David's Deviant Behaviour Was Potentially Deadly -Ex Wife

Carradine’s deviant behaviour was deadly, claims ex wife.
From Andrew Drummond, Bangkok
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After the body of Hollywood star David Carradine was flown out of
Bangkok today sensational claims that the star routinely committed
‘deviant sexual behaviour which was potentially deadly’ have been
revealed in divorce papers lodged by his ex-wife.
In the papers lodged in 2003 his former wife Marina Anderson also
accused the star of ‘Kill Bill’ and the 70’s TV series ‘Kung Fu’ of
incest and that Carradine and the unnamed relative admitted as such. 
But Carradine refused to go for counselling.
In a phone interview with the ‘Smoking Gun’ website Marina Anderson is
reported to be still standing by the accusations but declined to go into
further details.
Carradine, 72, suffocated to death in the Nai Lert Park Hotel in Bangkok
earlier this week, after an apparent attempt at auto-erotic asphyxia
went wrong.  He was found naked in a cupboard in room 352.
The room has now been closed and even the number taken off the wall
outside and from room directions by the hotel’s third floor lift.
Thai police have ruled that Carradine killed himself and that no other
person entered the room after he retired for the night.  He body was
found by a room maid shortly after 10 am on Thursday morning.
Items found in his room also suggest abnormal sexual behaviour.  The
Bangkok Post will tomorrow (Sunday) claim that there were many items of
male underwear in the room all of which had a hole cut out of the
Quoting a special investigator at Lumpini police station Bangkok they
also say he had a personal ‘Penis shrine’  in his room with joss sticks.
His manager Chuck Binder is widely being quoted that he believes
Carradine was murdered. ‘His hands were tied behind his back.  There was
a footprint on the bed that was not his.  For sure there was foul
play,’ he said.
But Police Commander Somprasong Yenthuam of Lumpini police in Bangkok
said: ‘The case is closed.  We have looked at the CCTV records and his
key card records. We are sure nobody else entered the room.
‘The security at the hotel was good. Carradine was even escorted by a
member of the hotel staff to the lift at 9 pm after he had had a few
drinks in the lobby bar.’
Despite the Thai Police claim it is not unknown for guests at the
Bangkok hotel to have unregistered guests overnight, often prostitutes. 
But normally they would have to sign in with the front desk for
security purposes.
The hotel say they have told police they have no such record of such a guest in Carradine’s room.
Meanwhile court records show that Marina refused to take part in Carradine’s deviant behaviour.
She spoke of ‘ people’ of questionable character ‘that Carradine’ liked
to have in his life’ in papers filed in Case No BD 347 828 in Los
Angeles Superior Court.
‘It was the continuation of abhorrent  and deviant sexual behaviour
which was potentially deadly(which )added to the complications of the
‘Because of other marital problems combined with my consistent non
participation in this type of behaviour that he finally moved out.
‘His deviate behaviour included an incestuous relationship with a very
close family member which permeated our marriage.  My pleas for him to
get counselling in regards to this were ignored.
‘He continued to denigrate me in public (touching me in public and wanting me to flash the public with my top off.
‘I have suffered professionally and personally because of my relationship with David.
‘My credibility immediately plummeted upon my involvement with this
man.  Now that I am divorced I have noticed a change in attitudes. I’m
getting auditions and the respect back.’
In her deposition Marina also refers to a woman called Annie Bierman who
she refers to as Carradine’s  ‘Scientologist galpal’  ‘with whom he
supposedly lives’.
Normally divorce records are supposed to be filed under seal. But
Carradine’s file was mistakenly  placed on the public file and is now on
the internet. ends