The following just arrived from Somchai  Drew Noyes’ ”spokesman’, who claimed two days ago that his alter-ego would be found not guilty. He used the expression: ‘Its not what you know – its who you know”.

Drew Noyes was together with Wanrapa Boonsu jailed for two years for extortion. The sentence was not suspended. He can of course appeal.

The letter is being published in the interests of balance and to allow the author to show his best side.

Earlier today Noyes published a picture of himself reading the ‘Bangkok Post’ in the Tara Court, Irish pub, on Pratamnak Hill, Pattaya with the caption: 

“It’s good they have anti-corruption police in Thailand to investigate and correct injustices”.

Somchai writes”

“More rubbish reporting from the sacked News of the World reporter. Lets make this clear. Drew Noyes has never been to Jail. He is not in Jail. He will never go to Jail. Yesterday he spent no time in the cells as Drummond reported falsely as usual.  

Drew did not pay any bail. It was not required. He is a free man. Do a runner? No need.
The above report is more exaggerated rubbish to trick the naive handful of readers that actually read this shit. Some people really need to get a life of their own instead of obsessing about those who are successful. 

Andrew Drummond is currently serving a criminal sentence which through a court error was suspended for 2 years. 

I see Drew’s business has never been busier. He mentioned to me recently he has never been wealthier. His wealth grows faster than he can spend it. Travelling the world with his children. 

His children will be attending the very best schools in the USA, while Andrew’s will be attending budget Thai schools. And that is a fact. 

There are many ways to skin a cat. 

*Drew Noyes was sentenced shortly before lunch. He left the cells shortly at approx 5 pm yesterday.
A picture of him having lunch with his children which he put on Facebook was ‘historic’ and taken in Bangkok.


  1. When you read this Somchai rubbish there is no other explanation than you are dealing with somebody who is seriously mentally ill. A sane person could not possibly be so removed from reality. The lights are on but nobody is home.

  2. A classic response from AD's enemies that's in line with Goebel's dictum that if you tell lies often enough people will believe them. It was the essence of NAZI propaganda. Take a look if interested. You'll see these guts are following it almost precisely. And one million views is hardly a "naive handful of readers" Someone needs better maths education. And the statement "which through a court error was suspended for 2 years" is a contempt of court offence in Thailand.

  3. "I see Drew's business has never been busier. He mentioned to me recently he has never been wealthier. His wealth grows faster than he can spend it. Travelling the world with his children."

    What sane person talks about themselves like it is another person? Never been wealthier? Travelling the world with his children? This guy makes Walter Mitty look like a normal functional human being. Somchai must be one of his personalities, the others are the Civic leader and the Lawyer. Delusional bastard.

    Wasn't Brian due in court today?

  4. It's very possible DN may not survive 2 years in a thai jail due to circumstances beyond his control.
    He's right, there certainly is more than one way to skin a cat.

  5. I think Requiem asked how do I now if Noyes has bail. The answer is simple he was on bail when he went to court. Having convicted him they were hardly likely to give it back. Normally when appealing the lawyer will ask the court to continue his bail. The court may do that or increase it. Those details I will get later. But nonetheless Noyes was held in custody below the court from before lunch until 6pm.

  6. Noyes plays semantics with the term 'jailed'

    But he does not have much to say about 'Convicted for Extortion'

    Not much of an advert for a 'respectable businessman'.

  7. Somchai does not seem to realise that the principal being convicted of extortion is a bit of a drag on a professional services business.

    It is the conviction that matters, not whether Wily Coyote can avoid lying on the floor with 40 others in a 20'x10' cell.

    Visitors to this site should take note, this man is a convicted extortionist and is not honest. If you are considering having any dealings with him, be aware of what he is.

    If Somchai and his rendition team wish to bring me to court for this, I will be at the Hard Rock KL on Tuesday night 10:30pm. Just ask at the bar for Jules.

  8. All references to corruption in the court's decision have been removed from social media. That's probably a wise move on the defendant's side as it could easily be construed as contempt of court. It would not be advisable to make these claims on public forums in Thailand.

  9. "Travelling the world with his children." LOL

    All cheap flights from BKK to North America have an 8-hour layover in Korea or Japan. Plenty of time to take some pictures and say you are "touring" Korea.

    They took the flight they could afford and had to spend 8 hours in Korea.

    "His children will be attending the very best schools in the USA."

    A public high school in America is not considered to be among "the best in the USA." Far, far from it.

    Sorry Somchai. As usual, we are smarter and much better informed than you think.

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