

Coming tomorrow on .  He laughs in the face of danger.  He was stabbed by a Vietnamese bar owner in the hunt for Gary Glitter, stared down a ‘Chelsea headhunter’ as this site’s host was beaten to a pulp in Pattaya, and bravely sipped pina coladas in the pursuit of the Duke of York and the Spice Girls in the Amanpuri and Rayawadee .

He’s unstoppable in his quest for the truth. Tomorrow  the Flying Sporran exposes Thailand’s ‘Stig’  as he breaks his silence after coming face to face with pissed off back-packers on the River Kwai, or Kwae Noi.

Sorry. You’ll have to read this tomorrow. I was wetting the baby’s head last night!

2 thoughts on “Exposed! Thailand's 'Mr.Stig'

  1. Wetting the baby's head is far more important IMO.
    Looking forward to business as usual!

  2. You need an excuse to go OTP Really!!

    Introduced the new bairn to Glenfidich yet?

    The patent night time soother and anaesthetic.

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