EXPOSED – Pattaya Foreign Police Chief And His Underworld Chums


Niels Colov, the black uniformed Project Leader for Pattaya’s Foreign Volunteer Police department, consorted with hardened Danish criminals on trips home to Denmark.

One of his more recent trips, Colov, also the publisher of The Pattaya People newspaper, went to visit his elderly father, but he could not help but drop in, with his wife Laddawan, on Leon Fristrup Erling Jensen .

And the one thing unmistakable about Jensen, better known as Lonne, is his signature ornate bald head.

But do not be taken in by the tattoos of ‘Copenhagen’ and ‘Born Free’ and those stars.

He is not what Danish police consider to be great patriot and, while he may have been ‘Born Free’, moments of freedom for Lonne have been few and far between. He is a star career criminal.

He has spent most of his life in prison for offences of violence, pimping, drugs trafficking and drugs dealing.

In fact all of his three children were conceived while his Thai wife visited him in various jails in Denmark, claim the Danish press.

Thai wife? Yes. Lonne is an ex-Pattaya resident. He had a bar in the resort and ran there for cover when things got a little hot in the Danish capital.

Below is the fuller picture in the newspaper Ekstra Bladet after his arrest at Don Muang airport in 2005, on this occasion for ordering the burning down of someone’s house in Kokkedas, Denmark.

The caption on the front page splash story reads: ‘Lonne Held In Thailand’. No need to say any more apparently or even use his real name, everyone in Denmark knew who Lonne was.

And here Colov is in Lonne Jensen’s garden in the Copenhagen suburbs in 2010. Spot that head?

Is Niels Colov pulling the wool over the eyes of Pattaya society?

Along with his chum in the ‘newspaper’ business American Drew Noyes, 56, publisher of the Pattaya Times, and now facing charges of extortion, Mr. Colov claims integrity and hob nobs with the Mayor and civic leaders.

But, as the ‘Flying Sporran’ has already demonstrated since his arrival in Thailand, he has been associated with dodgy deals.

Take this picture for instance taken on another of Colov’s trips home. This photo was taken before Lonne had his tattoos done. He is a bit plumper and enjoying a beer on one of his freedom days.

That’s Lonne on the left of course, and next to him is a man called Leon Owild. Mr. Colov of course is on the right.

So who is Leon Owild? Well he has written a book called ‘Smuggler King, Gangster, Millionaire’. You get the picture. Under British law crooks cannot profit, by writing books for instance, out of the proceeds of crime, so, I trust if Danish law is the same, he gave his profits to charity.

Anyway here’s the blurb:

“Read about Owilds very colorful life back from his rough childhood and youth, his many years of life’s darker side, including his exciting life as a smuggler king, when he with his smuggler friends in the 1960s and ’70s provided” little man “and. other good people in Denmark with the coveted cheap cigarettes.

“Read about the many criminal” boys “, who together with Owild lived the gay life in the Copenhagen underworld.”.

Sounds like a saint looking after the ‘little’ man in Denmark. Cigarettes? Yes he did those too. But that’s Owilds view. Danish Police say he has skipped a few chapters.

But back to Lonne, now 62. When he was arrested in Thailand in 2005 he was accused of hiring two brothers to burn down a house in Kokkedal, some 30 minutes outside Copenhagen. The house was apparently destroying a friend’s view. Some 64% of the residents of Kokkedal are immigrants, or sons and daughters of immigrants.

The two brothers, 29 and 34, were also in the drugs trade and at the time accused of smuggling 13 tons of hashish into Denmark in cooperation with the supposed 37-year Danish kingpin in Brazil, Claus Malmquist, (right) – convicted in Copenhagen. in 2009 and jailed for 16 years in Rio de Janeiro Arrested After being for his part in The smuggling of The. 13 tons of Marijuana , and also attempting to smuggle 500 kilos of Cocaine.

The Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet reported:.

“Lonne ‘has been in jail for half of his life. He has for the last 30 years been a known and notorious face in the ‘red light’ area Vesterbro, Copenhagen “.

Vesterbrogade by the way is Colov’s stomping ground. Now its recovered to become quite a trendy area of ​​Copenhagen.

“He (Lonne) has been convicted numerous times for drugs, robbery, receiving stolen goods, violence, alcohol and cigarette smuggling, pimping and extortion. He went in first time in 1963 in juvenile prison.

“In 1992 he received six years in prison as one of the kingpins of a Danish group from Pattaya in Thailand which smuggled huge quantities of heroin to Denmark. In Pattaya he was in the inner circle of Danes in the seaside town that sent smugglers to Denmark. with heroin. Two of the Dane-gang’s couriers were arrested in Thailand and received life imprisonment. “.

Lonne does not appear be the sort of person, a Knight of Rizal, Rotary Club President, let alone Police Chief, should be associating with. But wait. There’s more.

Forget about his offences of pimping, violence in Vesterbrogade, drugs smuggling, and drugs dealing, Lonne was also accused of beating up his wife. The attack was not pretty.

Again, the Ekstra Bladet:

“After the attack the 41-year-old woman was so damaged that she had to be treated in the emergency room. Her nose was broken, and according to doctors she had risk of permanent eye damage.
“Prosecutors said, however, that there were repeated fist blows.”.

The damage was extra severe because “Lonne” wore two large ornamental rings on his little and ring fingers. “.

Apparently Lonne claimed his wife had slept with another man.

This is a picture of Niels Colov, centre, drink in hand in his gangster days. This is just before the time he was arrested for pimping, handling stolen goods and violence and was jailed for 15 months.

And this is a picture of the new look Niels Colov, quiet assuming, teetotaller, Buddhist, vegetarian, hugging the Mayor and being hugged by the Deputy Mayor of Pattaya.

Which image is true? Has Niels Colov really made a major recovery from his criminal past. Or has he simply just re-invented himself? Mr. Colov is currently in Denmark visiting his father.

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14 thoughts on “EXPOSED – Pattaya Foreign Police Chief And His Underworld Chums

  1. I wrote before "another "hot" person here in PTY, a Mr. T. I have enough info, which will make an interesting read to say the least" True but he is truly untouchable, we talk about 20 mln bribes a month. People kill for that amount, so let him go, until …… the boys in all colours respect their oats over money….

  2. Keith wrote, "Already plans are being made to get out of the Kingdom as soon as the blow torch gets too hot." Yes, and the Philippines is mentioned many times. However, as of last week there was a non publicised pact being made between Chonburi Regional Police and the counterparts from the Philippines, Angeles and Subic area that any bad boy escaping the heat here will be "received" there and send back, as so my fly told me. I trust my fly, a lot of credible info was passed to me over time. Thursday looks as it will be D-Day in PTY, stay put.

  3. Yes Pat I too can confirm that they both intended to do a midnight move leaving debt and legal cases pending, Drew will find that he will be arrested if he goes to the Phillipines.
    Neils is trying to do this on the QT as he cannot let the legal team of the Aussie whom he as appealed his loss. Know that he is intending to leave as they could apply to the courts to take his passport as a flight risk.

    Pat I am always in awe of your knowledge ask Andrew to give you my email and we can have Dinner, Andrew invited of course if we got 12 of the followers of this site we could have there last supper.

  4. KhonMask, AD can send it anytime, he knows, he can even SMS it if he wants. Yes indeed sticking together will make a stronger team. Follow Pat Angko on FB is also an option. is used.:-)

  5. Well, Thursday WAS D day as my fly forewarned me. A Danish national was arrested with drugs in yet another sting. He incidentally was also a Pattaya Police Volunteer, an underling of Niels Colov. Well guys you can start counting the days now. If Colov is not good enough to be the head of this organisation by allowing drug dealers among them he will be booted out. Local PTY big wigs who still insist supporting these criminal Farangs will having a hard time, the orders coming from way above. Tomorrow I will be able to give you a name and more detail. The criminal is now at the court arranging for bail.

  6. KhonMask wrote "if we got 12 of the followers of this site we could have there last supper." or we could start a soccer team and paint their face on the ball….:-)

  7. Hi Pat
    Does your fly believe Mr Colov could be involved in any way?
    How many FVP have been arrested in the last 12 months quite a lot

  8. Looks like Niels will have to seek out Andrew Drummond so that he can explain the meanning of "due diligence". Poor man seems to have a helluva time finding recruits who fit in with his "born again" standards. Plenty who match his "former" standards though

  9. To: Andrew Drummond, email:
    Dear Andrew Drummond,
    I am puzzled as to what your "reason" is to keep on attacking me with various false allegations on your website.
    I once took the time to explain in details why your allegations were false, but you disregarded my explanation, and just kept repeating again and again the same falsehoods.
    What is your real "reason" for defaming me – I wonder?
    Niels Colov

  10. Once again please state which are the false allegations Mr. Colov and they will be corrected. You keep saying there are false allegations but actually avoid stating what they are. Your last letter I published in full, but it did seem to contain some major contradictions. I have personally corrected two errors on fact you pointed out and will correct future errors and if necessary publicly apologise here. Are you disputing the stated history in Denmark, and subsequent sentence in court? You have stated that your history in Denmark has been reported innaccurately but this is taken from court records. If it is not that – or your associations, please specify what the innaccuracies are. Thank you for taking your time to read this. But, despite your claim, you have not as yet given an explanation as such.
    I have absolutely no reason to attack you. We have no history together. But I have received a number of complaints, and continue to receive them. There are public interest issues involved here. I am interested in Pattaya becoming a safer place to live for foreigners. I am aware of course that you have issued threats against a Danish-Thai website manager and of course would like to deal with all issues. And of course you have a full right to reply.

  11. Is this what we should all do Mr Colov just sit down and believe everything that comes out of your mouth, You speak and think you represent the foreign community but you do not, Most foreign nationals find you xxxxx, Why not put this to the test and put yourself up for re-election at the expats club as a member i do not believe you could win such an election.

    (Edit: On the grounds of assumption)

  12. I may be wrong – but actually I believe the Expat Club is registered as a company – in which case he would need to be outvoted by his directors and/or shareholders

  13. Except that his shares probably carry 10 votes, and the other directors have one 1 vote each..

  14. When I was young I did many stupid things…like smoking cigarettes….
    Today I have realized the smoking is bad for my health but my old buddies do still smoke.
    I still see my old buddies and have a chat and a dinner together, but it doesn't mean that I also smoke with them.

    So why is it that everyone here consider Niels Colov to be a criminal just because he has criminal friends??

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