In the courts fake Scottish lawyer and vexatious litigant sue again

Brian Goudie’s Last Gasp

Thailand’s most famous fake barrister Brian Goudie, who is appealing a 3 year jail sentence for fraud and embezzlement, just can’t give up his chosen mythical career and his boasting on the net how he is now taking further charges against his enemies for contempt of court.

The offence they have committed is, Goudie says, publishing his arrest warrant on the internet. No that’s not the arrest warrant for posing as a barrister to cheat a 78-year-old American woman out of US$300,000 – it’s one for a number of other charges, one of which is ‘revenge porn’.

On his new Facebook page he writes:

‘Busy, busy, busy, now what did we do today?  Filed charges for contempt of court in Pattaya Court. Done.  File charges for contempt of court in Bangkok. Done.
Translate posts for computer crimes cases against the wee nyaff. Done.
Copy documents for summonses. Done.
I guess it’s my turn to go hunting.’

The Thai Justice system has so far failed to deal with Goudie, who was jailed in Australia under Goldie, the name he was born with in Falkirk, Scotland. But then again every dog has his day.

There appears to be an arrest warrant still current. And he still has to face charges for ripping off two Brits and a German property buyer in Pattaya.

He has been getting away with his crimes because of course Pattaya Police will not investigate cases of foreigners defrauding foreigners.

I have a mind to nip down to Pattaya to enforce it myself.

Meanwhile he looks awful nervous of in this video of him lurking behind his girlfriend in Walking Street, Pattaya, during the New Year. I think he thinks he would be safer in a helmet.

8 thoughts on “In the courts fake Scottish lawyer and vexatious litigant sue again

  1. Its typically hypocritical that the guy is whining and whinging about this when infact hes no stranger to posting others warrents on his social media.
    Llibel reflects damaging a persons immage….well his is not only damaged but thoroughly destroyed and computer crimes involves false data entered into a computer system……well…..I can tell you when my lawyers last checked the Pattaya court computer he was still a wanted fugative. So this sounds like the usual nonsense from the career criminal international failed petty thief.

  2. AD – you omitted task no. 4 when you listed his "achievements" for that day.
    And who, incidentally, is "BK" against whom he has apparently finalised an arrest warrant?

  3. Also….
    He has cases of computer crimes and defemation coming up next month as well as being declaired bankrupt in July 2015 and lost a civil case for 5 million Baht in December2015.

  4. Wasting his time, does not seem to have any "clients" to rip off so files papers that will sink below the surface.
    Contempt of court is not a matter for him, it is a matter for the court. Also, posting a warrant is not a contempt of court as it is not itself sub judice.

  5. What a scum bag low life this Goudie is, and that's highly excessive praise for this utter waste of skin.

    I'm ashamed of my Scottish background..

  6. I love the bit about translating posts for computer crimes case.

    I wonder how 'wee scrote' translates into Thai language and Goudie (Goldie) even bother translating the posts regarding his conviction and imprisonment in Australia?

    Like Noyse, Goudie never challenges the accusations of his incarceration or crimes he himself has been convicted of, or is alleged to have committed.

    And by the way Andrew, I don't know where you got the video of Goudie dodging around in the background – but it is a classic.

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