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From its grubby beginnings in a small office off Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road to its sale last year for a reported US$2million* this week  we investigate what its new owners describe as Thailand’s biggest media site for foreigners.

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Life’s good in Hua Hin says George who took immigration police for a ride – but at what cost

This story is centred around  allegations of blackmail, fraud, fear, loathing and corruption as the highly successful revamps itself from Pattaya – And with a British ‘estuary man’ as nominal head, the Thaivisa family appears to be tearing itself apart.
So what happened? Well it appears only one man was rewarded, Swede Eric George Anderssen, a man who has completely erased his former life as Lars Jansson a man who made a complete mockery of Thailand’s Immigration department, who after being deported and blacklisted, returned under another name to offer immigration advice to foreigners.
And in his very own words its also a story of  bonking, and blocking. It’s of Moderators and Administrators arrested for murder and child sexual abuse – but most of all it’s a story of greed.

Jonathan Fairfield
Fairfield – northern charm. But mods describe him as the new dictator

Currently two Administrators, German, Matthias Schoenfeld (Webfact) and Briton Jonathan Fairfield (Jonathan Fairfield) who has little to his name apart from being a Stockport County FC supporter furiously work from their apartments in Bangkok and Hua Hin trawling the internet to copy and paste news stories to put on the site, to drive up the readers’ comments, to drive up the stats.
None have work permits to do this, nor have the ‘new writers and the site struggles to produce its own news, and Schoenfeld is reported to be doing a 100 hour week to stay on board.


It looks like it’s going to end in tears. Already moderators are jumping ship.

Dan Cheeseman TV
Cheeseman – worked for Colov

And who are the new media moguls from Pattaya’s dodgy property industry to an aide to former Copenhagen gangster Niels Colov’s Pattaya People media group?

Or is there something more sinister going on?
Is this all going to end in smarmy and sycophantic promos? Where to next? Keep watching here and read about the site ‘ for foreigners who should not be in Thailand’.
*Figures of 26 million to 70 million baht have been bandied around. In this business NONE are reliable.

Below the new owner of  Dan Cheeseman from the Medway in the UK  (MD of the Choice Group and Inspire net mag and TV)- but is he really?  The ratings of Inspire net mag and Inspire TV are tiny.


  1. From the early days there’s all ways been an underlying bad aroma of things not quite right about thaivisa , where the internet was constantly awash with negative comments and story’s concerning the great leader and commandant – Chicken George and his assorted so called administrators and unsavory moderators .

    Its interesting to finally see what Chicken George actually looks like and he does seem to have a smile on his face which seems a tad unusual for a deported and blacklisted person , but then again TIT .

    I and I suspect many of your readers are looking forward to your next installment of life in the forum fast lane.

    Please keep up the great work .

  2. What happened to Thai Visa? The hits went down, down, down right after the sale. The site is dead.
    Was George shilling the forum was phony Ids and comments? Or did the nasty (Nazi) moderators chase everyone away?

  3. One question that has to be thought about is this , why would so called administrators like Webfact continually spend hour upon hour every day trawling the internet looking to rip news stories on behalf of thaivisa , what drives them to commit so much of their time if its not financial . Over many past years there’s always been a band of disgruntled forum members hell bent on finding out who the administrators and moderators really are, no wonder some have jumped ship and the remaining sparse crew must now be thinking about desertion or even mutiny .

  4. Hits went down after the sale, because the amount of advertising on the site became totally obnoxious. Many posters, myself included, also got sick of every 3rd post they made being deleted it some mystery admin you couldn’t discuss, didn’t like it for any reason.

    And the fact it’s a bunch of negative old farts sitting around hating on anyone burn after 1970 doesn’t help much either.

    1. The worst moderator I encountered was also a farang volunteer Pattaya policeman. Do the math…
      He was a hyper moderator and a serial banner. I think he did allot of damage to the website.

  5. I was banned for mentioning that I caught a paedophile in pattaya. I commented how I caught the same man on 2 separate occasions in 2 different locations. The second time I caught the paedophile I called the tourist police who took over an hour to attend. Howard Miller tried to say I was lying on thai visa as he was involved with the tourist police. I went to the police station with the paedophile & police. ThAi people sat in the station upon hearing what had happened thanked me & smiled. The police did nothing & were more interested in which copied movie they would watch. I looked on in disbelief as the police let the paedophile walk out without even checking the flash drive usb filled with child porn that the beast had in his bag. The internet cafe this paedophile frequented was a chain with the same name. The cafe was obviously using some form of proxy to view the content. Thai visa protected the scum & now it’s understandable why they did. They’re all crooks & filth. You’ve done a great job ad.

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