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Controversial American Drew Noyes, the former ‘fake lawyer’ and publisher of the now defunct Pattaya Times newspaper has now surfaced in Bangkok as the ‘Lion King’
Noyes, who was exposed in connection with alleged property fraud, share fraud, and sexual harassment, by the Morning Star in Wilmington, North Carolina, before his triumphal but delusional arrival in Thailand by either ‘royal proclamation’ or at the invitation of the Bank of Thailand to get the country out of the economic crisis of the late 90’s, has been elected President of the Lions Club Silom 310D Branch, which is predominantly Indian.

As forecast here the formal induction happened on July 2nd.

Having failed to make friends with the Russians in Pattaya despite many sorties to the ‘Moulin Rouge’ club there he has been courting Bangkok’s Indian community, as he rises like a Phoenix in some place other than Pattaya, where his fame is something of a hindrance.

In fact he has quietly taken his name of One Stop Service Center in Pattaya replacing his name with some maybe Iranian chap called (phonetically) Cyrus Casrat Faslihi who could end up taking a fall for work done in the name of this company.

He is still on trial for the attempted extortion of the Thonglor Clinic Jomtien and at the last hearing put up a fighting defence that it was all a conspiracy between the Australian joint owner of the Thonglor Clinic. Michel Goulet and yours truly Andrew Drummond…What?

I am guessing this must come from my frequent mutterings of ‘Am I surprised? No!’ at the mere mention of the story of how Noyes attempted to obtain 7 million baht, reduced to 2.3 million, to stop a police raid on the premises of the Thonglor Clinic, where presumably something illegal would be found.

Anyway it seems like the Lions Club was impressed with their new President – and I am not going to ring them up and say ‘Shome mishtake shurely!’

A source within the Lions said today (Wednesday): ‘Drew Noyes told us he had been cleared of all charges and that he was a victim of a rogue journalist.”

Just as he was with the Pattaya City Expat Club, and the Pattaya Optimists, which contained an array of boiler room boys, a man on a child sex charge, and a former American porn king, he is entering into the fray with enthusiasm.

Is he saying ‘The General here can vouch for me and he is going to arrest that bloody journalist before the weekend’
The General can vouch for the fact Drew Noyes’ cases are not over – He was at the last hearing in Bangkok!

On his Facebook page he claimed to be the first Anglo-Saxon President of the International Lions Club of Thailand.

Actually he said:

 “Now that I am the the first Anglo-Saxon President of the Lions Club in Thailand – I will lobby for more rights for all foreigners.”

Guess who the secretary is?

The Lions and Leo Clubs are of course not lobbying clubs. They are clubs set up to do charitable work.

If he is lobbying for foreigners rights in Thailand it maybe that some people think that the best thing he could do would be to head out to the airport and catch a plane…(but he can’t, not without the permission of the court).

Then no more foreigners will be sold housing designed for Thais at inflated prices, or put their properties in his wife’s name, or have their divorces screwed up on his expensive legal advice.

If Drew were to go there are people waiting for him in the United States – not least Tom Flanagan, from San Jose, California, who has a US$72,000 judgment against him for selling bogus shares through his equally bogus New England Trading Company.

No your eyes are not deceiving you. It DOES say ‘I selected who helped build the infrastructure of Thailand’

As for the Anglo Saxon bit I am not sure this is strictly true. He claims one of his ancestors won the ‘Battle of Hastings’ – and he was a Norman fighting the Anglo-Saxons, but what the hell…if he wants to be British well at least the NHS Mental Health Care is running better, if barely, than Obamacare.

Not everyone was riveted

The Lions Club of Silom 310D who have clearly swallowed his life story ‘hook line and sinker’ were made to watch a slide show of his achievements – his alleged  ‘palace approval’, awards,  and people of significance he had met. This is a change from pro Shinawatra and red-shirt days. But I am not sure everyone was riveted.

It appears he is even studying Indian politics. He turned up uninvited to a meeting of the (OFBJP) Overseas Friends of the Bharatiya Janata Party,  India’s leading political, party trying to get members.

 Somebody apparently wrote in to warn them – and got the reply

‘I have been cleared of everything’

We met and seen him first time in our life and we don’t have any association with him  and neither he was a part of the meeting. India is our motherland and OFBJP is our family and we will never let its reputation (be) jeopardise(d).  Thanks for informing us and being our well-wisher.”

Noyes has created a website . If you click on created ‘powered by Love of Bangkok Thailand’ it takes you to ‘One Stop Legal Services’ where you can see pictures of his staff  including David Hanks, currently on bail for racketeering/ Its alleged that he loaned cash to Russians at 60 per cent pcm – and those who did not cough up were beaten up.

Under ‘about us’ he shows a picture of an investigator long since gone (A Brit who helped edit his Pattaya Times) and boasts it has adjunct offices in Phuket, Udon, Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

“Most of the work on the national and international level is completed in Bangkok and the majority of staff works from the Pattaya headquarters,” he says explaining why is no longer in Pattaya much.

‘One Stop Legal Service bi-lingual staff has significant, friendly contacts everywhere in Thailand with Thai police, jails, court staff and all Thailand government offices,’ he adds indicating he quite clear has police, jails and court on his mind.

‘In the Legal Division Drew offers the services of seven registered Thai attorneys-at-law on staff for litigation, divorce, contracts and all legal services of non-Thais (Expats and visitors) requiring an attorney-at-law’ – an overstatement by six.
“Drew Noyes was the Founding Chairman of both of the Pattaya Expats Clubs, the Founding President of the Optimist Club of Thailand and is the President of the Lions Club International Bangkok-Silom.”  –  

Two down and one to go! Could he be looking for someone in Bangkok to give him a character reference?

FOOTNOTE: All I can say to the Lions Club Bangkok Silom 310D committee is that of course Noyes has not been cleared of any charges brought against him by the police or counter charges brought by myself against him. This man is no shrinking violent. He, as part of the gang of three, the other two are David Hanks, (see above), and Brian Goudie, on bail for fraud, have brought fourteen cases against me and lost 13. The 14th is on appeal is for an alleged libel, not by myself, but a poster on my site.


Here’s the video:

And in Thai:


  1. Andrew, I feel I need to defend Drew on this, the sentence "Now that I am the the first Anglo-Saxon President of the Lions Club in Thailand"

    Is I believe an honest mistake, Drew did not mean to imply that he is the first Anglo-Saxon President of Lions Club in Thailand (i.e. the whole of Lions Club Thailand).

    Its an honest mistake, he meant to say "Now that I am the the first Anglo-Saxon President of a Lions Club in Thailand"

    He might even have intended to give the actual Lions Club.

    Drew is a gentlemen, and far removed from the kind of cad that would lie or misrepresent the truth.

    He was simply gushing with enthusiasm and made an honest grammatical mistake.

    In the interest of transparency I need to make a statement of interest: Drew and I are close friends now since the MICT put us in touch with each other.

    I will not have you blacken Drew's name.

    If Drew's name is to be blackened then that's his job.

  2. Outrageous! How can so many supposedly “intelligent” people be taken in by the old fat fake?
    So Dopey has finally re achieved the lofty heights of being a “president???”. Suppose its inconsequential to him that it’s a meaningless little Indian get together club. Look at the odious bastard with his tight, badly fitting cheap suit, whooping and high fiveing….and the sycophant hangers on behind him, truly a cringe worthy spectacle.
    NOTE TO DOPEY….it’s nothing, you’re nothing…if this is a watershed or high mark in your career then you really are the most pathetic, American loser to make Thailand its home, good luck on that!
    NOTE TO INDIAN CLUB……What possessed you? Is this the image you want to portray in Thailand and further?
    NOTE TO ANYBODY who commended old fat guts on his FB page…get a grip!
    In fact….bugger it….they all deserve each other….hopefully away from and out of Thailand.

  3. Seeing as Drew has Goudie and Hanks as associates I'm surprised he hasn't set up the 'International friends of Cockroaches Society.'

  4. Congratulations Andrew on your continued success fighting these people who are really just the perverted scum of the earth.
    Firstly, a wife beating fake lawyer who preys on the weak, elderly and uninformed, who uses lies to intimidate victims. A sexual predator of myriad lies.
    Brian Gouldie, who admits on video he likes "young girls", and who gets people locked up on false charges so he can rip off elderly women.
    Then we have Hanks who has made his money using Asian Hotties to do his dirty work who has now also been charged for criminal activities in Thailand.
    Brian Wright who is up on child rape charges.
    The boiler room scum who use their ill gotten gains to buy into Thailand's commercial sex industry.
    And property developers that have no intentions of fulfilling their promises.
    Andrew Drummond's bravery is remarkable. He has stood up for what is right against a myriad of criminals and perverts like nobody before him. A lot of people do not want to get involved for obvious reasons. But we can all help. Andrew needs money to fight this scum. They are all facing the courts. It is now or never to rid society of these cockroaches. Please give what you can. Help Andrew help us all. I have said it before, and I will say it again, Andrew Drummond is my hero and an amazingly brave man.

    1. On a legal point. I have not accused anybody of wife beating. But some years ago two foreign businessmen in Pattaya publicly accused each other of that – and that correspondence was revealed on this site.

  5. Reading on the Lions website I found this:
    Part of the document is this:

    Integrity – Lions Clubs International insists on the highest standards of personal and professional
    integrity. We must all make every possible effort to safeguard the association’s assets. We must also
    comply with all association policies and applicable laws.

    With Drew as president and the alleged bar girl Naam the secretary, they now control the purse strings of the club if I'm not mistaken. Not that Drew needs money or anything.

    Has anyone thought to contact the Lions legal department?

    Here's the email address:

    If you'd like to point out the articles here to the PR department, here's their email address:

    After all, civic organisations like the Lions are always on the lookout for people with the moral integrity of people like Drew Walter Noyes.

    1. Usually in an organisation like the Lions, any two of three signatures are necessary to access the clubs funds….after all, one of the signatories might be be available to sign a cheque.


    2. I would not be too concerned. Drew has started many clubs before. He was voted out of the Pattaya expats club at the first opportunity and was removed from children's charity the Optimist Club for refusing to pay even a small membership fee. Needless to say that nobody can actually remember his donating 1 baht of his own money. However he always put himself in the position to 'present' the money that other people had given, have his photo taken, and then put the photo of the presentation in his newspaper. Call the Father Ray Foundation also, they may tell you a similar story.
      And there is still the mystery of whatever happened to the missing donation tins that were meant for the victims of the Asian tsunami.
      I will take bets that Drew will not be president of this club this time next year.
      Can we get the name of the treasurer please. I may even join this club just to make sure the money does indeed go to where it was intended.

  6. Errrr….has old fat guts (and I do mean OLD and FAT) won the Thai lotto? No really…. he's been appointed the "president" of an Indian get together society?
    Bit of over acting going on there me thinks Dopey……
    PS….Try to buy a suit that covers the flabby guts next time…..

  7. LOL…

    "The Lions Club International of Bangkok Silom is committed to making a positive impact through teaching English and business skills to Thai citizens preparing to compete in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2016 with 9 other nations much more adept in international communication. "

    Yep, without the Lions, Thais wouldn't know English or know how to run an international business.

    Perhaps that's why the general is accompanying Drew, he's giving insight into how the Army runs businesses so the Lions can pass the info along when the ASEAN agreements kick in.

  8. And Drew is still advertising himself as a lawyer:

    "Drew Noyes in Pattaya is a Thailand based Business Adviser & Lawyer. Mr. Noyes and his team has successfully resolved legal issues and provided services to more than 7,000 foreigners in Thailand. Divorce or marriage in Thailand, doing business in Thailand, buying real estate in Thailand, setting up a company in Thailand and all other legal services are available in English at One Stop Service Center, Co., Ltd. in the law offices of the One Stop Service Center division."

    I'm hoping the next time you're in court for defamation AD, you'll ask Drew for a copy of his legal certifications.

  9. There are growing calls in Thailand for rapists to be given the death penalty after the 13 year old was thrown off the train this week. Yesterday an alleged rapist was bashed to death by inmates in a Thai prison.
    Those on child rape charges who have been using delaying tactics may now well be regretting this. Rape is horrific . Raping children is beyond description. One would expect harsher sentencing now and harsher treatment inside prison.
    A recent children's charity set up in Pattaya has now been closed down. It was exposed on this site to have exactly the types of people that you would not want around children. These predators act as if they are helping children with no parents and no one to turn to if abused who can be easily preyed upon. Meanwhile publicly, the predators portray themselves as the good guys. Pure evil.
    Thailand must put in place procedures to thoroughly screen any foreigners wanting to run a charity. It seems anyone can open one here and background checks are not being done.
    This site exposes these types often, but it should not be left up to Andrew Drummond alone. Thankyou Andrew for all your good work. You have a backbone of steel.

    1. Whatever happened to the Red Bull heir that killed a policeman?

      Whatever happened to the rapist of that Dutch girl in Krabi?

      Noyes, Goudie and their little buddy Hanks remain free to prey… goes to show you the value of the Thai justice system.

    2. Hopefully change is in the air. Social media is providing an avenue for exposure and these days it is harder to sweep things under the carpet.People are becoming more aware.
      Only a few years back there was a bar in the Jomtien Complex that was known around town where underage girls were rented to foreigners. They were very open about it. I complained to the authorities as did others. It seemed like they were immune from the law but it was eventually closed down. I can not remember it's name. It was very open about it's business.
      Regular customers included a group of the Americans, one who sold real estate, one who had a business specializing in organizing visas for Thais to go to America and one fella who thought he was a lawyer. They would take others there and the staff knew what they drank. Black and coke was their favored drink. They displayed no shame whatsoever and seemed to relish the exploitation. It was a sick sick place for sick people. As far as i am aware there are no places of this type operating so openly in Pattaya anymore.
      By using the death penalty for rapists,and especially child rapists will certainly reduce it's occurrence. There has never been a case of an executed person re-offending.

  10. Andrew, i think your site may be experiencing some problems. The first attempt of posting does not seem to work. Then the comment just disappears. Anyone else had this problem? I have spoken to another of your supporters and she has had the same thing happen to her. I may be paranoid but it would not surprise me if your enemies have caused this. They have tried just about everything else.

  11. Claes, Yes it happened to me on this same topic. I just assumed Andrew had edited it out. All I said 2 days ago was ''Surely the headline should read ''American lawyer becomes the 'Lying King' of Thailand?

    1. I can put my hands up to that Ally. Your reference to cowboys joining the Indians was noted, but I think possibly could be taken as offensive by the Indian members of the Lions Club who are not ' injuns' but from the Indian sub continent.

  12. The Indians of Silom must be a bit lost for President’s but surely some of them have taken the time to do a run on Noyes. They would have a field day even reading the rubbish in his failed Pattaya Times which incidently can be taken apart for the crap he published & damage he creates to people he tried to blackmail or just wanted their money back for services never rendered. Noyes has done damage to the good name of foreigners and a quick analysis of his corrupt practices will no doubt enter the “real” General Prayuth’s folder of things to do as many are finding out right now. Even the Judicial system or lack of has come to his notice as I write. Its pretty easy to email the International Lions Club to do a background check if they want donations as it doesn’t take long before the word spreads and all they have to do is read about this character on his embezzlement & fraud / threatening achievements to those who were conned into using his past services with his many false credentials. It will surely make the Silom Indians look silly as well if they wish to maintain their reputation & integrity as a Lions Club in Bangkok Thailand. The sooner they wake up the better they will be. In the meantime I must convey to our local Lions club as the drama unfolds.

    By the way the 1985 Legal Profession Act, states clearly anyone who wants to exercise the profession of a lawyer in Thailand must be a member of the Law Society of Thailand & have a licence. Noyes can not be a member of the Thai bar assoc nor hold a licence. I wonder if the Judges & Revenue dept are fully aware of this in both Goudie & Noyes’s case— a “shameful crime against the Thai Law Society” as he profit’s illegally on their very “good” name! It just makes even the Judges appear as idiots? If he’s still advertising his services as a lawyer keep his writeups and present the next time in Court to the Judge who should in his/her wisdom ask for his Registration license cert!!!!! as proof.

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