Expat Investing For Retirement In Asia – You should read this warning

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Would you blame the manufacturer in your new car had a flat tyre?

Down in Hong Kong Lindell Lucy is busy sleuthing in the field of expat investment. Whatever he says I’m guessing is relevant to all expatriates in Thailand too – and for those just about to hand over their bucks to an independent financial advisor you should check out Lucy’s ‘Rape of Hong Kong’ webpage.

I never did ask him why he called his site RapeofHongKong but I am guessing that its because he is writing about expats who are getting well and truly f…d not just by financial advisors but five or six major companies in particular.  I have censored the word because I used it in my last short piece and do not want to get accused of excessive dirty talk or whatever.

Lindell is leading on the fact that Royal Scandia, whoops there’s a dirty word again, has now changed its name to Old Mutual. Now does not that some like something stable with integrity as in “Old Faithful’

Plenty of stories about expats failing to get the sugar out of the elephants’s mouth.  The link is here.

I pass this on because of course this came much too late to take his advice myself and will be thus consigned to the bread queue in Bradford in my old age.