A Canadian oil industry engineer has been banned from leaving Thailand after telling a German in a private email to ‘eat sh*t’.

Tommy Rooney, 52, from Ontario, said he made the remark, er, and a little bit more, after the German made a derisory offer for a notebook computer he offered up on the website Baht/Sold.

In a three year ordeal he was first arrested and banged up in Pattaya lock-up for his transatlantic reaction, he said, and accused of  libel. He had to pay 60,000 baht bail.

Libel in a private email?

But of course you cannot libel someone in a private email and the case was dropped, and the German and the Police Lieutenant who was supporting him were warned they could in turn be sued.

But now three years later Mr. Rooney’s passport has been seized again and he has been accused of insulting the German. The maximum fine, he says, is apparently 500 baht, but he is stuck in Thailand and he faces demands of compensation of 100,000 to 200,000 baht.


Rooney said he paid C$24,000 in tax after working in Canada for four months last year but the Canadian Embassy has not lifted a finger on his behalf, he says, even though he adds it is clear he is the subject of a conspiracy.

He has put a video up on YouTube to tell his story (See below). He said he had apologised to the German, called Randolph Magold, but the German’s Thai wife refused to accept it demanding financial compensation.

A Randolph Magold is still whinging about the price of laptops here on Facebook.

Well he says he was a little ‘pissed off

Rooney, a supporter of the Father Ray Foundation says he desperately needs to get back to Canada to save his right leg as he has a blood circulation problem which needs an immediate operation.

“I had put the notebook computer on the internet at a fixed price of 8000 baht. NO  OFFERS. But the German sent emails demanding further specs and asking more and more questions – then he said he would offer 6,000 baht.

“My father had just died. I was looking after him here. I was in low spirits when this German was niggling me,” he said.

More of this story as it develops including hopefully a reply from the other side.’
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  1. This is outrageous, who is this German and what's his angle? Has he got some gold digger in his ear looking for an earn or is he just some vindictive bastard who needs to get over himself. Just when you think you've heard every disaster story that can befall some spotty faced farang, along comes this. Of course the embassy is as useful as mermaid in a cycling race. Somebody needs to have a kind word with this German, the kind where you kick his teeth in.

  2. Hard to believe its all over one albeit rude email…

    Don't think the Canadian embassy should be expected to pay for his food/rent, his self pity is a tad embarrassing but it sounds like they should at least write an angry letter so he can have his passport returned but this is only one side of the story

  3. What's puzzling me is how the German knew who this Canadian was by just an e mail and then how did the authorities know if they had in fact arrested the correct individual?

    1. Good points Ally. An interesting article and I too would like "hopefully a reply from the other side" as stated at the end of this article. If victim's allegations turn out to be true I believe that the true culprit of this case is the Thai judicial system. Justice delayed is justice denied.

    2. Actually by searching Tim on the internet the German would have established Mr.Rooney was a person of substance – as I did. Canadian Embassy obviously do not seem to think so though, judging by their treatment of the issue

    3. Thanks for the update Andrew. Although being a Canadian myself with many questions about Mr. Rooney, I believe this article to be important to all expats, regardless of nationality, as it shows how a simple statement done in private can be manipulated in the Thai judicial system.

  4. What the german exactly wrote to Tim Rooney that him insulting the german? I am not familiar with the Canadian Buyer Rules (NO OFFER) but it cannot be that him (Tim Rooney) insulting the german so bad because him try to get the notebook cheaper!!! This is Thailand not Canada!!! And here it is a normaly way to try to drop the price!!! And just for info: "Insulting (spoken or written between 2 people) is in Germany a Offences what can cost you a fine up to 100.000 EURO or up to 1 year jail." In Thailand it's not 500 Baht!!! This is not true. Here it's between 500-20.000 Baht or a jailterm up to 1 year. So it's not a easy case. I think the canadian get only his bill!!!

  5. Tim Rooney has posted the following comment on YouTube as I declined to remove the story I posted about him above. (I agreed to correct any errors).

    "Yes that was Andrew Drummond, a well know scam artist who somehow got my phone number and told me he was
    s a famous lawyer/journalist in Thailand and if I send him the original police report and all my case info that he could get my money and passport back within days. So I gave it to him THEN googled his name to find out what he really is. I din NOT give him permission to post any of my case, picture o video on his site however he did anyways."

    As he gave me written permission to and sent me all the relevant documents his comments may go some way to explaining why the Canadian Embassy do not want to assist him. I shall certainly not be.

  6. Based on the responses, It really makes you wonder how these Canadian and German guys tick. On the one hand you have a Canadian who thinks that sending police reports, etc to a "famous lawyer/journalist" will get back his money and passport within days. Where did he get this idea??? Also, although being an expat for 13 years, he believes that turning up on the shores of Canada he is entitled to receive immediate medical attention. Unfortunately there are many Canadian expats who feel the same way although there are very specific rules about this matter. Two of the criteria for qualifying as an Expat is that you carry private medical insurance and your intention is not to return to the country for services such as medical.

    As to the German putting all that effort into putting some one into jail over an alleged insult regarding a second hand laptop, it really makes you want to cringe. I truly believe he has too much time on his hands and needs to evaluate his priorities in life.. Whether right or wrong, I do not believe the German understands the exposure he has put himself, his family and friends under. From his facebook all his German family and friends can be traced/contacted. In addition, all his previous employees can be traced/contacted as he posted his resume online. On his resume he stated that he has been running businesses while living in Thailand since 2002. Not a good idea. Although very difficult at times, most expats understand the importance of controlling your emotions and living a low profile life while living in Thailand.

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