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A criminal fraud case which was brought by Briton Grahame Beecham against ThaiVisa Property Company has been settled out of court.

Mr. Beecham who lives in Hua Hin and was a partner in the business withdrew the case and I understand the settlement with ThaiVisa’s George Andersson was amicable.

The name Thai Visa has been taken off a bar in Hua Hin next to ThaiVisa’s property office.

This may have something to do with a report by StickmanBangkok that, the controversial site for expats which is billed as the biggest in Asia, has been sold

Announcement says Stickman will be made tomorrow.

Updated thanks to comment from Tim (below)


  1. Tim

    You've omitted the not so small news by stickman that thaivisa has been sold….Might have been a condition of the sale to have this resolved

  2. Ian McFarland

    I hope for their own sake, the buyer has checked out ThaiVisa's actual traffic rates, not the rates Conehead tells them.

    Over the last months topics on Thaivisa have been getting fewer and fewer responses – some days it seems like little or no traffic on Thaivisa at all.

    1. Kilgore Trout

      This is true. The site has gone very quiet.
      The hard-nosed moderators blocked hundreds or thousands of members.
      Massive censorship/deleting of posts.
      The most damaging thing was having The Nation sponsor the News Forum. It's a Junta/Royal mouthpiece and brainwashed a percentage of the members and divided the site into Reds & Yellows.
      Drop The Nation I advise the new owners.

  3. Sam

    Outstanding business model….get gimps to work free…bodgy up the member numbers….flog it off and retire..

  4. Jay Sata

    Like others I have also been banned permanently for posting in the world news section. My crime was to disagree with Jingthing and another who must spend their entire life on the site to clock up around 50,000 posts. Scott is a moderator who is very pro Israel and will not allow any critics to have a go at Netanyahu. I notice I can now access the site without using a proxy.
    In my opinion the new owner needs to weed out a lot of the moderators who are doing him no favours.

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